Materia Chaos Chapter 3

By Chris Homer

A Final Fantasy 7 Story - All rights of the characters, Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Barrett, Red 13, Cid, Sepiroth, Yuffie, Vincent, Lucretia, Sepiroth.....blah, blah, blah......all property of Squaresoft Inc.

All rights of the characters- Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine and Tails are property of Sega and America.

The characters, Chromer and Heici are of my own creation and cannot be used without permission.

Rating: 10 (Mild Swearing plus heated battles, but you'll ignore this anyway, so whats the point?)

Author's note: This part, and the final two parts will be shorter than my first parts, mainly because of my return to college and also to go on holiday. Hopefully, the story will be complete before I do.

I wanted ideas from fans for who to pick for Cloud, in my story Aeris vs. Tifa. I originally picked Aeris, but since I've brought Chromer in (an Ancient), plus I'm going to bring back Zack, I'm wondering should I use Aeris for one of them two (Zack is Aeris' old boyfriend when she was 16 as well, remember the Gongaga sequence?), and as Tifa has done so much for him (by the way, it was Frank Verdosa's story, the Red Fist which influenced my thought, thanks a lot! Great story, mind you.) it seems more obvious doesn't it. Can anyone argue persuasively for either girls? (Or even Yuffie? In the game if you did everything right you could get Yuffie to go on the date in the Gold Saucer? Haven't done it yet, but I will!)

What do you think of my new characters? In my second story, Chrome Spark, you will learn more of the histories of Heici and Chromer, plus the psychic powers he possesses.

O.K, enough stalling. (Sheesh, you wonder how I write the bloody things with all this jabbering!)


Yuffie Kisaragi
Tifa Lockheart
Cait Sith
Chromer Barbarus (learn his second name in this story)
Heici Wutai (yes, that name does have relevance)
Cloud Strife
Antoine D'Coolette (what does fans think of the STH idea? A bit sad, but hey!)
Vincent Valentine
Barrett Wallace
Sepiroth (spirit form)
Aeris Gainsborough (spirit form)
Lucretia (spirit form)
Cid Highwind
Sonic Hedgehog
Sally Acorn
Red 13
Bunnie Rabbot
Miles 'Tails' Prower

The story continues with the re-emergance of the next battles....

Along the hills of Wutai.......

"Home." said a lonely figure, oblivious to the world surrounding her.

Yuffie Kisaragi watched as the hills descending, revealing her home of Wutai, home of her father Godo, and was a real tourist-trap according to Cid. 'Mental note. Hit Cid over head later.' thought Yuffie, smiling to herself.

Yuffie remembered something after Sepiroth was destroyed. She was in a gym in Wutai when Tifa entered and challenged her. Yuffie, never one to back down to a challenge, agreed.

Yuffie reliased in the end that although she was extremely competent in the ninja skills, Tifa was much better at the overall martial arts. Yuffie found herself on the mat on more than one occassion.

Yuffie tried a sweep kick but Tifa combated that with a knee to the chin. Yuffie fell back, feigning to be unconscious.

Tifa stepped towards Yuffie, wondering if she was badly hurt. Yuffie smirked underneath as she had snuck a materia from under the cabinet.

As Tifa walked towards Yuffie, she found herself being drowsy. Soon, she was on her knees.

"Yuffie, you....(yawn)....trickster!" Yuffie had obviously cast Sleepel on Tifa, and Tifa was getting really drowsy.

"You will pay...."


A huge fist from Yuffie woke her up. "Now, we are even!" said Yuffie, with a smirk.

Even Tifa had to smile at that. For a while, the two girls were talking. As the two youngest members of AVALANCHE (Yuffie: 16 Tifa: 20), they were regularly being doubted, but Cloud knew their capabilities better than anyone else. It was Tifa who helped destroyed Sepiroth* and Yuffie who helped in destroying Emerald Weapon**.

* : I completed FF7 with Cloud, Tifa and Barret.
**: I used Cloud, Yuffie and Barret to defeat Emerald Weapon.

