Materia Chaos Chapter 2

By Chris Homer

A Final Fantasy 7 Story - All rights of the characters, Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Barrett, Red 13, Cid, Sepiroth, Yuffie, Vincent, Lucretia, Sepiroth.....blah, blah, blah......all property of Squaresoft Inc.

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The characters, Chromer and Heici are of my own creation and cannot be used without permission. (I'll say yes, but ya have to put it on!)

Rating: 12 (Swearing plus heated battles, but you'll ignore this anyway, so whats the point?)

Note from Author: This is the second part of my first FF7 story, and it will include my new characters briefly (like in Part 1). They will both be more used in my second story, Chrome Spark, so if you want a four one one on them before I get the chance, just write.

Now, in this story, you will see the use of spells from Chromer not heard. These spells are used on the psychic power scheme used in the Konami game, Physic Force. However, the moves will be different, but the copyright law is still used.

In this story, Aeris will be in it, but only in spirit form. In Part 3, you might be pleasantly surprised..........

I originally said there would be 3 parts. Well, because of some of the situations this story will increase to 4 or 5 parts now. However, they will be shorter parts, so it will be easier to read.

P.S. I made a huge mistake in my first part. I wrote that Elena was married to Cid. What a loon! It's Shera. So, for anyone who spotted that, I'm sorry for the cock-up, it will never happen again. (I have a feeling of deja vu here.....)


Characters: (in order of appearance)

Sepiroth (spirit form)
Aeris Gainsborough (spirit form)
Lucretia (spirit form)
Heici (Own character)
Chromer (Own character)
Bunnie Rabbot (STH character)
Sally Acorn (STH character)
Cloud Strife
Tifa Lockheart
Antoine D'Coolette (STH character)
Sonic Hedgehog (STH character)
Yuffie Kisaragi
Vincent Valentine
Cait Sith
Miles 'Tails' Prower (STH character)
Barret Wallace
Cid Highwind

This follows the portal from Mobius.......

A chill in the air of the limbo he was supporting in. Since Cloud and his friends had somehow got the better of him, Sepiroth was waiting for the right moment to perhaps return to the living.

Then his luck rose. With Lucretia dead, the keeper of the Elements soul could be possessed. Despite his death, Sepiroth still held great power.

Especially as he was an Ancient, he didn't go to heaven or hell. This was simply known as the other side. As the most powerful one, Sepiroth seemed to have control over them all.

But there was one who's power was still turbulent, even in the afterlife.

He concerntrate his thoughts on Aeris Gainsborough, the beautiful young Ancient from the Sector 7 Slums. It was hard to believe that this girl was an Ancient, but she sure was. Sepiroth had ended her life with one skewer, but her spirit lived on, and her spirit energy was focused on one thing......

The destruction of Sepiroth.

When Sepiroth was living, she used all of her power to help Cloud and his friends to destroy Sepiroth. Even in the Lifestream, her influence seemed to give Cloud and Tifa the recounciliation. She had used her power to give Cloud some aided strength, although she knew they could do it themselves. So it was no surprise that when Cloud hit the Omni-slash on Sepiroth (sorry, if you've haven't completed it yet, I've just ruined how he died), Aeris mind seemed to be at peace.

However, with the power of the Ci'an materia now released, a great secret even to the Ancients, Sepiroth's power was becoming more visible. Her influence had managed to reduce it, but with Lucretia, another Ancient (as she bore Sepiroth, even though Jenova cells were infused), also dead, her power was also being controlled by Sepiroth.

She only hoped that Cloud wouldn't win the emeralds. Sepiroth's power would be at his closest and he would be resurrected, not her.

Even in her spirit form, a tear seemed to appear in her eye.....


Reeve had retired to Kalm after Shinra was destroyed. Out of all the management, Reeve seemed to be the least dark-hearted. He didn't want any harm to come to Aeris when the Turks had captured her, but Palmer, Scarlet, Heidegger, even Rufus, they were all madmen (and women) in reality.

His pleasures were now of tourism. He had even been practising with a club, and had some new materia. He wondered if he had done the right thing when he injected some new 'life' into Cait, and led the cat creature take control.

Reeve, after the war, had brought Cait to him, after Meteor struck, and after a few verbal altrications with Barret, he got Cait. He went to Cosmo Canyon, and using the AI capibilities they had created, literaly made Cait think on his own, although the creature decided to still make it follow order on that damned megaphone.

Reeve sighed. But he wasn't alone.......

"He is in corrilation with that Cloud isn't he?" said one voice.

"Not exactly. He had control of the Mog-creature." said the other, both were male.

"Why are you eager to find out what he knows about AVALANCHE?" said the first.

"I've got to warn them. They were the ones who destroyed Sepiroth. They are the only ones who can stop my father. The Mako inside me failed and now my power is in physic energy. Perhaps it a chance for me to at least find a challenge.......or even better, some friends." the second person said, sadly.

The first one put a hand on the second one's shoulder. "Don't worry Chromer. Everything is going to be alright!"

"Thanks Heici. Now to introduce us to this Reeve character. What do ya say? Force or talk?" said Chromer.

"Hmmm. Try talk first. That doesn't work, force." said Heici with a smile.

They both took out of their hiding places, and calmly walked to Reeve.

Reeve was startled to see these two. The first, Heici, was about 5"10, male, but was wearing a fight uniform, not too unfamilar. The second, Chromer, was towering, about 6'7, and seemed to have a glow in his eyes. Also, he saw he had sickles on his back, paired like wings. Reeve suddenly felt a bit queasy.

"What do you want?" Reeve sternly said.

"We want to talk....." started Heici, on one side of Reeve.

"...about AVALANCHE." said Chromer, on the other side.

"I..don't know what you are talking about." started Reeve, but Chromer put a firm grip on his shoulder.

"Look, look. We all know AVALANCHE destroyed Shinra, and Sepiroth. One of old friends, Zack, told me...."

"Zack! You knew Za..." Reeve said, but then reliased this was a mistake.

"Aha! So you either know Cloud, Tifa or Aeris, or you are one very intelligent dude. So, I'll make it simple. Tell us everything you know about them and we won't thump you into bits. You choose, the easy way or the hard way." said Chromer.

Reeve turned. "Let me think about it."

After a few moments of waiting, Reeve turned back. "Well, now that you say it....." He then pulled out a materia. "....I like things difficult."

