Materia Chaos Chapter 1

By Chris Homer

Materia Chaos: A Final Fantasy 7 Story- All rights of the characters, Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Barrett, Red 13, Cid, Sepiroth, Yuffie, Vincent, Lucretia and Cait Sith are property of Squaresoft.

All right of the characters- Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine and Tails are property of Sega of America and Archie comics.

The character of Chromer and Heici is my own character and cannot be used without my permission.

WARNING: I'd give this story voluntarily a 10 + rating because of some of the language involved. Nothing too bad, but I don't want any flames!


Hello! This is my first story for FF7, hopefully there will be more. As this is my first time, it is probably not as good as some of the other FF7 stories or another one of my favourites, Chrono Trigger stories, but it is different to the others in that the good guys have to fight each others (plus some furry characters who literary turn into psycho maniacs!

This is the first part of 3. In the third part, you will briefly see the character 'Chromer' , which will be a new character to join the FF party. His father will become the new 'head bad guy' after Sepiroth finally bites the dust. However, you will hear more of him in the weeks to come.

I will hopefully show no bias to the characters, although my favourite is Yuffie. Hopefully, the race for these powerful emeralds will turn out well, and if it doesn't, well you know who to blame.

Below is a list of the characters in order of appearance and what emerald they will have, plus the five characters from the Sonic cartoon, an introduction to them, which I would like to thank Icy Brian to let me include them. (Not included is Aeris as she is still dead, but don't worry, she'll become alive all you fans out there!)


Antoine D'Coolette: Now 24, Antoine is no longer the wimp he used to be. He is a strong, determined fox and the quickest blade of the lot. Antoine is currently engaged to Bunnie Rabbot, his weakness is still being paralyzed with fear in the most extreme cases. Emerald: Gravity Favourite Magic: Manipulate Best Skill: Fencing Limited Break: D'Coolette Rush (a running continous slash) Weapon: Sword

Bunnie Rabbot: A 21 year old doe, (rabbit) she is the first cybernetic warrior of Mobius. She now has a chip in her system from the magic, which allows her to change between normal and cybernetic. Her strength and martial arts skill in cybernetic form make her perhaps the best fighter of Mobius, but she isn't the smartest person in the world. Emerald: Time Favourite Magic: Choco/Mog (Summon) Best Skill: Martial Arts Limited Break: Techno X ( A cross in her arms and a long stream of X-laser beams out towards her opponent) Weapon: Metallic fists and feet

Miles 'Tails' Prower: 14 years of old, the youngest, Miles is a two-tailed fox with the ability to fly. However, he has been established in his home as a fine magician. Plus, as a keen pupil of Bunnie's, he is good in the fighting department. When he was younger, he was been removed because of his youth. They soon shut up...... Emerald: Holy Favourite Magic: Wind/Heal Best Skill: Magic/Unarmed Combat Limit Break: Prower-plex (a combo of three devestation wrestling throws) Weapon: Fists and feet, but does have armour.

Sally Alicia Acorn: A queen of Mobius, as her father still is trapped in the void, she and her king (pathetic he may be at the job) have stopped terror on their planet. However, hearing of the emeralds, her intelligence and technology may be more than a match for it. She is given the ultima emerald as the power in it is transfered into her handmade computer, NICOLE. Emerald: Ultima Favourite Magic: Meteor/Ultima, her intelligence gives her access to all magic. Best Skill: Magic Limit Break: Magic Leglock: (a figure four leglock with the power of ice, fire and lightning 'injected' into it) Weapon: NICOLE, her hand-held computer with all the spells and laser weaponry.

Sonic Hedgehog: A super speed hedgehog with a big ego, now king of Mobius, although he isn't currently up to the responsibilty. But with the emeralds, perhaps it can help him rule Mobius. And with his speed, who can stop him? Emerald: Light Favourite Magic: Lightning Best Skill: Speed Limit Break: Sonic Cyclone: (speed around enemy long enough to create a cyclone, desimating the opponent in question) Weapons: Power Rings, Quills


Cloud Strife (Lightning)
Tifa Lockheart (Ice)
Barret Wallace (Earth)
Vincent Valentine (Moon)
Cid Highwind (Water)
Red 13 (Fire)
Sepiroth (in spirit form)
Cait Sith (Poison)
Yuffie Kisaragi (Wind)
Sally Acorn (Magic)
Sonic Hedgehog (Light)
Miles 'Tails' Prower (Holy)
Antoine D'Coolette (Gravity)
Bunnie Rabbot (Time)

Note: You will see characters mentioned before, but they appear figure wise, in this order. Aeris is mentioned but not seen.

