Mako Crossover Prologue

By Chris Homer

This is the first of two major crossovers that I am going to make. This one wasn't going to happen, it was originally a FF7 meets Street Fighter crossover, however, a lot of people wrote in wanting this to happen. So, I have, but with extras.

It is now a 4 piece crossover of my 4 favourite games currently. These are FF7, Tekken 3, The Street Fighter Series and Pokemon. In here, I am going to introduce the characters which are going to be in, as not all from the beat-em-ups we know and love will be included, only specific ones for my purposes, e.g. There will be a Chun-Li, Sakura, Ryu love triangle, as well as the main Tekken characters such as Jin and Heihachi, with love interests involving Jin and also Julia Chang, along with his arch rival Hworang, and Ling Xiayou. Pokemon is based on the TV series rather than the games, but I have played the GB version and I'm hooked! O.K, here are the characters which will be in and to introduce them to people who for some reason may not have played the games, or more likely, not watched the Pokemon series.

I don't need to introduce the FF7 characters, but for those who want the last two stories of the Chronicles to be ready, this is just a break for me to write something about my four favourite game series.


Street Fighter:

Ryu: A Shokotan Karate fighter, probably the best ever, Ryu searches for the path to being a true warrior.

Ken: Ryu's best friend and rival, he is more fun-loving and egotistical. He is married to Eliza and has a son, Mel.

Sakura: A 16 year old schoolgirl (I think) who wishes more than anything for Ryu to be her master.

Chun-Li: A police agent for Interpol, wishes to destroy the evil Shadowlaw, along with its leader, M.Bison, who killed her father.

Guile: An American pilot, also after revenge against Bison, who killed his best friend Charlie.

M.Bison: An evil son of a bitch, Bison wishes for his world domination quest to be completed. He will try to rule two worlds as this fanfic progresses.

Sagat: A warrior of honor, he lost that when he was scarred by Ryu. Now, he lives for only one thing, revenge.

Akuma: This is the personfication of evil. He lost his soul after sucumbing to the Black Shokotan, also known as the Raging Demon. He has killed everyone with it and has never lost.....however, both Ryu and Bison have survived the attacks, the first two ever......


Tekken 3

Jin Kazama: A 19 year old youngster, he has the skills of his mother, Jun Kazama, who died at the hands of the legendary Toshin, and the skills of his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, who took him in. He seeks revenge to kill the Toshin (also known as Ogre).

Heihachi Mishima: The 73 year old head of the Mishima business after killing his son in the second Tekken tournament (who was also Jin's father), 15 years after that, he learned of a fighting spirit named the Toshin, who took the spirits of skilled fighters. Now that Jin is here, he has a prime piece of meat to lure the Toshin for his own purposes......

Hwoarang: A 19 year old Korean street punk who lived from dishonesty. He had never lost until Jin tried to stop his dealing. After a hard battle, they tied. His head in shame, he began training harder than ever, but learned soon that his teacher, Baek Doo San from the Tekken 2 tournament, had been killed at the hands of the Toshin. Learning this, he wishes to kill the Ogre and also avenge the match he had with Jin.......

Julia Chang: An 18 year old Native American, the adopted daughter of Tekken 2 fighter Michelle Chang. Her pendant has the key to defeating Ogre. But when Michelle disappeared after arranging a visit with Heihachi, Julia seeks to learn the secrets of her mothers disappearance and the legend of the Ogre.....

Ling Xiaoyu: The youngest ever participant at just 16, she is still a very accomplished martial artist. However, her school girl dreams of owning an amusement park still cloud her very mind. She could achieve greatness if she knew it.......

Ogre: Also known as the Toshin, this is the being which has come for strong souls. No-one has ever seen its true form.......



Ash Ketchum: (Note, I'm guessing the ages) A 10 year old Pokemon trainer (a Pokemon/Pocket Fighter is a form of animal with special abilities in fighting, flying or cuteness) who wishes to be the best of his field. He is trying to get ahead of his snobby rival from his home town Pallet, Gary, grandson to the legendary Proffesor Oak. He uses all types of pokemon.

Misty: About 11 years of age, this pretty, if somewhat stubborn and conceited young girl is always arguing with Ash about this and that, apparently coming just for Ash to repay her for the bike he trashed which belonged to her. One would say that she had deeper feelings for the young trainer.....She uses water pokemon.

Brock: The oldest (about 12) and also the most hormonial. His stupid ga-ga face whenever he sees a pretty face gets his two friends and himself into more scrapes than normal. He wishes to be the best pokemon breeder. He uses mainly rock pokemon.

Pikachu: Ash's first pokemon, an adorable electric mouse, who like all pokemon, speaks by just repeating his name, but with different tones. The voice is cute, but he is hounded by Team Rocket consistently.

(You will see the rest of the pokemon characters during the fanfic)

Team Rocket: They consist of a 12 year old girl Jessie, a 12 year old boy, James, and a rare talking pokemon called Meowth. They constantly try to kidnap Pikachu, but ultimately fail. Watch out for their famous chant!

Gary Oak: The snobby rival to Ash, who constantly rubs it in to show that he is superior. However, he may be ready to take the fall anytime soon.......


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