Suddenly the earth underneath Heici and Chromer started to shake. The 'Quake2' spell Reeve had cast was not what they expected. Heici looked a lit shaken, but Chromer remained unmoving.

"Well, so the boy does have some spirit. I'm impressed. What do you say, Heici, do you wanna finish him, or shall I?" said Chromer.

"Well, let me first." said Heici, and without waiting for an answer, he delivered a flying kick straight into the chest. Reeve was stunned, as Heici went in. He used a move called 'Blaze Punch' which flew in Reeves' face like a bolt of lightning. Reeve had pulled out his club now but this Heici was obviously good at the martial arts, and knew how to use materia, as an Ice2 hit Reeve directly in the chest.

Reeve didn't know how much more he could take, so he pulled out a Red materia.

"Giga Flare!" he shouted.

Suddenly, the two warriors found themselves at a huge dragon like beast from the air. Heici seemed to be paralyzed with fear as the flare breath from the dragon blasted into both Heici and Chromer. Heici fell down immediately, but Chromer was still standing.

"Heici! Your heart wasn't into it. You didn't use any of your strong magic, and I know you are not a wimp for this attack!" Chromer tutted at him, and looked at Reeve. Reeve couldn't belive that Chromer was unfased. That was his most powerful materia, and this guy stood right through it.

Chromer smiled. "My companion was having an off day. However, I, do not have such problems. In fact, I don't even use materia to destroy you. Like him, I am competent in martial arts, but because my Mako energy transfusion was a, my power come from the Ci'an materia, and is transformed into my body via psychic energy. Now, feel the wrath of The Keeper's son, Chromer!"

Reeve didn't know what to make of this situation. Chromer started to levitate from the ground, his 'wings' outstrecthed. Chromer ponderd what attack he would use. His chest suddenly changed green. He rose his hand.

"Onibidama!" he shouted.

Reeve was suddenly circulated with giant green beads, like from a monk's necklace. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning hit him from the beads right through his body. Reeve felt like passing out. His legs gave way as the sleep took over him.

Chromer grinned. "Easier than I expected.....although my partner didn't seem to think so." he thought, as Heici started to get up.

"Ugh....what hit me?" he said.

"Don't worry. He's out cold. Next time, be wary of a materia. He surprised you, but don't worry. I will cast wall on you next time, but that was a warning. You released the Ci'an materia into the emeralds, so you should know what power I cast upon him."

Heici looked at the unconscious figure of Reeve. Chromer picked him up on his shoulder, careful not to cut him on his 'wings'.

"Come on, back to Mideel." said Chromer.

Heici hopped on Chromer's back as he levitated into the air. Then, they all flew away.


Meanwhile, in Vincent's waterfall......

"What the ho-ha happened?" screamed an irate Bunnie Rabbot, the last of the Mobians to enter. (yes, it is like one of those cartoon to cartoon cross-overs, except with video games)

Sally blinked her eyes several times to see where she was. In front of her, it seems like a cave like area, with an eerie swishing sound, like running water. She suddenly spotted the waterfall, but not before spotting a few glancing eyes at her?

"What's the matter? Never seen a talking squirrel before?" said Sally.

"Actually, unless it's covered with razor claws and shooting earth materia at us, no." replied Cloud, immediately thinking that they weren't going to get along.

"NICOLE. Scan area lifeforms." said Sally, to her handheld computer, NICOLE.

"No longer in Mobius. In unknown world. Area specified. The realm of 'Final Fantasy', an area who ways of the warrior involve battle and magic. An Ancient, named Sepiroth, was killed by a warrior named Cloud Strife, currently in the room, who just resorted that last remark at you."

Sally looked at Cloud. His hair looked to have had a bad day, and that sword......eek. It would have sliced her in half. She decided not to badger him.

At this point, Tifa started to talk to Lucretia, whose spirit was still in tact. (Unknown to them however, she is being controlled by Sepiroth)

"Lucretia, these are the animal beings?" said Tifa.

"Yes. Sonic is the hedgehog. Sally is the squirrel. Miles is the fox with two tails. Antony is the fox with one. Bunnie is the cybernetic rabbit."

Antoine seemed to be fairly calm with the situation. Sonic was in a tizz whether to attack them or be in fear of them. Yuffie decided to voice up.

"Oy! What the hell is going on?" she screamed at the top of her voice.

Immediately everyone shut up. Yuffie made a mental note to try that more often. "O.K, Vincent. What is going to happen?"

The 5 Mobians looked at Vincent, who in his vampiric look, they were practically scared to death.

Vincent read their faces. "No need to fear. I have brought you here via a Chaos portal to tell you of a fate for our planet. As you seem to be the only ones nearest to have used magic emeralds in your world, The Chaos emeralds, you seem to be the ideal choice to be our helpers."

"Hang on!" Shouted Sonic. "We don't have a clue what your on about. We don't care and we are outta here!" He revved up his legs, ready to take off.

Vincent raised a hand and Lucretia's mist turned grey. Sonic suudenly realized he was not going anywhere. He was rooted to the spot, frozen.

"Listen, my furred friends, you are here in a battle for the Element Emeralds. These emeralds are emeralds in Ci'an magic, each made from one of the elements from our materia or one of the elements of the earth which remained untouched. I called you here because apart from us, you know how to release the magic and how to keep it tight. If you win in this 'tournament' , you could have the power to do anything. SAlly, you could resurrect your father, King Acorn from the Void. Sonic, you could find out what happened to your parents, or to de-robotocize your uncle. Tails, I know you would love to be the most powerful wizard in the world. Antony, your extravangance in your swordplay could be 100 times improved, your cowardice can vanish. And Ms. Rabbot, your robotic limbs would be nothing more than a memory."

After that speech, the 5 Mobians seemed to have been listening to every word. They were in awe. Even Sonic refrained to attack after the ice spell wore off.

It was Sally who regain her voice first. "So, how can we possess this power?"

Before Vincent could say, Red interrupted him. "I should be the one to answer this. As the power of the Ci'an materia grew, the power of the Cetra, an ancient group, become slower, this contributes with what is happening to Lucretia here. When Cid and Cait uncovered two, her aura began to fadre as the power was once again unearthed. Vincent couldn't stop it as the other powered in this area and her spirit vanished. Without her soul and her aura, she couldn't live on the outside, but her spirit lives on, as we can see here.