If you want to write to me about anything on the story that you don't understand,(most like the Sonic characters, to congratulate, to criticise, or just to say hi, the address is...

Now, (finally) the story can begin! Enjoy!

A fall has come. Time stood still, and the darkness holding everyone back has died.

That happened when Sepiroth fell.

A young warrior named Cloud Strife, a failed Jenova project, along with (in my opinion, this is how I completed it) Tifa Lockheart and Barrett Wallace, had destroyed not only Jenova, but also Sepiroth himself, even in his demonic arch-angel form. His most powerful magic couldn't stop the three main members of Avalanche.

They had help off course. Red 13 was a big help, his intelligence surpassed almost all the humans (although he himself thought was a human), his technology from Cosmo Canyon and his grandfather, Bugenhagen, gave them an edge in fighting. This helped with the expertise of Cid Highwind, who was the mistro in the engineering department, he helped the Highwind and the Submarine on it's way, and invented the Tiny Bronco (which to this day, still couldn't fly). Then there was Cait Sith.

Cait Sith was a Toysaurus who blabbed on with ridiculous fortune tellings, and was a former Shinra spy, but he was actually quite useful in the information department, which gave them one step over the enemy. Also was Vincent Valentine, a person, who was supposed to have been a former Turk, he was mysterious, but his ability to morph and his dead-eye shooting became a real help. Finally, there was Yuffie Kisaragi, a really pain, as she liked annoying the group, particularly in the stealing the materia department, as Cloud and co found to their distress. However, there was nobody better in the fighting department.

However, one person was missing. A Cetra, an Ancient some people called her, but was known as Aeris. A young woman, who died thanks to Sepiroth, which in turn, was the reason that Cloud needed to kill Sepiroth.

Practically everyone had their reason in their adventure. Tifa had to rescue Cloud during his fits and in the lifestream, Cloud discovered the truth. Barrett rescued N. corel and thus, located the Ultima materia. Vincent found Lucretia in a waterfall, Red 13 found out who his father was, Cait Sith found out life is worth living if you are on the good side, and Yuffie found out tips how not to get airsick!

However, little did they know they were about to be joined again, perhaps forever.......


"I can't believe we're stuck here! The Turks have gotten us cornered!" said a young male voice.

"Well, how much materia have we got?" said a young female voice.

"Dang it! We shouldn't have given so much to Godo in Wutai!" said a third voice, male and rough.

This was the trio formely known as Avalanche. The three who put an end to Sepiroth's reign of terror. Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart and Barrett Wallace.

Since the death of Sepiroth, Barrett returned to North Corel to try and rebuild the town. After he had done that, he went to Rocket Town to build an army. Cid, who decided that war machines would be an interesting way to spend a Saturday, also enlisted. Barrett had his life sorted out, but then two friends visiting him one day.

Tifa and Cloud has returned to Tifa bar, they now live together as friends, although Tifa is still having problems expressing her feelings for Cloud, but Cloud knows, particularly just before the attack on Sepiroth, the night near the Highwind. Cloud likes Tifa a lot, as a giggly childhood friend, but he had a problem.

The death of Aeris meant a lot to him, she was his second real friend (after Tifa) when they met. After the incident in the Golden Saucer, Cloud had feelings for her, and although she and Tifa did get along, it did bring some tension between the two females, and Cloud hated choosing, as they were both special to him.

However, her death meant only revenge. With revenge complete, he 'retired' and went to live in Nibelheim. Later, he went with Tifa back back to her bar, and has stayed since.

But now............

Cloud was practically running for his life. The Turks were chasing him, looking back, he could see Tifa running with a sprint, whilst Barrett was desperately trying to catch up.

"Can.. (puff) sl...(puff!)..ow.....down....please?!" said Barrett, now 36, not as young as he used to be.

"Come on. Looks like you had one of my beers too many!" said Tifa.

"THIS IS NO TIME TO JOKE!" screamed Barrett with as much energy that was left in him.

Tifa and Cloud had heard Nibelheim was being attacked by a Shinra survivors. In turned out to be the Turks, Reno, Rude and Elena. These three met in the sewer in the underground before the gang attacked Shinra and Juno. They decided to go to Rocket Town and enlist in the help of Barrett. Cid wanted to come too, but Barrett had to leave someone in charge of the army. Cid grumbled about how blasphemous some people are to natural talent.........