Yuffie and Tifa shared common interests, but Tifa was trying to put a serious side to the kid. As both were martial arts experts, Tifa had quickly became the closest thing Yuffie had to a friend.........

Yuffie sighed. The main reason she was having this flashback was because of the fact that she was facing Tifa next. She wanted to win the tournament, and possess every materia known to man (or woman), but it would probably ruin her only real chance with friendship.

Yuffie looked at her belt. The Wind and Holy emeralds were situated in her belt, the ability to combine them being an advantage. Her materia now consisted of Bad Breath (ES), Typoon (S), Kjata (S), Poison (M), Transform (C), Fire (M), Pheonix (S) and Laser (ES). She was well equipped and as long as her knowledge of materia stood out, she could defeat Tifa.

On the horizon, Tifa Lockheart was walking towards the edge of Wutai. Tifa thought that Yuffie was a pain in the ass, but did like her as her youth and enthusiasm appealed to her. As she was the daughter of the most powerful man in Wutai, she was surprised that she didn't have a suitor for her. Then again, maybe its better never to know. Yuffie probably scared them to death!

The thought of a young love made her think of Cloud. She knew he progressed, and the next round would consist of the 3 survivors against Sally. If she was defeated, the 3 of them would battle until one possesses all of the emeralds. Tifa wondered if the power could create her hearts desire, to live a happy life with Cloud.

She sighed, a tear in her eye. She was tough, but no-one would argue her feminity (you know what I'm on about lads!) and had many looks, including from the Turks, particularly the older Rude, although Reno had given her a glancing eye as well.

On her belt, the Ice and Fire Emeralds being a good combo. The use of cure would be handy too. Her other materia included Ifrit (S), Shadow Flare (ES), Time (M), Barrier (M), Regen (M), Ice (M) and Flame Thrower (ES). Tifa felt confident in defeating Yuffie, although it was proven that Yuffie was the master of materia.

On the horizon, she spotted Yuffie.

The young ninja looked forlorn in fighting Tifa, but showed no signs of mercy. Tifa found that out as a wind assisted Shuriken struck her on the shoulder and like a boomerang, hit her on the back.

Tifa screamed in pain as she quickly used cure and regen to recover from the wounds. Yuffie had also used regen thanks to the holy emeralds power.

The battle was tense. Yuffie struck with her shuriken every time Tifa got in too close. Tifa usually evaded it but every now and then, her premium heart struck Yuffie. Yuffie's conformer seemed to be on the worst end of it.

Yuffie stepped back and concerntrated in another materia.

"Tetra disaster!" screamed Yuffie.

Hearing that, Tifa quickly grabbed a red materia of her own.

"Diamond Dust Special!" hinted some extra power from the Ice emerald.

Both girls were attacked by their respective summon monsters. Tifa gots blasts of fire, ice and bolt, whilst Yuffie was practicaly covered in a force field of ice. The damage they recieved was about equal, but regen was still active on both of them.

Tifa knew she would have to disarm the holy emerald on Yuffie if she was going to win. Every time a good attack on her, the emrald instantly cured her.

Yuffie concerntrated on her other emerald.

"Delta Strike!" she screamed.

Three tornadoes shaped in a triangle surrounded Tifa. They embraced her in the trap and Tifa found herself getting lifted off the ground. She fell, travelling head first.

"Barrier!" she screamed.

At the nick of time, the force field protected her from striking impact on the head. Tifa then cast Wall for better protection.

Tifa used all of her spells on Yuffie, trying to drain her. Shadow Flare, Ifrit, Diamond Dust, she put on one after the other without Yuffie having chance to breathe. However, the regen spell seemed to be working quite well. However, Tifa's cure materia worked very well when Yuffie combated her materia, using Typpon, Laser and Kjata again.

It soon became apparent that the two weren't getting anywhere.

Suddenly, Tifa threw her belt away.

"What the hell?" screamed Yuffie.

"Come on, you and me. No magic, just you and me. I'll let you use your shuriken, but that's it. This is getting real old, real fast." finished Tifa, the sincerity in her voice.