To resurrect the power of the Ci'an, there must be a battle to see who owns the emeralds. Only when the 12 element emeralds link in with either the darkness or the magic (ultima) emerald, will the dream come true. If it is the mgaic, it must be for good, but for the darkness, it must be evil. That is why I'm keeping the darkness emerald, and it is not to be used. The magic, however, must be protected. That is why we wanted you, Sally, to own it."

Everyone looked at the red ground squirrel. "Why her?" said Cait.

"Well, she is the only person (or animal) beside Aeris who knows the complete aura of magic. And as Aeris has......parted.....we need Sally to keep the magic emerald interlocked with her computer."

Sally was speechless. Vincent nodded at Red and held out a green emerald, humming mightily with power. "Take it. You will not have to battle either until late on. I would have taken it, but I have an ultieror motive, and I could not trust what I could do with this power. Take it."

Sally took it. Already the power was humming through her. She held it and put it in a slot in NICOLE.

As everyone was encouraging their disappointment, young Tails pipped up.

"O.K. We understand the concept. But two questions remain. First, what battle?"

"Well, the 12 of you, each with an emerald will be transport to 6 parts of the globe. There, you will use the emeralds to your will. Each emerald has a power which you can use, if you know about magic well, you can create huge powers. If not, well, you are stumped. After 6 of you are out, I will use the teleporters on the shock belts to retrieve you, but you will not take part of the tournament any further and the emerald goes to your victor. When it gets down to 3 (Here, he handed the 5 Mobians the same belts with the holders and the teleport chip), Sally will enter and basically it is the last one left after that gets all the emeralds and then create their desire. Then, the power will be trapped in the Promised Land and it will never disturb anyone again." said Lucretia.

"Fine and dandy. And the second question is.......who the hell are you?"


"Time to wake up sleeping beauty."

In Mideel, in an inn, Reeve was just thrown some water in his face by one of his attackers. Reeve tried to get up, but then fell back down from effort.

"Don't worry. We won't kill you." said the bigger one, Chromer.

"Wh.....who are you guys?" said Reeve.

"I am Chromer, son of Lelin Barbarus. This is Heici."

At that name, Reeve woke to full alertness. "Heici, the guy who was in Soldier and got the Element Emeralds?"

Heici's eyes rose up. "How the hell did you know?"

Reeve held a communicator up. "I still listen to everything via Cait."

"We better apologise for what we did. We are not evil, we want to join you." said Heici. "I used to be in SOLDIER, and was a friend of Zack's. One day, I went to an underwater reactor to store the power of the Ci'an through some special water emeralds. After creating them, and killing a giant serpent in the bargain. I went to each main source of power. The Mecha Factory for electricity, thus lightning, Junon Sea for War, The Glacier areas for ice and so on. However......"

"......thats when he met me. My father was Lelin Barbarus, who was in fact....." he sighed. ".....a friend of Sepiroth in the soldier army, before he went nuts. He, like everyone was injected with Mako energy. This infused his son, when he was born also with Mako energy. In other worlds, I am 17 now, and every years I've been plagued by nightmares. My father was evil, and controlled the same power that Sepiroth did."

"After a Mako experiment went wrong on me, the injection collided with a machine, sparks flying. I was knocked out. When I awoke, my right arm was metallic. I had grown taller as well. From the metabolism, my father tested me how to use me in battle. They tried inserting me with Ci'an energy. This time, my chest started to burn. After it was over, my chest was also metal and a diamond carved in it. It flashed with colour. However, I felt terrible. So, in a fit of rage, I escaped the glass chamber they put me in, and ran."

"I literally bumped into Heici. I don't know why, but my rage of becoming this....this...freak, turned on him. However, he was good. I had studied all the forms of unarmed combat, but this guy was class. I felt going down. Then, something came into me, I shouted 'Onibidama' and soon, he fell. It was the same attack I used on you, known as Rings Of Power.I didn't know what happened but I took him to Mideel, my home town."

"Later, I discovered that the Ci'an energy was combined with Mako energy, this was combined into a psychic force or power, of Fire, Wind, Light, Lightning, Time, Gravity, Magic and Ice. I studied it and eventually created a weapon." He showed on his metal arm a two pronged laser. "I keep upgrading this so it becomes more powerful."

Reeve nodded. "So, you guys want to join AVALANCHE?"

"Yes. For recently we have learned that our father is alive. He is 53 years old, but is still very dangerous. He has mastered all kinds of materia and vowa revenge to Sepiroth. He is even creating an equivilent to Jenova!" said Heici, and Reeve noticed his fist trembling.

Reeve was stunned of that news. Another Jenova? It would be a fate worse than death.

Reeve changed the subject. "The tournament is about to start I hear. Vincent has actually caused some unknowns to help them."

And so it was, or was it?


Back in the limbo, Sepiroth smiled to himself. His possession of Lucretia has worked perfectly. Now, if Cloud or Vincent attempted to resseruct Aeris or Lucretia, they would indeed ressurect them, but from that, Sepiroth would be resseructed as well, killing either of them once again, and destroying AVALANCHE, and in particular, Cloud.

He glanced over at Aeris, deep in concerntration. What was she up to? He didn't like it, and decided to torture her via possession. Sepiroth went inside Aeris and immediately he displayed his darkness aura to Aeris' holy aura, but Aeris, seemed undisturbed.

the hell was going on?


In the waterfall, everything seemed straightened out. Barret and Cid had just gone over with the creature who they were, and told Sonic to stop being such a jackass, Sonic immediately grunted but seemed to be non-resistant when he saw that Missing Score on his arm.

By now, everyone had met everyone and everyone was getting their weapons ready. Cloud had the ultima weapon in his sheeth, Tifa replaced her crystal glove with her premium heart, Cid wrenched out the Venus Gospel, Yuffie got her Conformer out, Cait with his HP Shout, and Vincent was last, still looking at the spirit of Lucretia, knowing he had to bring her back, it was his fault the emeralds were released, his Death Penalty ready for loading.

The Mobians didn't use weapons, except for Antoine, who's fencing sword lay in his sheeth. Bunnie stiffed out her metallic joints, whilst Sally put NICOLE in her vest pocket. Tails seemed to be concentrating hard, whilst Sonic was pacing up and down the joint.