However, they made the mistake of giving Yuffie most of the materia to Godo after the war. Here, they were having problems defeating the Turks. they were now in the forest area where they first found Yuffie.

"I tell you, they went that way!" screamed Reno, his electro-rod , his main weapon.

"I know that, but Elena is so far behind, it going to take a bloody robotic cheetah to get her here!" said Rude.

"I HEARD THAT!" screamed Elena, who was not far behind at all. Before Rude knew what happened, she picked him up and put a knee, groin first. Reno dubbed over, slightly.

"Try that again, and you will speak with a high voice for the rest of your life!" screamed Elena. "Come on, they are getting away!" said Reno, running. Elena following, Rude, running with a pained expression on his face.


"Well, this is f****** terrific!" said Barrett. "We are trapped in a forest, where there are about 100 bats after our blood, and not to mention 3 Turks behind us."

"Well, compared to what happened last year, this is a piece of cake!" said Cloud. Barrett gave him a 'Any more jokes and I'll kick your ass in' kind of look.

As I mentioned, they had very little materia, so when the Turks locked in on them, they knew they were in trouble. Cloud has Lightning and Ice left, Tifa had Cure left and Barrett had Earth and the Flame Thrower Enemy Skill, but they had a feeling it wouldn't be enough.

"Well, well, well. Look who it is. You know. I would thank you for destroying Sepiroth, but when that happened, our main contract with Shinra was terminated. Our lives were practically over. We lived like trolls. We then decided to be outlaws, mercanarys, assassins, take any job you want. You know, kinda like you Cloud......" That was Elena.

"That was the old Cloud, deary!" said Cloud with more than a hint of sarcasm. He put an arm round Tifa and a hand on Barrett's shoulder. "You think we would have taken on Sepiroth if we weren't together? I've changed punks, so why don't you?"

"Well, you see, when we found out that Nibelheim was your home down and some unknown person wanted it destroyed, we decided to get two birds with one stone. Sure burning your home town.....again.....would have brought you out. And it did. So now, as you seem to be without your powers, we have no code now, no fair fights, no chances, just us destroying you." said Rude, an with that, drew some kind of gun.

"Not without a fight!" said Barrett, placing his missing score on his arm. Tifa withdrew her arm and placed a crystal fist on her hand, one carved by Red 13 after the war. The Ultima Weapon was the order of the day for Cloud, knowing that their first battle after the war, could probably be their last.

The battle was tense. At first, it was fairly evenly matched. Cloud's blows counter-acted Reno's blows with his rod, whilst the gunmen, Barrett and Rude traded blasts, both knocking energy off. Elena and Tifa was in charge of curing, both getting hits with glove and nightstick respectively.

However, Elena then cast Barrier on all three, making the blows fairly useless. Despite Cloud and Barrett using Ice3 and Quake3, they did not have the All Materia so could only do it to one, and as they didn't have Barrier, Elena used Fire3 on all three whoch severely weakened them. Tifa did her best to cure them but it was a slow process, and they were taking off more than she could recover.

Cloud cast Bolt3 on Elena, temporarily knocking her out. Rude seeing this went over to try and revive her. Reno shouted "Oh yeah, just leave me hanging! No prob, I'll sort them out!"

Reno cast 'Petrify' from the Contain materia. A silver light came over all three of the party, and there was shocked that there starting to turn to stone. They had about 30 seconds to heal themselves or they were out. However, they had no heal magic, and they knew their time was up. There was no way they could kill them in thirty seconds. Tifa looked ready to cry.

Then, suddenly, a flash of light came above the three Turks. Someone shouted "Disintergration!"

The voice was dark and male. But the Turks were more worried about what was happening to them. A black hole opened above them, and a wind vortex was created. From the vortex, a huge typhoon appeared from it, upside-down. 15 seconds.........

"WHAT THE HELL?" screamed Reno, as it was hard to hear over the wind.


Rude never got to finish his sentence. The three turks were starting to rise from the ground into the vortex. Elena seemed to scream, but it was dyed out in the wind. 10 seconds..........

They headed higher and higher until only their legs were seen. 5 seconds.......

Then, they were gone, and the vortex was also gone. 2 seconds......

Then the petrify spell stopped. Tifa fainted at the near death memory that had happened. The two men were also dumbstruck. What had happned? They were glad it did, but it didn't make sense.

Then, suddenly, it did. From the wind, a face took shape. It was thebface of Lucretia, and......

"Vincent!" they both screamed in unison.