Yuffie looked flabbergasted. Suddenly, Yuffie, the ninja who would have taken advantage of a situation like this 10 times over, found herself, removed the belt with the emeralds and materia.

Tifa nodded as both of them went into martial arts poses.

Yuffie started without using her shuriken, shooting jump kicks, straight punches and back fists at Tifa, who kept jumping out of the way. This started to anger Yuffie, swinging another punch at Tifa.

This time, Tifa caught the punch, swung her arm around into a hammerlock. Yuffie screamed in pain before Tifa let go and Yuffie fell, a 360 degree jump to the floor.

The pain and rage on Yuffie's face said it all. She was mad. Tifa stayed on her guard, expecting Yuffie to sweep her, but Yuffie surprised her.

She sprang up to her feet, and quickly hit a flurry of downward punches followed by a somersault kick to Tifa's chin. Tifa quickly rolled back. Now it was her turn to be surprised. That was her own moves, and Yuffie used them on her!

Tifa rubbed her chin. Yuffie had now drew her shuriken, and had cast Clear Mirror/Still Water on herself from her limit break. Tifa knew she had to attack and fast, she had forgotten about that heal limit she used.

Tifa went into a crouch as Yuffie threw the shuriken. Before she could react, tifa jumped from the crouch into a cat spring and delivered a crunching roundhouse kick, boot heel first, right into Yuffie's chin.

Yuffie felt the impact hard, but Tifa shouted "Dolphin Blow!" and a flying uppercut connected with Yuffie's chin.

Yuffie was completed dazed, but, as if by instinct, ran and slashed Tifa. At first, Tifa felt no impact. But then, the greased lightning slash was felt.

Tifa steped back, having to pace herself. She cat-sprung again, Yuffie ready to block the kick. But this time, she landed behind Yuffie, grabbed her back, bridged back, into a German suplex variation, she called it the Meteo Strike.

Yuffie was really hurt now! She couldn't cure herself, she decided to finish Tifa now.

She ran screaming "All Living Human Must Perish!" her deadly 15 martial combo.

Tifa had studied this, but the barrage of hits was hard to block, and she found herself having to be hit 6 times.

However, as the 15th hit was about to connect.......

......Tifa dodged, and Yuffie's fist connect with the wall. With a cry, she screamed in pain, and fell. Tifa knew the power of an attack like it could break your fidt. The same prophercy had occured with Yuffie.

Yuffie fell, holding her fist. She was crying pitifully. Tifa went to Yuffie.

"Are you all right?" said Tifa.

All she got was a pathetic wimper.

Tifa checked the fist. The glove had been torn off, and the side of the hand had been slit, blood dripping from her little fist.

Yuffie stiffled a smile. "It's all right, Tifa. That was always my weakness, my stupidity!" Tifa chuckled.

"Do me a favour Tifa! Take all my materia and emeralds and win this tournament. I don't feel so bad as it came from you!" Tifa obeyed and got Yuffie belt. She took the materia and emeralds, and put the belt back on Yuffie.

Tifa carassed Yuffie's head. "I didn't know you cared!"

"I know that, but you don't!" said Yuffie, smiling, before Tifa teleported her out, smiling. Yuffie proved her worth, but one error cost her. Luckily she could be cured.

However, a feeling was that wasn't the worst was going to happen........


Back in Mideel, the fight between Cait and Antoine seemed to have given the incentive needed for Reeve to attack.

"Cait, you've got to give the message back at the waterfall now!" he screamed.

The mog on top seemed to have given some indication to responding before Reeve's communicator was filled with static.

Reeve closed it. He turned to the now known, Chromer Barbarus, the son of Lelin Barbarus, who was supposedly commencing another attack on AVALANCHE. He and Heici, a warrior who had found the Ci'an Emeralds, was now working with Chromer, and these two, along with a very reluctant Reeve, were going to attack Sepiroth, when he returned, because there was no mistake, he was going to return.

Chromer had explained that the powers of the Mako energy in him would be useless against Sepiroth, but thanks to the power of the Ci'an injected in him thanks to Heici, Chromers physic energy powers would be more than enough against Sepiroth.