Finally, Vincent turned, his belt firmly in place. One emerald in his belt, materia also in the belt, randomly thrown at the people by Yuffie, they wouldn't know who had what until they got to use it.

"O.K. I've told you what's going to happen. Each of you except Sally who will be transported to a random place where no-one will face her. You each have one of the emeralds which you will find out what power it is when you have been teleported. You will each face someone within a few minutes. Any questions.............(deathly silent).....good. The teleportation process will begin soon."

They waited patiently. Suddenly, Cloud started to see his legs vanish, pretty soon, the whole of his body had gone.

"Cloud!" screamed Tifa, until she reliased she was vanishing too.

Next came Barret, then Cait, then Yuffie, Cid, Red.....then the Mobians, Bunnie, Sonic, Antoine and Tails.

Sally turned to Vincent. She started to vanish as well.

Vincent looked at the pillar where the image of Lucretia was also vanishing. Vincent sighed. He began to glow white.....

.....and then was gone. The hunt had started, but who was to become the hunted?


Sepiroth was proud of himself. Lucretia's spirit had become degraded via Sepiroth's influence. Soon, he would live again and become supreme. He would rebirth Jenova, and they would rule, mother and son.

However, he was still disturbed that Aeris was still not budging. She seemed (if a spirit can do this) to be mediating, and at a deathly stillness.

Sepiroth looked at her. Her beauty was unmistakable, in fact, if she wasn't an Ancient, Sepiroth would have probably done other things with her before killing her, but the job had to be done. He just hoped that Lucretia was the one he had to possess, because Aeris seemed to be unwilling to go with his plans........


Reeve shouted back at Heici.

"They've started!" he cried.

Heici looked at Chromer. He seemed to be having the same headache he usually has. The Mako energy had effected him in the same way it had affected Cloud and Sepiroth, but he couldn't put it why. Suddenly, a voice ran in his head.....

It was an opera song, and between Soprano's, the words sung was defintely 'Sepiroth.' (Yes, the song when you faced Sepiroth for the second to last time). He snapped his eyes open.

"Sepiroth is returning!"


Cloud woke up from the teleportation, his head ringing. He had a feeling this side effect was going to re-occur. After shaking his head clear, he suddenly reliased where he was.

He was in the Old Forest, an area near Cosmo Canyon, where he had to grab frogs for transportation. They had found the Apocolypse sword here, amongst other things. He sniffed in the air and was pleased about the atmosphere from the woodland was creating.

He suddenly snapped back to reality. Why was he here? Then he remembered. The emeralds. He looked at his belt. It was a yellow emerald, he touched it, a jolt of electricity went into his hands.

Electricity? He figured it out.....he had the emerald which contained the power of lightning. He could use all methods of lightning attacks from this emerald, plus other things.

He also felt pieces of materia in his belt. He saw that he had ice, earth, Bahamut summon, haste and magic breath enemy skill, which would probably come in handy.

Cloud wondered about the forest, wondering who he had to face. However, the calm area of the forest, especially as there were no monsters, seemed to make him forget what he was here for. He suddenly thought of Tifa and Aeris.

Two girls, both he deeply cared for. But love? He really cared for them, but with Aeris dead, or supposedly dead, he wondered if he could forget about her and live a life with Tifa at the inn. He knew that was not possible, he blamed himself for Aeris' death. He said he would be her bodyguard and in his opinion, he failed. He wondered if it was possible to love two people at once, without hurting their feelings. He sighed.

Suddenly, a shake in the ground made him return to reality. Someone had cast quake on him and it was a strong one. He tried to jump but his feet were stuck. He succumbed to earth and then reliased he didn't have heal. He had to rely on a few X-Potions he had with him.

Ahead, admiring his handywork, was Cid Highwind. Cid was in the same euphoria as Cloud in his forest. He did love Shera, but he was too much of a ready bachelor to admit that to her. Besides, what with the army and his rockets, he didn't really have that much time to see her.

Suddenly he saw Cloud. He thought he was toast, but then saw that he was in a dream world as well. Cid looked at his emerald, which was turquoise. It was the element of water. His materia was earth, trine enemy skill, aqualung enemy skill and contain. He decided a quake would shake him up a bit. Cid hadn't been familar with the earth amteria, but had used Quake2. He thought that will wake him up.

He hadn't been wrong. Cloud quickly drew the Ultima Weapon, as Cid drew his Venus Gospel. Cloud, however, had used the lightning emerald to cast a lightning 'power' on his sword to make it more powerful.

At first, they trade blows. Cid, a veteran, was strong, but the kid was just as strong as he was, and soon they were speaking to each others, faces inches away.

"Ya spike heared ass won't last long against me. I know all your tricks......"

"Really?" Cloud said in clentched teeth,"...... even this one?"

Suddenly, rainbow orbs flashed across Cid. He didn't know what was happening, then let out a scream of pain as the flames of fire burned through him. Then, he felt the chilling cold of the polar ice caps entering him like 6 frozen popsicles. Then, a bolt of lightning thundered through his body like 16 beers all drunk at once.

Cid fell down from the Magic Breath attack Cloud had used. Cid knew he had to retaliate but he was weak. He too didn't have heal materia or cure so he had to rely on potions as well. Luckily, Vincent had supplied enough for everyone.

Cid quickly used a Hi-Potion which healed him, but not fully. He was a trifle weak, but he didn't show it. He decided to see what this emerald can do.

He held the water emerald and concerntrated. Suddenly, an image of a tidal wave came hurtling towards Cloud. This was perhaps the equivilent to Leviathan's Summon attack, but it was much larger.

Cloud knew instantly he was going to drown in that unless he did something. He swung his sword to the nearest tree and quickly chopped it in half. As it fell, he quickly hid under it, the tree giving him enough protection as the water came past him, the large tree acting as a ramp.

Cloud escaped, but some water did shake up his hair. As he hated anyone or anything who messed with the doo, he focused his energy on Cid. He decided, the hell with defence, I'll just pound him.

Cloud jumped in the air, and with the aid of the lightning emerald, he shot out three lightning comets at Cid, the equivilent to Meteroain, but more powerful.

Cid, not prepared for that, was at a complete stand still and was only a spectator as the electric comets practically fried him.

