The Choice Chapter 10

Disaster at Rokkaku

By Chris Homer

Jeane avoided another swing from Eikei. Sparring in front of an audience for about 10 minutes now, and Fuma in particular was impressed with Jeane's formidable skills. She had hit Eikei 3 times only though, whilst Eikei struck many blows. However, Jeane's claws were dangerous weapons, but Eikei's club like fists were more powerful than ever.

Jeane struck trying an underhook, but she missed. Eikei saw the opening and his foot connected with Jeane's chest. He followed up with his forearm smashing over Jeane's neck.

Jeane fell down. Eikei was about to crush her with an axe kick, but Jeane shouted; "O.K, I give. Please don't hurt me anymore..." in her best child voice.

Eikei had to muse. "Damn, I hate the innocent routine." he said.

"Did it work?" Jeane said.

Eikei looked like he was deep in thought. "Yep."


Eikei helped her up and Jeane sat down, to an applauding audience of Fuma and Kasumi, Lepant giving her a nod as well. Only Kage remained silent.

Jeane was sweaty and tired, but she proved her point, particularly to Fuma, who earlier scoffed at her. Now, thanks to Eikei's training, she was almost as dangerous as the ninjas.

"Well, Jeane, you've surprised us all!" said Kasumi. In her mind she thought 'Except the grumpy one.'

"Thanks, know....." she stopped.

"Huh?" Kage stirred for the first time.

"What's wrong, young lady?" said Lepant.

Jeane sensed the air in her. Her sense rune felt nothing but bloodshed around the world, but there was a strong sense of death coming from Rokkaku itself.

"Killing....around remorce, just death." she said.

No one doubted Jeane's sense abilities. All parties drew their weapons. Jeane and Eikei drunk a couple of medicines so that they were up to full strength. They weren't going to be taken by surprise.

Lepant looked over at Kage. He still didn't trust the ninja but was willing to work wit him if he helped got Eileen back.

Suddenly, a flash of light fell on Rokkaku.

Bat like creatures emerged with martial arts gi on, charging at them, hoping to strike the enemy by surprise.

So, you could imagine the shock of them when Kage struck one of them with an uppercut to the chin, breaking it's skull.

The others quickly followed. Eikei smashed a couple of heads together, and dealt with 5 more with powerful kicks and fists. Kasumi's fist smashed into 3 more of them whilst Lepant easily cut through 4 more. Jeane killed 2 buy slicing their heads in a double uppercut, whilst Fuma was holding a rune.

"Storm!" he shouted, from his wind rune.

A few seconds later, Rokkaku was covered with pools of green blood from these creatures.



"Dammit, how did they kill an army of nether-demons!" screamed Advocat.

"Patience father, we've got a number of members, it was just a way of testing their strength." said Rasputin.

"Why not send out our two major warriors and some of Windy's soul mates....." said Advocat. "This will be a good test for the two of them, it will be an interest to see if they can handle them."

Rasputin smiled. "I'll contact Windy."

Rasputin used a psychonetic link with Windy via mind. After a few minutes of speaking with his mind. He came back smiling.

" the two consipators.....turned allies." Rasputin said with a glee of triumph.

And out stood Flik and Viktor, ready for their first major battle.


Hoo-ey! Flik and Viktor are ready to kick ass! Will they managed it against the ninjas of Rokkaku?

Next chapter will involve each of the main plots finally linking together, so it should be fairly large.

Until next time......


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