"Yes, my friends. It is me. I used Typoon Summon Materia to get rid of the Turks, considering you were at a disadvantage!"

"I'M GOING TO KILL YUFFIE!" screamed Barret, but had to sit down after he had used too much breath.

"How did you get the materia?" said Cloud, who had now picked up a still unconscious Tifa.

"It was Lucretia's. Her power is infintive, but......."


"Come to the waterfall." That was the last thing he said before Lucretia's hologram disappeared.

Cloud cradled Tifa in his arms trying to wake her up. Barrett got some water nearby and tipped it over her face.

Tifa stirred and slowly opened her eyes. "Wh...what happened?"

"Don't worry, Tifa." said Cloud, holding her close. "You're safe. Vincent saved us....somehow." said Cloud, still confused.

"Come on, getting your asses out of dreamland and let's get to that damned waterfall!" said Barrett. Cloud let Tifa down gently but had to be steadily for a while before she could move on her own. She decided that one of the Turk's head would be hers.......

In an area of the western continent, accessible only to the submarine and the chocobo, the trio were wondering how they were going to get there.

"Maybe Vincent will teleport us." said Tifa, just about fully recovered from her faint.

"Nah. He would have done that back then. It looks like he wants travel back via sub....."

In Rocket Town, Cid was busy taking a well earned day off. Elena, his wife, was still there, and Cid was just enjoying the main pleasure of life. Beer.

He was sitting rather casual, feet up on the table, and cooling down the last drop of beer whilst Elena was finishing off the washing up.

And yet, not all was well with Cid. Yesterday, after some practice with some land mines, he had encovered a glowing crystal. The crystal was yellow, and faintly glowed with power. Cid wondered if it was some sort of materia. It was bright yellow, and certainly hummed with more power than any Command materia he had. (Command: The yellow materia, examples: Sense, Steal, Throw, Manipulate) He wondered what to do with it when......


"Bloody phone. Can't a guy enjoy a Cidweiser in piece?" complained Cid and got up to answer the phone.

"Hello. Knackered Lane. This is I.M Tired Speaking." said Cid, with just a hint of sarcasm.


"Bloody hell, Barrett. How are you sir?"

"Spare the pleasantries Cid, and the formal crap. We have to use the submarine. Vincent has just saved our butts from the Turks and we need to get to the waterfall."

"Sure. Give me something to do. The army looks pretty knackered. What shall I do?"

"Just let them have a few days off. Hopefully we won't be too long."

"Why do I get the feeling you're wrong?" Finished Cid.

As Barrett hung up, he wondered if the crystal may be of some significance. Anyway, he would take it anyway, as he had one stop to go on his way. After goodbyes towards Elena, he had to see someone, beside, the guys would be pleased to see him anyway. That place......

.......Cosmo Canyon.

Since he and Barrett had made the army, they made a constant link with Cosmo Canyon's studies. They were into hi-tech weaponry, and astrology, and a lot of the stuff found out, especially of the artifical intelligence would be useful to them. Cid himself didn't know that much, neither did Barrett, but they knew someone who did......

Red 13, or Nakaki, his real name. However, Red is fine to his friends.

So it was no surprise when Cid walked into the observatory and saw Red 13 studying the areas where the Huge Materia used to be.

"Yo, Rad Red!" said Cid, cheerfully.

Red turned and broke into a smile, held up a paw which Cid shook. Last year, he would have been scared s***less from the claws from Red 13, his blood like fangs making him a formidable threat, but to the gang, he was an intelligent harmless beast, who was smarter than almost any of the Ancients could be.

After initial pleasantries, Cid got onto the job in hand.

"Red, I have a crystal in my hand. I'm supposed to go to Junon to fix the submarine with the rest of the guys, but....."

"Guys? Have they got together?" said Red.

"Well, Barrett, Tifa and Cloud, but they were getting trashed by the Turks and Vincent saved them but from an etherial power. Now, he wants them to go to the waterfall. They need the sub for that, I'm going there, and I want you to come.."

"Of course. It's been a long time. Is Cloud over...."

"I don't know. Aeris has been dead for a year now, so I hope so. Also, do you know what this crystal is?

After a long look of study and testing, Red came to this conclusion.

"This is not a materia. It feels like something more powerful, like a......dare I say it.....a Jenova crystal, or something equal to that power. It feel like a light force surrounds me when I hold it........" He stopped. "Did I say light?"

"Yeah." said Cid. "Why?"

"I have a theory what this might be, but that means.....oh no. We have to get to the waterfall NOW!" shouted Red.