Cid, still on his feet, but barely. Cloud cast Quake3 on Cid from his materia, going for the kill. Cid steadied himself, only to be met with a barrage of mud and rocks. Cid, was practically out on his feet.

Cloud raised his sword, still fairly far away, and unleased a lightning blast from his sword, like the Blade Beam. The lightning struck Cid, and he almost fell, but then the split from the lightning hit two trees next to him. They fell, and landed on Cid's head.

With a groan, Cid fell to the ground, barely conscious.

Cloud went to him, Cid half-dead.

" young uns give us old bastards no end of trouble. I as fried as an egg on a pan." He briefly smiled. "Here, take the water emerald, and my materia, I can't win this. I've got my needs in life, Shera and my rockets. You have had nothing but heartbreak. Win her back, kid."

Cloud smiled. "You are one tough old cogger." Cloud pressed the teleport button on Cid's belt and he vanished. Cloud didn't want to do that to his friend, but he wanted Aeris back as well.


Cid appeared in a cyclinder back at the waterfall in an unconscious state. The cyclinder produce a hum which would soon replinsh all of his energy.

However, how were the others doing?


Tifa was walking across an area which she knew fairly well. It was a grassland outside Nibelheim. In fact, it was the area where she saw the flames erupting from when Sepiroth destroyed the town.

Tifa sighed. If she won? What would she wish? Ressurect her father? But did the emeralds just re-create Ancients? Maybe......she should bring back Aeris. She loved Aeris, like the sister she never had, but if she did, would it ruin a chance with Cloud.

She slapped herself in the face. 'Don't be silly.' Cloud and her had a special friendship, she was still very close to Cloud, perhaps more than her other friends, even Barret. They cared for each other deeply, but was it childhood friendship, or love?

Opposite her, she saw a figure. She crouched, ready, her premium heart fist glowing in anticipation.

The figure emerged. It was Red. Tifa sighed. Red was perhaps the one, besides Cloud and Barret she didn't want to face. The 4 of them were probably the closest as they met each other earlier than any others. Plus, she reckoned she could defeat Cid with ease, Yuffie she has defeated numerous times in the past, Cait was not a fighting type and Vincent, well, he was unpredictable.

However, Cloud and Barrett's friendship meant much and couldn't harm them really. Red was also close, and he, like Cloud and Barrett was strong. The Limited Moon clip gave him much strength when attacking, and he was good with his magic, particularly as Red had the Fire emerald. Tifa looked at hers, the Ice. 'Cancels each other out.' she thought. Her materia include cure, ifrit, shadow flare and time, but prefered using her hands.

Red saw her, and sighed. Tifa was one he didn't want to harm. His materia included barrier, regen, ice, and flame thrower enemy skill. But he wanted the best for Cosmo Canyon, and the master emerald when they were combined may be the chance of him getting that.

Tifa understood Red's thoughts.

"I'm sorry, Red." she whispered.

Red nodded.

They both went into position. Tifa immediately cast haste but red had cast wall. Tifa cast stop on Red but to no avail.

Tifa had to get rid of that wall. However, no magic would work. Tifa suddenly felt flames as Fire3 from the emerald was cast. Tifa countere dthat by casting cure and ice to mellow the flames.

Suddenly an idea snapped into her head. Concerntrating on the ice emerald, she created an ice wall which enveloped Red. The Ci'an materia was much more powerful than regular materia, more power to damage the wall that Red had created.

However, it did even better. The wall faded away from the power of Tifa's attack and Red shivered in cold.

'O.K! Two can play at that game!' thought Red.

Concerntrating on the fire emerald, he created a wall of fire around Tifa, hoping to cause damage.

This, however, was what Tifa excepted. She quickly created an ice wall around her. The flaming wall phased into the ice wall and it melted, but the fire vanished.

"Thanks for the conditioning!" replied Tifa. Red smirked. If it wasn't for the fact that this was serious, he would have replied.

Soon, the contest became very even-handed. They excahanged attacks from their emeralds, one always countering the other. Little damage had become of either of them, except when Tifa cast Shadow Flare on Red, and when Red had cast ice on her, giving her a taste of her own medicine.

Red had cast regen on him and ran towards Tifa. Looks like it was going to come to blows.

Red jumped at Tifa, his superior strength toppled her over. he made a promise not to tear out her guts, but Vincent told me that they would be revived or cured if any deaths or severe injuries happened. However, Tifa's balance and experience in the martial arts was more than a match for Red, and easily flipped him backwards with a reverse throw.

Red lay stunned for a second. Both of them looked at their emeralds and both cast a summon from it.

"Hell fire!" shouted Red.

"Diamond dust!" shouted Tifa.

The amazonian ice woman and the devil-like beast erupted from their emerald and attacked the opposite. Damage was greater to Tifa rather than Red as the regen spell was still in effect. Tifa cast cure on herself but wasn't sure if she could handle this any longer. Looking across, Red seemed to be in a similar state.

Red's instinct tooks over at this point. He decided it was time to unleash Cosmo Memory.

Tifa saw that look before, and ran towards red.

"Cosmo Mem...."

Suddenly, Tifa sprang forward.

"Beat rush!" Tifa hit red in the face with a flurry of punches, dazing Red. She didn't stop there.

"Somersault!" She hit the flash kick right to the chin. Red was practically out.

"Waterwick!" A sweep kick took out all four of Red's legs.

"Meteodrive!" She did a version of a German suplex on red (A version, as a back suplex on a lion like creature is difficult)

"Dolphin Blow!" Her flying uppercut hit the remains of Red's chin.

"Meteo Strike!" She grabbed Red's neck, somersaulted over him and threw him to the ground with a lot of force.

The figure of Red was barely conscious, as Tifa reached out her fist, eminating with energy, about to plant it on Red's face. The she saw the beast, which looked now nothing more than a harmless puppy. Blood from the nose, and most likely a broken jaw.

"What the hell have I done?" she whispered. Tears started to form in her eyes.

"Red, I'm sorry!" she sobbed, holding his head. "Forgive me."

Red smiled. "Don't worry, Tifa. I'll be alright. Here, take the materia and the emerald. Get me out of here. If I could be defeated by anyone, I'm glad it was you."

Red, in pain, held out a paw to Tifa. Tifa smiled, wiping her tears.

She pressed the button on the belt and Red vanished. He would be better soon. Any other day and he probably would have beat her. But one mistake and Tifa took advantage of the situation.

