Materia Chaos Chapter 4

By Chris Homer

A Final Fantasy 7 Story - All rights of the characters, Cloud, Aeris, Tifa, Barrett, Red 13, Cid, Sepiroth, Yuffie, Vincent, Lucretia, Sepiroth.....blah, blah, blah......all property of Squaresoft Inc.

All rights of the characters- Sonic, Sally, Bunnie, Antoine and Tails are property of Sega and America.

The characters, Chromer and Heici are of my own creation and cannot be used without permission. (I'll say yes, but ya have to put it on!)

Rating: U (apart from the fighting)

Author's note: The penultimate stage. A couple of e-mails have been given about me using the Moon emerald, suggesting there was no such materia. Correct in the normal sense. This is a creation of my own via the Ci'an Materia, as was darkness, light, holy and wind. (Although holy and wind were used in summon such as Alexander and typoon, they weren't individual materia)

Characters in appearance:

Heici Wutai
Yuffie Kisaragi
Sally Acorn
Vincent Valentine (with Contain (M), Mystify (M), Heal (M), Odin (S), Hades (S), Manipulate (C), Poison (M), Gravity (M), Neo-bahumut (S), Lightning (M), Gravity (M), Goblin punch (M), Big guard (ES), Titan (ES), Deathblow (C) and Meteorite (M), plus the Light, Time, Earth and Moon emeralds.)

Cloud Strife ( Ice (M), Earth (M), Bahamut (S), Haste (M), Magic Breath (ES), Trine (ES), Aqualung (ES), Contain (M), Cure (M), Heal (M), Pandora's Box (ES), Fire (M), , Alexander (S) and Odin (S). Emeralds: Water, Lightning, Poison, Gravity.)

Tifa Lockheart (with Bad Breath (ES), Typoon (S), Kjata (S), Poison (M), Transform (C), Fire (M), Pheonix (S), Laser (ES), Ifrit (S), Shadow Flare (ES), Time (M), Barrier (M), Regen (M), Ice (M) and Flame Thrower (ES). Emeralds: Ice, Fire, Wind, Holy.

Cid Highwind
Cait Sith
Chromer Barbarus

The story starts at Mideel.......

Reeve looked at the young warrior Heici, busy in training. Ever since being linked with him, Reeve felt that he was special. Not just because of his heroics in reviving the Ci'an emeralds, but he had a feeling there was something else......

.....and he had a good feeling what that was.

Reeve walked up to Heici, pounding on a bean bag.

"Heici. Where were you born?" said Reeve.

"Why?" said Heici.

"Look, I'm not accusing you of anything. But it's a bit weird that your last name being Wutai, corresponds with the fact that you have been a materia digger for most of your life, and the fact that the rulers of Wutai named it after themselves." said Reeve, foot tapping impatiently.

Heici looked at him, eyes filled with rage. He seemed destined to attack Reeve.

However, he didn't.

"Look, I better ya something then shoudn't I?" said Heici.

"You'd better." said Reeve.

"The origins of Wutai as a tourist town were basically because of the mines beneath. They were heaped with materia, which is why Wutai became famous for it. The founder, was a man named Abil Wutai, who was the first man to succesfully find and use it to it's affect.
From then on, the descendents began following in Abil's footsteps, Abil is my great grandfather. My grandparents were Brox and Anna Wutai, who gave birth to my parents, Buni and Bruce. They took over from my grandparents as the lead benifactors in the main materia company, and paid shares towars the use of the materia being used for Shinra.
Then a man named Godo reliased that Shinra were using this for evil. He began convinvcing my parents to stop using the materia towards's Shinra's purposes. They refused, and I, 7 at the time, was wondering what was going to happen. I spent a lot of time with his daughter, Yuffie, who I practically grew up with. (You can probably sense a plot thickening here!)
With my parent's refusal, Godo set his own organisation, and set my family and Yuffie's family apart. Godo began using the materia as an interest in tourism, and was quite successful. Suddenly, Wutai was split by war, between Godo and my parents. I was still in my parents care, and I couldn't be protected.