"Why the sudden urgency?" said Cid.

"No time to explain. We've got to get there before it's too late!"

As Red and Cid left, a figure in the cave where the Knights of The Round was held, a soul smiled.

"Well, the plan is coming. When Lucretia dies, her soul will be enveloped with the Darkness Emerald, and then I can possess Aeris. When Cloud....or Tifa...or whoever comes to get it, I will live again, destroying Aeris and Lucretia in the bargain, and get my revenge!"

The soul disappeared again, but it was no surprise who it could have been. Sepiroth.

In Junon, the submarine was waiting. However, it still needed the work of a sarcastic pilot/engineer.

"Where the **** is here?" said Barrett.

Almost as if that word has brought shivers to the planet, Cid emerged.

"Cid!" screamed Cloud. Cid was not hoping for an onslaught of pleasantries, but he was just happy with the hugs and handshakes. Luckily, he didn't get the bear hug from Barrett!

"Well, nice to see you too!" said Cid, cigeratte in his mouth, spear in his hand.

"We needed someone with intelligence, cunning and technics to get this sub in gear, but we had to make do with you." said Barrett, with a smile on his face.

Cid rushed at him with his spear, barrett had his gun out. "Watch it!" they both said.

However, then Tifa saw something else running down. As the others were talking to Cid, she started to smile enigmatically. "Red!" she shouted, running towards him.

Red was a bit surprised to see the young lady grabbed his head and hug it, like a normal dog. But he didn't complain. He smiled at Tifa, who was rubbing under his chin. "Nice to see you, Tifa." he said.

After everyone else saw him, they all came over to talk about developments whilst Ciid started to get the engines of the submarine working.

Red told them about the crystal found in the mines, Barrett would have screamed at Cid if he was there, and Red was afraid to tell them why it was so urgent to get to the watefall.

However, at that point, Cid had the submarine off and going. He was going to be really annoyed if they didn't stop talking. It wasn't a bloody reunion for Christ's sake! O.K, it was, but...oh, flip. I'm writing to myself now!

Anyway, after everyone had calmed down, they got into the submarine, and Cid began to take off under the water. It was the only real way to get into the waterfall unless they had a green, black or gold chocobo, and no-one was ready to go through that again!

A long trip underwater for the crew. Now 5 members, Cloud, Tifa, Barrett, Cid and Red.

The trip was uneventful. It seems with the destruction of Sepiroth, most of the Meko based monsters were also gone. Quickly, as they were nearing the waterfall, they docks on a dark-coloured side of the shore. They quicked passed through the waterfall.

Beyond the waterfall was a room made of white stone. And within the threshold was Vicent, and on a pillar of stone, a what looks like, dying Lucresia.

"I'm glad you have come, friends...." he started. Then he saw Cid and Red. "....this is even better."

Red looked saddened. The others looked at him. "Why so glum?" asked Tifa.

Red took the yellow crystal out of his paw. Vincent looked at it, dumbstruck. "Oh no. Not the Element Emeralds. That is what's causing.......this." he said, looking at Lucresia.

Cloud and the others looked confused. Vincent walked to them.

"I have a story to tell." he simply said, ".....but first I need the remaining members of the party to show up."

"That means......Cait Sith and Yuffie." said Cid.

"Where are they anyway?" said Barrett.

"Cait is in the derelict Shinra HQ. He uses it as an area to change into a variation of the Gold Saucer. When he held the Black Materia, he did have some power in himself and he wants to use it now. He has found in the Shinra HQ, another one of these accursed things..." Vincent said, mentioning to the crystal.

"Yuffie is in Wutai with her father. her ninja training has advances and she has matured a lot. She doesn't steal any more, but she still likes to have a joke. Whilst you contact here via the PHS, tell her to transport the materia. I can teleport it here so she doesn't have to carry it." finished Vincent.

"Looks like one of those days....." said Cid.

Cait Sith had one of those emerald in his Mog body. Armed with a silver megaphone, he was trying to make good use of the emerald, and the various items he had found. Potions, X-Potions, Ethers, Phoenix Downs, etc.

Cait had gone a bit agog after the adventure. Him being a spy made it heavily on his heart, especially after he was forced to kidnap Marlene. However, his heart got through, and when he destroyed the black materia, he felt like he had to go on.