"Sweet dreams." she said, and sat down, wondering how long it would take for all the other battles to take place.


At the same time as that was taken place, the first of the Mobians was trying to run away from, in her opinion, a crazed gun-man.

The metallic rabbit, Bunnie, was having problems with Barret, who probably thought it was rabbit-hunting season, and was not going to let the fact that this rabbit had metal and could speak deter him.

Bunnie was perhaps the weakest of the mobians with the use of magic, but was dmaned good at hand-to-hand combat, the Zangan of the Mobian world, if you will.

She avoided another few rounds from Barrett, before checking on the materia and emerald she had got.

Bunnie saw she had the time emerald, and had lightning, gravity and goblin punch enemy skill. In Mobius, she had only used lightning magic, so was going to find it hard to use any other magic beside from that.

Barret on the other hand, was well equipped with the use of materia, although he prefer to use his weapon. He had big guard enemy skill, titan, deathblow and meteorite, so was well equipped.

Barret knew that as long as he kept firing, Bunnie couldn't get close and use her metal legs and arm for attack, and as she was weak with magic, she would be forced to use that.


"X-Beam!" screamed Bunnie.

X-Beam is Bunnie equivilent to a Limit Break. her arms crossed into an X, and suddenly, lightning rays came from her arms, and blasted Barret directly in the chest.

Barret flew about 10 meters before crashing into a tree, where, coincidently, they were in a pleasant island area south of Wutai. Barret remembered it well, as it was near where Yuffie stole most of their materia, and they had to save Elena and Yuffie.

The thought of Elena made Cid wondered what had happened to her and the other Turks. He didn't really care, but he had a feeling he would see them again.

The attack did some damage, enough for Barrett to use a Hi-Potion. Barret loaded up again to shoot Bunnie, but the metal joints were used for some decent protection. Bunnie cast a Bolt spell on Barret, but Barrett shrugged it off and kept firing.

Bunnie decided to see if she could use this emerald to good use.

She concerntrated deeply into the emerald, and suddenly.......nothing.

She saw Barrett, but he was not moving. Bunnie did it. She had stopped time! She immediately took advantage of the situation by leaping at a motionless Barret and buried a shoulder in his large midsection. Bunnie immediately woke him up, but she was on a riot. Her punches were fairly strong and Barret knew this style was familar, it was a mixture of Tifa's finesse and Yuffie's outgoing spirit. But he was getting his ass kicked again unless he did something.

Bunnie did a back fist before jumping into Barrett and planting both feet in his face. Barrett staggered. Bunnie went to punch again but this time, Barrett caught her off guard. He quickly cast 'Anger of the land,' from his earth emerald, and also used the same spell from the titan materia!

Bunnie suddenly saw two huge huge rock beasts unearth themselves from the ground. They both lifted big pieces of the ground and she reliased where they were going to end. She couldn't run. She was paralyzed with fear.

Both pieces of the land crushed Bunnie for earth damage. Barret wondered if he went too far. He was 6'6, she was under 5', she probably wouldn't survive that.

He went over to see if she was alive. Probably not, but hey, he wanted to win this 'contest' as well. Bringing back Dyne or a life for North Corel would be nice.

However, as he came over, a hand shot up from under the rock, grabbing Barrett by the throat. Bunnie rose from the rock, her right arm had saved her in the nick of time, lifting the rock and blocking the majority of the impact. She had her own reasons for this contest. Despite their usefulness, the metal joints made her unable to have a proper life, and with them gone, she could live a full and happy life with her fiancee, Antoine.

Barret was amazed with the strength of the girl, but Barret had no time to be suttle. He pointed his gun at the rabbit. Almost instinctivelly, Bunnie released and rolled out of the way.

Bunnie was hit on her metal thigh with the bullets, only she didn't notice.

Bunnie decided to try out her other magic. She cast for the first time, Demi, on Barret, slightly sapping away at his energy. Barrett tried to use his Anger Max limited break, but Bunnie deftly avoided the rounds Barret was aiming.

Bunnie cast a quick time from the emerald. Bunnie soon found herself behind Barrett, him unoticing. She hit Barrett deftly with her metal arm. Barret slumped, barely conscious.

Bunnie was about to finish him, when her metallic thigh started to fizz. She was short circuiting, and she couldn't do anything about it. She started to cry, and the tears were not just because of pain, but becasue she knew she couldn't win, hell, Barret would probably kill her now.

Barrett rose his eyes, expecting to be back in the waterfall, but instead, was still in the Wutai hills. He turned, and found a weeping cyber-doe on the floor, one leg practically removed from the lower torso. Barret found a touch of emotion in his heart, looking at his right arm. He and her had similar problems, he found himself thinking of Dyne. Smiling, he turned to Bunnie.

"I'm not going to harm you. I have the same problem as you. My right arm was artifically installed in my home town of Corel. A group called the Shinra rendered it useless after it was shot when I tried to help a friend named Dyne. Never a day goes by when I think, why the hell have I got this on."

"So, I've got all the sympathy for you. That's why I'm going to return you to the waterfall, unharmed....well, almost." He said, looking at her leg.

Bunnie smiled, despite of the pain. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but good luck." She struggled, but handed him the time emerald and her materia. She activitated the teleporter, but Barret was certain she said 'thank you' as she vanished.

Barret smiled. It wasn't his most pleasant job, and he should have lost, but he got away with it thanks to one stray bullet and he was thankful for it.


A very cocky hedgehog was flying through the forest with the greatest of ease, trying to avoid the bullets that Vincent was laying. So far, it was working, Vincent hadn't even shot a quill out of place.

Like Bunnie, Sonic didn't like to use magic, and was equipped with just contain, mystify and heal, plus odin summon. His emerald was fitting for him, the power of light, as he moved with the power of light speed.

Vincent on the other hand, lived in the mystical emphathy that surrounded him. He was one with the night, and had a purpose to resurrect Lucretia, even if that meant ruining Cloud's chance of life. Vincent could have used the darkness emerald, but he didn't want to risk the effects. Vincent had the materia of hades summon, manipulate, poison, gravity and neo bahamut summon. He lived on the use of materia, but he was up against the egotistical, hedgehog-lovin ass from Mobius. If he had the time emerald, defeating him would have been a sinch, but this one was going to be helpful as well.