Then, a martial artist named Zangan (another twist here) took me into adopted care as the war progressed. We lived in Junon. He taught me the martial arts and I became good at it. At this time, I also met Tifa. She was significantly better than me at the time, but I progressed and became Zangan's second best student.
When Godo came into power, my parents were killed, and I vowed revenge, but when I was brought under by Wutai's troops, a the remaining survivor of the Wutai people, he didn't have me executed, but only because of Yuffie. I don't know what she did, but I somehow got out of jail.

I remember the day I was sent out of Wutai, as banishment. I was 18 at the time, and Yuffie was 14.

(Cue flashback music)

"Heici, please, stay. My father....I can knock some sense into him. The skills you've taught me, please stay!" screamed Yuffie.

"No, Yuf. I cannot. Besides, I'm going to SOLDIER. They can wield me, so I can get my revenge.....then, I will whisk you away." said Heici.

"That has to be the most pathetic line ever!" said Yuffie, but with a smirk.

"Did it work?" said Heici.

Yuffie posed for a moment, thinking. Then, pecked Heici on the cheek.

"Wow." said Heici, with a trace of sarcasm.

"What did you expect? I'm just hitting my age, I'm not getting pregnant....yet." she said.

That comment seemed to have taken Heici out of his trance, and was on the next boat out to Junon, where he can head for Midgar and start his work with Shinra and SOLDIER, the organisation who his parents helped, surely, they would help him get revenge.


"So, Reeve. That's how it is. I joined SOLDIER briefly, but didn't inject any MAKO in me as they believed I was just a lonely boy trying to avenge my parents. They rarely attacked Wutai, so I wondered if I made the right choice. Then, I began to gradually show my talents, and I soon became a highly-ranked SOLDIER officer. But still, I was refused the treatment.

Then, the Turks came in and told me (as there was no-one else around) that a rare materia power was dying out. Despite my hatred for the Turks I still wanted to actually have some action. I got some materia which I mastered, and after freezing the water with the trapped Ci'an materia, I got the emeralds, but ended up being an outcast. That's when I bumped into Chromer. The emeralds are in this tournament, but he used some of the power for himself. Now, this power combined with the MAKO energy is giving him fits."

Reeve stood thoughtfully. 'If he knew Tifa and Yuffie, he must have some knowledge on AVALANCHE. Maybe I should inform them about this one.'

As Reeve and Heici stood there, another figure was pondering something as well, and it was to do with them two..........


At Mt. Nibel, Sally Acorn, the keeper of the Magic Emerald (basically with every materia spell you could think of), was waiting patiently for the three remaining competitors to make their appearance.

As if they could read her thoughts, Vincent Valentine popped up from behind a slab and immediately shot at her with the Death Penalty.

However, Sally had already used wall on herself, and just laughed at the shot.

"You'll have to do better than that!" she said.

"O.K!" said another voice. Sally didn't reliase that Cloud was behind her and had cast Alexander. The holy laser tried to weaken Sally's wall spell. This gave Vincent the chance to cast DeSpell and that destroyed Sally's wall.

Vincent immediately atempted to fire on Sally, but Sally cast Meteor2 and Ultima on both Vincent and Cloud. They were both engulfed in the powers of meteorite and ultima and were severly weakened. Cloud cast Cure quickly on himself, but Vincent cast Moonshine from the Moon Emerald on Sally to drain MP and energy from Sally. (These spells are from my creation: although influenced from the RPG, Secret Of Mana)

Sally cast Meteor and Ultima twice more, and Vincent couldn't cure himself fast enough. Cloud was having trouble curing himself as well, as Sally looked for the kill.

Suddenly, Sally was caught in a double wall of ice and fire. She was caught between the two elements and the squirrel was getting weaker. She couldn't cast cure from her emerald in her weakened state, and then a huge tornado caught her in the air and flung her 80 miles south, landing on a spike on Mt Nibel!

She fainted instantly, as the Magic Emerald fell from her grasp. It suddenly disappeared......