However, he was rarely used in the fighting. The most common group was Tifa, Barrett and Cloud, and when they were tired, were replaced by Vincent and Yuffie. Cid was used when they save the town from Norel Corel, and Red 13 was the most common to be brought in out of the 3, including the defeat of Hojo and the Turks. No, Cait felt that he was to blame for many things, and was thinking about that when he was enveloped by some white light.

Yuffie on the other hand, was only thinking about survival. It was a life or death struggle.....

......against her father's dress sense.

"Aw! Dad, I'm 17, do I have to dress like some bank clerk?" said Yuffie.

"You will do as your told. The materia is the only thing which is making us rich. Now, entice the guests in."

Yuffie grumbled out of the room. Since the destruction of Sepiroth, she had all the materia, and used it for her father's business. However, she kept at her ninja skills despite her father's instince to find work. Yuffie had changed slightly, reliasing that Cloud helped her find her true calling, but still had her tricks. She was about to open the door when.....


Yuffie sped down to the basement phone. "Hello?" she said, expecting it to be one of dad's business friends.

She got quite a different response.

"What's got 2 legs, a shuriken and is a real pain in the ass?"

Yuffie smiled. That was the joke Tifa always told her when they sparred in their last adventure. Both martial arts experts, although Tifa's teacher Zangan was perhaps the best, they had a fairly even battle, although Yuffie seemed more at home with the materia.

"Tifa! Can't believe it's you. Although that P.I.T.A joke is wearing a bit thin!"

"Yuffie. I want you to do me a favour. Get all the materia and stand outside. We have a major problem and we need it!"

"The universe is in danger! I'm saved!" said Yuffie.

"Saved from what?" said Tifa.

"I'll explain later." said Yuffie, who was unlocking the safe to the materia. "Where are you?"

"Somewhere. Just touch the materia." said Tifa, then hung up.

"Why?" said Yuffie, touching it. Suddenly, she and the materia vanished.

The next thing Yuffie knew was that she was inside a cave, with an echoing sound of water, and a big gang in front of her. She knew who they were, and could see Caith Sith was in a similar confused state. They were both about to say 'What the hell' when Vincent spoke.

"My friends. In the centre of this pillar is a now deceased Lucretia." Tifa look at Vincent hard. Never a man of emotion, but Vincent was certainly showing sorrow, and what looked like a tear came out of his eye.

Vincent looked at Yuffie. "I see all the materia is here."

"Yeah, my father is going ballistic. Well, at least it gets me out of this suit!" said Yuffie, who was still wearing the clerks suit, took it off, where her ninja uniform was still there, shuriken in hand.

Vincent stiffled a chuckle. "And I feel the presence of another emerald." He glanced over at Cait Sith.

Cait reached into the Mog body and reached out a green emerald, also humming with material power.

"Now, let me tell you the story of the Elemental Emeralds, the highest form of Materia on the planet." Vincent said, still obviously uspet with the loss of Lucretia, although not as much as he should be.

They all sat down somewhere. Cloud and Tifa sat on a rock right by the waterfall, Red just crouched as he usually does in a corner. Cid layed up by a wall lighting a cigerate. Barrett found it difficult to sit so hunched up by Red. Yuffie sat down crossed legged opposite Vincent. Cait hopped into the mog body.

Vincent began to speak.

"Long ago, before the planet was beheld with Shinra, there was a power in the air, greater than any Mako or Jenova power, it was known as Ci'an Power. It was the release of materia power into the air and combining with other natural sources, such as oxygen and hydrogen. It happened then and not during the war because the excess pollution blocked out the cells. You see, Ci'an was living, it could dye thanks to over-destroyed cells in its element. So, when Shinra claimed power, and factories and core sectors were burning to the max, causing the Ci'an elements to fade. Explosions of Core reactors didn't help.....(glancing at Barrett momentarily) and this materia power looked set to fade."

"However, a young man named Heici, a friend of Zangan, and ranking Soldier officer, (both Cloud and Tifa looked at him briefly, but then dismissed), who knew about the power with his affectiating with The Turks, the ones who first reliased this power, decided the only way to have this power is to contain it. However, he had to find something powerful enough to contain the Ci'an materia."

"Heici went down to the Underwater Reactor, and there were 14 cells, like in a honeycomb, filled with water. But this was not any water, this was the Cian Shinxi Water, which is a water flowed via the materia power. Heici cast Ice3 and Bolt3 together using the W-Magic item. Together, the flowed through ice froze the water and gave it the power to contain the materia, as Zangan told him. The Bolt magic gave it a protective barrier so that the crystals could not melt. However, as he left, he was attacked by a worm like serpent, similar to the ones in the swamp. However, this guy knew how to use magic and his fists in unison. With an attack known as 'Bolt Fist' , he plunged an electrified punch into the heart of the beast and he fell lifeless."