Raising the moon emerald, a darkness fell about Sonic. Suddenly, the blue hedgehog, felt that sight was evading him. He found himself slowing down just to avoiding anything. 'Man, he hated not knowing what was happening.'

Suddenly, a metal hand held his throat. Vincent held the little hedgehog in his hand and concerntrated. Suddenly, Sonic felt his energy being drained, via the moon emeralds, 'Luna Spell' an effect similar in the way of Demi. This enabled Vincent to use some of his magic points, and the use of Sonic's materia would be severly weakened.

Vincent threw Sonic into a wall with ease. Sonic was half-dead already, but at least his sight was back. STH thought 'God, this guy makes Robotnik look like a dream date! How the hell am I going to defeat him?'

Sonic, struggling, jumped at Vincent, spinning into a circular saw like attack. It stumbled Vincent temporarily, but he dodged to the side and blasted a shot from the Death Penalty. Sonic went flying to the side of a rock, as we are near the City of the Ancients area.

Vincent fired again, Sonic quickly avoided it and decided, what the shit? 'Let's see what this magic can do?' He looked into the emerald and suddenly, an angel made from light appeared above the hedgehog. He smiled as the angel seemed to be curing him, and also, it fired several arrows made from light energy.

Vincent avoided all but the last one, the arrow striking him in the chest, and the power of light just fell like intense heat in his body. He wanted to pass out but something made him stop. The uncontrollable rage bubbling inside him.

Vincent knew what was happening, but decided to soften Sonic up first. He used the Luna attack again on Sonic, before using Demi2 and then using Manipulate, causing Sonic to use an arrow blast from above on himself! Then Vincent felt the rage......

Sonic was down at the moment, but when he looked up, he wished he was dead.

For there, was an 8 feet monster of destruction. A Chaos beast! Sonic never dreamed of things like these except in his nightmares.

The beast started to spit out blood and mucus at Sonic, which were as deadly as gas and acid are to us. The fear that this creature was giving out to Sonic was unbearable, he was paralyzed. He couldn't do anything as the creature slashed out at Sonic several times before falling unconscious.

Vincent returned to his normal form, took the light emerald and Sonic's materia, and then teleported him back to the waterfall.

"I didn't want it to come to this, but to save the one I love, I will do anything." said Vincent, very solemnly.


Whilst this was going on, Reeve was trying to understand what Chromer had said about Sepiroth back in Mideel.

"Sepiroth can't return, it's impossible. He is dead!" screamed Reeve.

"Not dead, just returning to the planet." said Chromer.

"Chrome, bud. Things aren't making sense. He can't return to the planet, can he?" said Heici, although the steel green Mako eyes of Chromer were as serious as the deathly silence of the Mideel air.

"He thinks that one of AVALANCHE will ressurect Aeris. He will possess the ancient, as he himself has been one, and when Aeris come back, Sepiroth will emerge from her body, killing her and become whole once more." said Chromer, solemnly.

"Is....there....any way of stopping it?" said Reeve, who always thought Aeris was beauty personified, and didn't want to see her die again.

"Unless they can kill Sepiroth again, he will return to the dimesnional limbo and his soul will escape out to Aeris body and be re-installed in her. Basically, Sepiroth will steal her life force, but if he died, her life force will be restored into her." Chromer concluded.

"But they barely killed him with 3 members. 1 can't do it, even Cloud!" said Reeve.

"That's where we come in. We are going to prove our worth to them, when we destroy Sepiroth. One in the eye for you father!" Chromer shouted, angrily.

Reeve looked like death, not a man of action, prefered to use Cait. But speaking of Cait, as he was about to voice his opinion, a smashing sound caught their attention.

"What was that?" said Heici.

He, Reeve and Chromer looked outside to see two figures trying to kill each other by the looks of things.

"Well, looks like of the battles for this is right here!" said Heici. "And Reeve, your robotic buddy, Cait Sith is in battle!"

"But who's the other?" said Reeve, not recgonizing the fox.

"Antoine D'Coolete, a fine swordsman, equal to Clouds level, from Mobius." said Chromer, almost robotic droning. "Should be interesting. You could warn Cait about the forecoming as well."

"I told you. I don't control Cait anymore. He has artifical intelligence in him now. If I could, wouldn't you think...." said Reeve.

"Oh shut up! I like battles, the scent of blood wants me to join in, but I love being a spectator as well!" said Heici, in a tone that Yuffie would probably use.

Cait and Antoine were battling in the streets of Mideel, Cait using his microphone with his fists, whilst Antoine was dancing to avoid them, his swording swinging whenever he got too close.

Cait had an emerald he didn't feel comfortable with, the poison emerald. Not his style. He prefered to use materia rather than his microphone, and his selection was of was the very powerful pandora's box enemy skill, the fire and ice materia, as well as alexander summon. Cait decided he would use the pandora's box skill on Antoine and that would finish off the guard quickly.

Antony was a very good swordsman (or fox) but he used magic regularly. He prefered to use his sword, but liked to use it as a last resort or to keep opponents in order. He was supplied with the gravity emerald, plus odin enemy skill, heal and cure, plus barrier, he prefered to be defensive with materia but offensive with attack, and was gald to have got the protective materia.

He had cast MBarrier just as Cait had cast Pandora's Box. The star field erupted around him as the question mark tried to enter him, but the barrier had done enough. He escaped the attack with a mild headache, but nothing more. Cait cursed his luck. Reeve could only look on as Cait struggled against the french fox.

Cait has used pandora's again, plus alexander, but even the holy laser couldn't penetrate the barrier Antoine had erected. He knew it would soon wear off, but he decided to try out the emerald.

He concerntrated as Demi Special was cast, a variation of the demi magic. It sucked into Cait's body and covered him in darkness. Cait felt himself fall into the ground, the gravity was sinking him. He felt his body get weaker. He tried to use the poison emerald, and cast Hades as he was sinking. However, Antoine's MBarrier was still intact and even the god of the underworld's poisonous powers couldn't penetrate it.

Antoine stuck his sword into Cait's robotic component, immediately rendering him useless. Antoine grinned, and reached out for his materia and the emrald. He then went to teleport him back but then....

A bolt of laser energy hit him on the arm.