.......right into Tifa Lockheart's hand.

Tifa had been behind in a rock for a while, seeing Vincent and Cloud trying to disarm Sally's forces. Sally's emerald was too powerful, so a sneak attack may have been more necessary. She raised three of her emeralds, Fire, Ice and Wind, and cast powerful spells together from all three, and just like that, defeated Sally.

She steps out in view, concerntrated on the magic emerald, and cast Exit on Sally. She disappeared, and went straight to the medical system situated in the waterfall.

Tifa smirked, as the two males looked at her in surprise. 'Hell, she had a plan, with a mean streak!' They couldn't help but be impressed.

"Now what do we do?" said Tifa.

"There still has to be a winner. We must face each other now." Vincent raised his gun at Tifa, but was still weak from Sally's attack magic.

Tifa dropped the magic emerald. She raised the holy emerald, and cast Full Cure on herself, Vincent and Cloud. Soon, they had all recooperated to full strength.

"I'd prefer to see the best person win." said Tifa. "I will not use the magic emerald, but whoever wins gets all the emeralds, and the materia gets returned to the waterfall. Agreed?"

Both Vincent and Cloud nodded.

"O.K. Let's begin." And with that, Tifa hit Vincent in the face with her lethal fist.

Vincent jerked back but wasn't held back for long. He swung his metal hand at Tifa but missed and Tifa hit a spinning roundhouse kick, flooring Vincent. Tifa had cast Barrier on herself, as well as regen from the Holy Emerald. She had a real advantage, with the holy emerald being used as the cure for her, and she was damned sure not to use it for the others, even Cloud.

However, Mr. Strife had other plans. He cast Haste on himself, and hit the Omnislash on Tifa. Tifa fell down with a scream but the regen spell was still working, but barely. She cast FullCure on herself, but before she did, Vincent had cast DeSpell on Tifa and DeBarrier on Cloud, before promptly shooting them both.

Tifa was severly weak now, so cast Kjata on both of them. The dragon like serpent rose from the ground and blasted them with Fire, ice and bolt magic. Both were stunned and Cloud fumbled for his cure materia. Tifa quicklt cast Cure3 on herself, as her regen spell and Full Cure were fully stopped by Vincent, via the Moonshine spell from the moon emerald.

Vincent cast Meteor2 on Cloud and focused his attack on him. With Tifa's cure materia, he couldn't keep up the pace with her forever, even with the Moonshine and Mystify spells. He cast Pandora's box as well and Cloud was severly damaged. Cloud tried to cast Cure but found that he didn't have the energy. Vincent pointed the death penalty at him. Cloud closed his eyes.......

He didn't feel the gunshot. He opened his eyes, and saw Tifa hitting a few punches in Vincent's chest, followed quickly by a somersault kick, then a sweep kick (aided by water) and a back suplex, followed by a flying uppercut (aided again by water magic) and a neckflip, slamming Vincent's body into the ground in a death like explosion.She repeatly cast Fire3 on Vincent until he stayed down.

Vincent tried to get up, but couldn't. He stuttered "Lucretia.......I failed you....." He vanished via an auto-teleport, and his emeralds lay there.

Tifa turned, and Cloud, using the opportunity to cure himself, hit Tifa with Demi3. She quickly tried to get the holy emerald, but reliased that Demi3 practically removed 3/4 of Tifa's lifeforce. She stumbled around and Cloud used...


The green light covered around Tifa as she felt herself getting stronger. Tifa saw Cloud removed the belt with the emeralds and his materia also fell.

Tifa remember in the battle with Yuffie, as Cloud did with Antoine. Tifa also got rid of her emeralds and materia, and prepared to do battle.

Cloud had the edge with the fact that he had a weapon, but Tifa fended quite well, and she avoided Cloud's shots fairly easily, Cloud only cutting air. Tifa occassionally struck with a well time punch or kick, and was slowly wearing Cloud out.

Tifa ran up to Cloud, attempting the beat rush, the beginning of the end, as she called it. However.....