"When he returned, he went to the 14 specific area of Ci'an power. Each of a different source. The sea of Junon (Water), The Glaciers (Ice), and the Mecha-Factory (Bolt) were just some of the areas. He had collected 14 different powers, including Darkness from an area near the Promised Land. However, he was attacked by someone. We don't know who it was, or if Heici survived. It was unlikely."

"With the emeralds, they were scattered around the universe, as this guy used magic to teleport them. But now, two have been uncovered....." (He motioned to Cid and Cait) and now....."

Vincent closed his eyes and focused his energy on Lucretia. Slowly, something came out of the deceased body. It fleckered with blue light before a giant flash woke everyone out of their trance.

"Fear not, I am Lucretia, keeper of the Elements. I will transport the emeralds to you. With these combined, you can do anything, bring life, death, destruction, fear, decay....or power, speed, strength, knowledge and wisdom towards you and your people." She glowed again and suddenly, two different coloured emeralds rotated around her. The other gasped as they came down to a halt.

"Yes! We can do anything we want!" screamed Yuffie, obviously drooling of the prospects of 'super' materia.

Lucretia shot a lightning blast at Yuffie, singing her arm. "OWW!"

"Foolish child. The materia at once can only work in the promised land. At the moment, you can only use one. As you progress to more areas, you can control more. The problem is, only one person can control all 14 at once, and I am not letting you in control of the darkness emerald. That is too powerful and can possess you." With that, the black emerald started to disappear in a thick array of white. "It is now at the remains of the Promised land. Whoever has all 13 by then can command it."

"So, what we have to do is take an emerald, and basically......fight each other to see who gets to possess another." Before anyone could argue, Vincent said "I know, I know. Don't worry." In his hand, he possessed some belts, each with holders for the emeralds and a chip in the middle of the belt.

"This belt gives you the power of the emeralds once you get them If you are defeated, the chip will automatically teleport you back here, so you can either recharge to see if you can get one, or just give up. I myself, will enter this game.....and try to turn you back to normal." said Vincent. "It was the power of the emeralds that killed you, they will resserect you."

"Eh?" said Cid, but Vincent looked like he wouldn't talk anymore on the subject.

Cloud was in a mix of thoughts. If he got the emeralds, he could bring back Aeris, but he could also bring back other people, parents, friends, Zack.....his mind was rushing with adrenilin.

It seemed at the moment that no-one had seen the obvious problem. Red however, soon sorted that out.

"Pardon me, Vincent, but there are 8 of us, and 13 emeralds. If we can only control one at a time to start with, how can we use all of them? By the way, I knew about what has happening to Lucresia, if I had known quicker, I would have figured out a way to reverse the process."

"It's not your fault Red, but in answer to your question, there is a parallel world known as Mobius. There are 5 creature there who also use materia. These are Mobians. They defeated a human named Ivo Robotnik...."

"Human?" said Tifa.

"Oh, sorry. These five are actually animals, but they talk, almost in the same process as Red suffered, but it was a disease in the planet where humans there change into animals. Anyway, these 5 I have chosen are.....

Sally Acorn, a ground squirrel princess, soon to be queen, she is the master of magic, thanks to her hand held computer, NICOLE.

Sonic Hedgehog, a creature with the power of speed. His ego is big, but so is his heart.

Miles Prower: a young fox, but is a great magician.

Antoine D'Coolette: Great swords-fox, this guy can cut holes in half.

Bunnie Rabbot, a cybernetic rabbot, with the strength of 10 men. Martial arts expert.

"Yes, it will be weird for them to help you, consider what they are, but they are the only ones other than myself who can control the obsesive emeralds, Moon, Light, Holy, Gravity, Time and the most powerful one, Magic."


"The equivilent to Ultima in Ci'an power. But I must create a wind vortex to their world."

"Speaking of which..." said Cloud. ".....what did you do with the Turks?"

"Oh, just sent them to a nice little dimension out of the way!" he smiled, the first time he has that anyone can remember. "Don't worry, I haven't killed them...yet."

Vincent got out out Typoon again, but also got out his limit break materia, Chaos. He cast the summon materia on the Chaos and threw it in the air. Then, Chaos opened a vortex, Vincent then cast Shadow Flare on the vortex, and the portal was complete. It showed a serene forest, with young kits playing.........