However, Chromer was worried about controlling his power. Like Cloud, under the Mako energy, he had frequent fits and Heici knew the impacts of the fits. He had suffered many bruises thanks to Chromer. Luckily, Heici always had a heal and cure materia handy.

Chromer was practicising challenging his Ci'an powers into his two-pronged gun. A blast of lightning, followed by ice and fire from his gun, showed that he had perfected it. This was the minimum of his powers. His strongest attacks included the 'Arch Angel' a wind, light and darkness combined attack with ultima, involving a darkness evolving around the opponent, before the power of light and wind striking into the opponent, cutting him/her into ribbons, and the faint twinge of ultima crushed them at the end. His other power-attack was known as 'Perfect World' , when he attacked his opponent with a crushing wall of each of his Ci'an materia, he rarely used it, as it was so powerful, even for him to control, but he had a feeling he would use it against Sepiroth.

Heici was no slouch either. His martial arts were equal to Tifa, and had experimented the use of materia in his attacks. Thus, he had created attacks which linked magic in his martial arts. Bolt Fist was his fist in his opponent, plunging electricity in the opponent. Icicle involved a foot crashing down on his falling opponent, giving him/her the deep freeze as well. And Grab Ity was a throw but Demi cast when he touched them.

Heici was training his martial arts on a wooden dummy when Reeve went to talk to him.

"You are the warrior who retrieved the Ci'an crystals, a student of Zangan, friend of Zack, and you play second fiddle to....that!" said Reeve, obviously still in doubt of Chromer.

"He has power you wouldn't believe. When he knocked me out, he could have killed me when he wanted. His martial arts were just as good as mine, but his physic energy gives Sepiroth's Super Nova attack no chance. But I am very powerful as well. If you agree to help us, we can destroy Sepiroth." said Heici.

Reeve posed. He was still in doubt over Chromer, but the 23 year old Heici seemed to be like him, unsure of his abilities, but when angered, had the power of 10 men. Reeve nodded.

"O.K. Count me in." He said, shaking Heici's hand. "By the way, what's your second name?"

"...Wutai." said Heici.

"Wutai?" puzzled Reeve.

I'll explain later.


Cloud bravely absorbed another gravity attack from Antoine. Cloud knew that with Antoine already casting Pandora's box on him twice, he would have to use some X-Potions soon. Cloud had responded with Bahamut Zero and aqualung, but Antoine had cure, and it was becoming a real pain in the ass.

'Shit! If I lose here, I'll never live it down!' Cloud thought, avoiding another shot of Antoine's sword.

Cloud was immensed in his battle with Antony immediately as soon as he was teleported. Antoine had recovered from the Bolt Fist Heici gave him and had attacked vigoressly. Cloud had strong attacking materia and emeralds (Water and Lightning: Ice, Earth, Bahamut, Haste, Magic Breath, Trine, Aqualung, Contain), but so did Antoine, as well as cure and heal. (He had the Poison and Gravity: Plus Pandora's Box, Fire, Ice, Alexander, Odin, Barrier)

The two refused to give up. Antoine had cast a Poison Demi spell combinin the two emeralds.Cloud's energy was drained, plus he was getting weaker from the poison spell, but he retailiated with an electrified tidal wave and Antoine made a mistake, losing the cure materia.

Suddenly, Antoine decided 'Sod it!'

He threw his belt away, just like Tifa/Yuffie, (you can see what's going to happen next?) and just his sword out. Cloud understood. He too, threw his belt, and they took the positions.

Cloud's sword was bigger, the Ultima Weapon, and more powerful than Antoine's fencing katana. Cloud was bigger and stronger than the French Fox as well, so just barraged him with strikes.

Antoine fended him off surprisingly well and Cloud had to admit the fox was a good, fox. Antoine did quick fencing strikes which Cloud found it hard to block. Antoine started to barrage Cloud with a cry of 'Multiple Decapitate!' (This is Antoine's strongest 'Limit Break')

He barraged at Cloud, spinning, hacking, slashing with intense speed that the fox became a blur. However, Cloud, extremely skilled, fending off the blows fairly well, but the speed of them did make him retreat, and then he fell on his ass.