"Ow!" Ant screamed, as Chromer's two-pronged laser on his arm struck him. "What are you pleazed to be iz doing?" he said, in his French accent. His sword aimed at Chromer's way.

Suddenly, the sword flew out of his hand as Heici knocked out with with a flying kick. Antoine swung his fist at Heici, but it was easily blocked, and then Heici sent a fist into Antoine's chest. Antoine felt like 60000 volts had hummed into his body. he promtly fainted.

"Sorry, Antony. But we must find a way to warn AVALANCHE." said Chromer, walking up to him.

Reeve had gone into Cait and started fiddling with some wires. After a while, he put some sort of computer chip in. "Now, Cait will have this chip with my pre-recorded message in the chip, warning about Sepiroth.We'll return him to the waterfall, as he was defeated by the fox. Surely one of the others in the waterfall will pick off what he says and translate it to the guys in the remainder of the field.

Chromer felt satisfied. As did Heici.

Reeve pressed the teleporter on Cait's belt and he vanished. Heici suggested to leave Antoine there as he rests, he'll be up soon, and he needs to prepare for he next opponent.

"Anyway...." said Heici. "....we've got work to do. We have to prepare to do battle with Sepiroth. Not something we do everyday of the week. You know him Chromer, you should know his weaknesses."

"I was in Soldier only as an experiment of my father. But my powers are equal if not more than Sepiroth's, we will DESTROY HIM!" finalised Chromer.


Fort Condor was the destination of the final battle. Battles had taken part on that hill before, but this one wasn't as intense. In fact, only two people....well one tailed fox.......

Tails backed off from the hill as Yuffie bombarded him with Shuriken shots. Tails responded by blasting Yuffie with magic bolts from his hands, but overall, they were both evenly matched. Both were young, agile, know about magic and have the arrogance of youth. Both liked to play a joke as well.

"Hey, foxy! Do you like travelling as a circus freak every day of your life, or is it just a weekend hobby?" shouted Yuffie, just avoiding another blast.

"Look who's talking. I never thought a human could be so small, even when the pygmies arrived in Mobius!" said Tails.

Yuffie was about to shout, but smiled. This kid was a pain in the ass, a bit like her towards AVALANCHE. She had to admit, she liked this kid. But she had to win this tournament. All of the materia in the world could be in benefit for her. Looking at Tails, looks like the feeling was mutual. Only he wanted to become the most powerful magician in the world.

Yuffie looked at her belt, quickly, as Condor was an open plain, Tails would probably attack her. She had the Wind emerald, and materia of bad breath enemy skill, typoon summon, kjata summon, and poison materia. Tails obvious did the same, only he was in possession of the Holy emerald, and possessed the transform, fire, pheonix and laser enemy skill. Holy by the way, was only used for healing, but that would be helpful.

Tails looked up, just in time to see Yuffie running at him screaming "All Living Human Must Perish!" Tails felt the pain of a 15 hit combo coming his way. He did well in blocking a lot of the hit, but the last 3 hit him hard, and he fell hard. But he lifted his feet on Yuffie and tossed her over him. Yuffie, quite light, landed on her feet, but Tails was up as well.

Yuffie cast Kjata and Tails was blasted with fire, ice and bolt magic from the snake, and Tails fell badly. But he quickly thought and cast pheonix and the flaming condor rushing into Yuffie, but also restoring Tails' health. Yuffie felt the backlash as Tails picked her up by the arms, rose into the air and dropped her heavily.

However, whilst in the air, Yuffie used the wind emerald to create a tornado onto the airborne Tails. Tails flew around a bit then crashed into the wall. Yuffie cast Disintegration, hoping to finish off Tails, but he crashed into the wall.

Tails, hardly alive, concerntrating on the Holy emerald. Suddenly, a yellow light covered him. Then, he was standing up, breathing fine. Tails fired several bolts, stunning Yuffie.

Yuffie stood up, pondering her next move. Suddenly, the rock ahead of her, suddenly seemed to fall on top of her.

Tails, instinctively, sped towards Yuffie and pushed her out of the way. Yuffie fell down, and when she looked up, she gasped.

Tails was crushed underneath the rock. The holy emerald away from his hand. The belt smashed. His materia scattered. Normally, Yuffie would have grabbed the materia and ran. However, tears came out of the young ninja's eyes. She didn't want this to happen, the cub had saved her life.

She came down at him. The cub spoke.

"I'm sorry. That was stupid. Remind me never to save anyone's life again."

Yuffie stiffled a chuckle. She cradled the head of the fox, and kissed him on the forehead.

"Thank you. I'm sorry I cause this." Yuffie picked up the holy emerald, and cast a spell on Tails. Suddenly, the fox emerged from the rock with a renewed strength.

Tails grabbed the belt, but not the materia. "I can't carry on. My powers are needed in Mobius. My life is already perfect here. My sense is yours isn't. I will get out of here."

He turned around.

"By the way....I won't tell, if you won't."

He vanished.

Yuffie had to laugh. The kid was O.K. She was surprised by her own emotion, but when someones life is in danger, I suppose you don't know what you are capable of.

She turned and walked away.


In a portal above the FF World, three lone figures were watching the whole thing.

"So, Sepiroth is trying to return. I certainly wouldn't want to see that." said Elena.

"Why the hell did Vincent put us in here? We could have warned him by now!" screamed Reno.

"Er, Reno. If we were out there, we wouldn't have known. Just point that out for you." said Rude.

Reno glared at the older Turk, but shrugged it off.

The Turks had remained in that portal for a while, they were bored out of their minds, but had seen the events following. The battles, the conversations, including the one in Mideel, but not the limbo. The Turks were wondering if they were going to get out.

AVALANCHE. Responsible for many a friend's death in the reactors, but they too had killed many people in the Sector 7. Elena in particular wondered if things could be different when they escaped.

She looked at the other two.



So, the end of Part 2, and some surprises. Some new characters, but are they friend or foe? Reeve using common sense, and some bravery. Sepiroth in denial? Perhaps most surprising, Yuffie with feelings? She will have a few more of those emotions, believe me........

Part 3 will involve;

Cloud vs. Antoine

Vincent vs. Barret

Tifa vs. Yuffie

Which seems fair, swordsman vs swordsman, gunman vs. gunman, martial arts vs. martial arts.

Anyone who wants to rant, comment, ideas, anything, write to me at

By Christopher Homer.


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