Sally had slapped on the figure-four leglock on Sonic in one of their sparring sessions in the ring at the War Room, where they spent most of their training.

Sally was a ground squirrel of 22 years of age, the knowledge of everything that was happenning to Mobius, the mistress of magic, and the person she had screaming in agony.....was her husband. (It's great how marital difficulties take place in different universes, not much different here.)

Sonic was 21, musclar, fast, egotistical, but currently in pain. He didn't understand the use of magic, he thought it was much better to plow in and trash the place. He had some good attacks though, his Sonic Spin and Sonic Cyclone had put paid to many enemies.

However, just as it looked like Sonic was going to pass out from the hold, an elbow from someone else hit Sally on the head, with a profound "OUCH!"

This person had just turned 15. His name was Miles Prower, but everyone calls him Tails. (Perhaps because of the fact he has two tails and can fly.) He was the resident magican, but prefered to play tricks with his magic! However, he does have a mean streak.

In the ring, ushering him out was the referee. Antoine D'Coolette, a fox with a french accent, the oldest at 24. He was a brilliant swords-fox, just as good as Cloud but his weapon was smaller, rather like a fencing sword. He was in a black and white shirt, customed to referees.

As both tagged out (sal and son), Tails came barraging in only to be tripped down. Antoine gave a wink to the person who just did that.

The partner for Sonic was Tails. The partner for Sally was not like the others. She was cybernetic. Her name was Bunnie Rabbot, a rabbit, partly 'robotocized' (If anyone doesn't what that means, write to me) by Robotnik, but her use in martial arts made the metal parts deadly weapons. The parts metal were both her legs and her right arm, but it was pretty obvious they were useful as she was holding Tails over her head.

As this happening, both Sally and Sonic came in to help there respective partners. Antoine tried to contain order, but it was no use.

So, it was a bit of a surprise when they all shut up suddenly. Antoine wondered what had happened when at the ceiling of the War Room. It was covered in black and wind was sucking them in!

"What the hoo-ha happened?" screame Bunnie, in her Southern accent.

"NICOLE, try running scans on...." Sally began but was the first to be sucked in.

"Aunt Sally!" screamed Tails, but also flew in....without the aid of his tails.

"Buddy!" screamed Sonic, as the two people he cared about most were gone. Sonic felt himself also being pulled in.

Antoine and Bunnie held together as Bunnie held onto the ring with her robotic hand. But the force of the wind was too strong for Antoine, and he found himself letting go of Bunnie, (his fiancee, I might add) and sucked in as well.

"Sugar-fox!" screamed Bunnie, but even her strength couldn't hold out forever. As the rope of the ring ripped, she screamed, as she was also sucked in.

So, that is how it stands, at the end of this first part.

In Part 2, you will see the emeralds get seperated, and here are the first round battles so you can see what could happen.

Cloud vs. Cid
Tifa vs. Red
Barret vs. Bunnie
Vincent vs. Sonic
Cait vs. Antoine
Yuffie vs. Tails

Sally: Protector of the magic emerald.

You could see a reunion of the worst kind if Sepiroth has his way. With Lucretia dead, he can now take control of both Aeris' and Lucretias' soul, and fool Vincent or Cloud (the two favourites) to resurect him, not their loved one.

To be continued........

Phew! That it's. For the first offering it is a bit long, around 15 pages of Word, about 65KB. The second part may be even longer, the third will actually be fairly short.

I would like to thank Icy Brian for letting me put this up, especially as if I wasn't sure the Sonic idea would work. It will only happen in this story as well.

Future Works: My next two stories will be "Chrome Spark" : Where two new characters appear, Chromer and Heici (Mentioned in this story), Chromer is a relation of Zack, who was the one who prompted him to take out Sepiroth, as Sepiroth has a relationship power wise with Chromer's father. Heici, was presumed dead, was frozen by Materia Keeper, but he has been broke out, and is still young at 23. He will fall in love with Yuffie eventually, but nothing doin' yet. They will fight the group, but will eventually turn into good guys, Hooray!

The other one is "Aeris vs. Tifa". This is a story which the greatest love triangle this side of the soap operas will take a real turn. Both are now alive and well, and when the two girls have to work together to save Cloud from the Turks, it gets a bit tense. Then Tifa is possessed by the Darkness Emerald from my current story, and turns evil. Aeris has to use the Cetra power to release it, or they are done for. This will come out of who Cloud will choose, and let me tell you, this is a hard decision of him and for me......

By Christopher Homer.


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