Getting up quickly, Cloud retaliated by jumping in the air and shooting three meteors with a cry of 'Meteorain!' Antoine was engulfed in the flames, and was drained with a lot of energy. They stood apart, waiting for the move.

Antoine.........threw a thrust at Clouds head. Cloud blocked.

Antoine's withdraw was aiming straight at Cloud's heart.

Somehow, Cloud pumped his chest back in, an intinsctive reflex. The sword was well forward now. With a flick of the wrist, Cloud knocked Antoine's sword out of his hand.

Cloud pointed his sword at Antoine's heart. "Don't kill me, pleeze! I is frightened by death. Look, looks, I'm having the shits!" He said in a quivering French accent, a weird aroma coming from him.

"I won't kill you, just give me your materia, NOW!" Cloud screamed.

"Oui, oui, of course!" Antoine, without a thought of double-crossing because of the intensity of Cloud's voice. He threw Cloud his belt, Cloud removed Antoine's emeralds and his materia, and tossed the belt back at him.

"Now, press the teleporter on the front." he said.

Antoine was about to press it, when Cloud stopped him.

"Wait..........good fight Antony." said Cloud, extending a hand.

Antoine was surprised by the handshake, but accepted it, the strong grip felt by the fox. He smiled, he had given the best in the land a real run for his money. He activated the teleporter, as he vanished from the Kalm area.

Cloud smiled. "Got to act on his wimpy cowardess, though."


Meanwhile, the third battle was also in progress.

Barrett fired several hundred rounds at Vincent, knowing that the vampire-like warrior couldn't hide in the shadows forever.

Barrett breifly looked at his belt. He was lucky to have defeated Bunnie, but his belt consisted of two emeralds, Time and Earth were his emeralds, with lightning, gravity, goblin punch, big guard, titan, deathblow and meteorite. He felt supremely powerful, and knew he could defeat the smaller Vincent.

Suddenly, a metal fist hit his head. Unlike the cyber-bot, this fist was bigger and more pain came. Barret rolled as Vincent had somehow struck him from behind.

Vincent's power was unmistakable. His use of materia and his Death Penalty made him a formidable warrior. His changing into the beasts were great use to him as well. He had contain, mystify, heal, odin, hades, manipulate, poison, gravity and neo-bahumut materia, plus the Light and Moon emeralds.

Vincent death penalty narrowly missed Barret's neck, but suddenly a meteor had been struck on Vincent. He fell temporarily, and quickly cast neo-bahamut. The dragon flare breath destroyed part of the Gongagga area they were in, but Barrett remained upon his feet. He used an X-Potion before firing a few more rounds at Vincent.

Vincent cast the Luna magic from the Moon emerald, draining the energy from Barret, then hit a few light arrows at Barrett with the light emerald. Barret was weakened again, but retailiated with a time freeze from the time emerald, the followed it up by creating a stone warrior who threw a huge stone fist at Vincent, practically flattening him.

Both were dazed, Vincent's rage looked obvious. Barret saw that look and knew unless he finished him quick, he was in deep shit.

Barret cast Demi3 on Vincent, praying it would work.

It didn't.

Vincent started to change, then, something not unlike a Freddy Kreuger like character with a chainsaw and hockey mask. Barrett just used the anger max limit break on Vincent, but it had little affect. Vincent continually attacked with the chainsaw as blood pured from Barret's shoulder.

When Vincent turned, he quickly used a heal materia on Barrett to heal the shoulder wounds. He looked at the massive man. He was in a dreamless sleep, the intensity in Vincent's attack too much for the leader of AVALANCHE.

Vincent got the emeralds and materia off Barret, and quickly teleported him back to the waterfall.

Vincent looked at his surroundings. This may have been fairly easy so far, but now he had to face the magic emerald, controlled by Sally Acorn. Plus, he reliased from telepathy from Lucresia that Cloud and Tifa were the remaining fighters, this would not be easy now......