Cloud jumped over her, and Tifa couldn't stop her fluid movement. her fist connected with the rock, as did her head, and screamed in pain. She slumped to the floor, unconscious.

Cloud screamed and ran up to Tifa, holding her head, crying.

"Please, don't go out on me! Tifa, your the best friend I ever had, you've done so much for me! Please." One tear of Cloud's landing on Tifa's eyes.

The absorbtion of the tear seemed to stir something in Tifa, and she slowly, opened her eyes.

Without warning, Tifa hugged Cloud, squeezing him to her limit. Cloud was surprised of the strength of her grip, and wondered if it was Tifa or Barret squeezing her?

Tifa let go and smiled at Cloud. She handed him the two emeralds.

"You deserve to find her." said Tifa. "She is my friend too, go on Cloud. Go find her." said Tifa.

Cloud smiled. He bent over to her and kissed Tifa on the cheek.

"Thank you, Tifa."

The kiss seemed to have made the heat in Tifa rush straight up. She quickly teleported out of the area, back to the waterfall.

Cloud looked at all the emeralds, 13 in all, minus one darkness emerald, held in the area of the Promised Land. He sighed, he could now find Aeris and bring her back to life. He was ready. He made the emeralds together in a hexagon like shape, the magic emerald in the middle. The shape glowed in the power in the Ci'an materia, and he felt invisible. He concerntrated, and he was soon teleport to the Promised Land, hoping to find his dream.

But will it become a nightmare?


Back at the waterfall, most of the people were asleep, they couldn't do anything about Sepiroth's plan, so had just hoped for the best.

However, Cid was awake, and was replaying the message of Cait Sith over and over. He sighed.

"Their only hope is me." he said.

Suddenly, Vincent and Tifa appeared back in the waterfall. Vincent looked like he had been crying, but it was hard to tell.

"I take it Cloud has won then?" said Cid.

"Yeah. He's going to bring back Aeris." said Tifa, part of her happy, but part of her, slightly forlorn.

"Is he?" said Cid. Vincent and Tifa looked at him puzzled.

Cid replayed Reeve's message from Cait to them. After it ended, they were both in shock.

"Sepiroth is going to replace Aeris and then kill Cloud?" said Tifa, tears quickly forming in her eyes.

Vincent looked at the stone pillar. His face with anger.

"ARGGGGGH!" he screamed, smashing his metal fist into the pillar. He then reliased he was still weak, and fell down.

"Lucretia, you fool. Why?" he said, with a tear.......


Back at Mideel, Reeve and Heici had reliased the tournament had finished, and had to go to the Promised Land. They were looking for Chromer.

The warrior, Chromer Barbarus was watching them. He didn't want them involved. This was personal with him, he didn't want to throw their lives away.

He looked at his diamond chest, glowing in the power of Ci'an materia. He had to stop them.

He walked out from his hiding place towards Reeve and Heici.

"So, Chrome. Are you ready to go?" said Heici.

"I am." He said. "'re not."

"WHAT?" Heici screamed. Chromer patiently rose his arms and shouted.


Suddenly, a white light shone above them and started to envelop them both. Heici shouted at Chromer, using swearing and cursing, but he knew what was going to happen. He felt his voice getting slower, and his joints getting stiffer, with his last look he saw Reeve was unmoving, already frozen in time from the spell Chromer had cast. He uttered his last words.

"Get him then, you bast...." Before the Perfect World Time Spell had completed, freezing him in time.

Chromer was spent from the effort. He had used a lot of poweer to increase the length of the time spell. It would last for about half an hour, enough time for him to get to the Promised Land without them catching up.

He looked at the frozen Heici.

"I'm sorry, my friend. But this is personal. My father will pay for this, but first, Sepiroth."

With that, he outstretched his sickles, like wings and took to the air, with an aided wind spell.

Then, he was gone.


Part 4 is finished. Part 5 is also on the way, and I hope that the story comes to a good end. (Of course, it will!)

Any comments or info, anything appreciated, e-mail me.

By Christopher Homer.


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