In the limbo area, Sepiroth grinned with anticipation. With Cloud and Tifa in the final rounds, they would most likely want Aeris back, and Vincent would want Lucretia back. It was a no lose situation for him.

He turned to Aeris. "The time had come, for you to return to the planet.....and then release me."

He stared at her, trying to manipulate her, but Aeris wasn't going to let him have the satisfaction.

"" she spat out, although it took all of her grit and determination to do it.

Sepiroth grinned at the young Ancient. "You know, you are so beautiful, I think I would let you off.....if you weren't such a thorn in my side."

He turned to Lucretia. "This one however....."

Sepiroth's concerntraton in his manipulate spell was obvious, and Lucretia just close her eyes, waiting for her pain to end........


In Mideel, the troops were getting ready. Reeve, armoured with club and materia, Heici, armed with martial arts and materia, Chromer, just armed.

Reeve was a bit uneasy, especially with the outcome of the results, that Sepiroth would most likely come back now. However, the other two weren't as worried.

He looked at Heici. Wutai? His last name. Was he the son of the founding father of Wutai, or some kind of relation? He may ask Godo or Yuffie once he met them.

However, with Sepiroth on the horizon, may he make it that far?


By now, in the waterfall, the losers of the first contest were awake and fine. Cid was already pacing, the first one back was the first to recover, and found it boring for a while. When Red showed up, that changed. Then the two Mobians, Sonic and Bunnie, although he didn't want to converse with them too much, then Cait, and finally Tails. They were watching the results on the pillar........

"Dang it! That wuss Antoine got copped!" said Sonic. "I would have destroyed that Cloud, with my high-style and profile."

"Yeah hedgehog." said a voice from above. "You lost the heaviest of the lot of them, I checked."

That voice was Sally, appearing in a vision. "I am in a mountainous area known as Mt. Nibel. I checked the stats. Vincent knocked 3600 energy points of you. Bunnie and Miles were both out by forfiet and Antoine was outskilled. You were humiliated."

"Cheers, Sal." said Sonic, grumpily, realising he had been humiliated.

Red was in a corner, licking his wounds that Tifa gave him, when Antoine, Barret and Yuffie all appeared in the medicom areas, starting to heal.

"Better leave them get the beauty sleep they so obviously need!" said Bunnie. "And sugar-hog, Antoine got further than you, so cut the shit out!"

Sonic crampled into a corner.

Tails ran up to Yuffie. The young ninja he had saved was sleeping soundly. He felt a slight twinge at his heart. He felt renewed.

Turning, Cid was trying to talk to Cait.

"Hey, AI dude. Can you give us a 4-1-1 on whats happened then? Who's in, who's out, what's the crap about? Come on...." He elbowed Cait's metal chest plate.

Suddenly, a flash came from Cait's metal head. He spoke, but not what Cid wanted to hear, and pretty soon what everyone else didn't want to hear......

"Friends, this is Reeve. I am talking via a pre-recorded message in Mideel, where Cait battled Antony. This is a warning. If anybody attempts to resurrect Aeris or Lucretia, Sepiroth will return. The three of them are in the 'other side' , a dimensional limbo. He will enter their spiritual bodies of either Ancient girl, and when someone resurrects her, he will escape their human bodies and kill them in the process, and then will destroy the person, probably Cloud. However, me, and two friends I have picked up, Chromer and Heici, both very good fighters, will try and destroy Sepiroth. However, this is all we can do, you can't do a thing. Just hope and pray. Reeve out."

After the message had played, everyone was in a state of shock.

"What the %$*& is that? Sepiroth is coming back?" screamed Barrett, who by instinct woke up hearing that message.

"No way! Not Sepiroth." said Cid.

A lot of murmurs of frustration came about. Yuffie seemed to be the calmest. She heard the name Heici and woke up. It can't be him......

"What's happenin'" said a confused Bunnie

"Yeah, what's the haps?" said Tails.

Red looked at them. "I hope you never know that answer.........


O.K, so I fibbed. It was a bit long, but shorter than the others.

You know the drill by now, comment on anything, ideas, or just want to jam, write at the usual adress.

By Christopher Homer.


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