The Choice Chapter 11

Rock Bottom

By Chris Homer

The Hero, Sydonia and Gremio had teleported straight away to the Village of the Elves. When they got there, Sylvinia was exhausted, casting the cure spell many times over on her fallen comrades. Up was Cleo, Valeria, Hix and Fu Su Lu, with the others stirring. With Cleo up, healing was easier, but she had a solemn quiteness around herself.

Sylvinia's tiredness changed considerably when she saw the Hero running towards her. The strain and sweat that was coming from her forehead made it looked like she couldn't survive. However, the least she could do was telling them completely what happened.

The Hero bent down to the young elf, trying to hold her, keeping her from collasping.

"Hero, the vil...." Sylvinia started before she subsequently passed out. Gremio tutted. "Poor girl, exhausted herself."

Fu Su Lu came over and scooped up Sylvinia and carried her to the main hut. A lot of faces looked forlorn. The Hero had learnt that four members had been captured, but he had also learnt from Hellion that this dark seer power had been affecting other members such as Lepant and Humphrey. Also, now he knew that Flik and Viktor were involved, things were more interesting, not to mention, more dangerous.

No-one noticed Sydonia in the background lurking about. He had bent down to located a chain fallen onto the ground. He held it and a glow came over it.

"What the hell have those bastards done?" screamed Cleo in tears, no longer pretending to be civil.

"Take it easy Cleo." Hix said, although he was pretty shook from it as well. He glanced at Valeria who looked forlorn as well. Rubi, Pahn, Kirkis and Sonya had been taken.

Cleo in tears had explained what had happened, that Neclord and this 'Rasputin' guy attacked them. The Hero questioned her about Rasputin. She didn't seem to know much, apart from the fact he was damn near invincible. His final attack had nearly killed everyone if it were not for Kirkis and Sylvinia.

"So, Neclord has been here." said a voice.

They turned to see Sydonia, the first time they spotted him.

"This chain is a mark of the Dark Seer, it seems that Neclord is part of the Dark Seers." Sydonia finished.

"Therefore..." he continued. "Therefore, it is plausible that this chain may be a clue in how to defeat them. The sign in it (which was a red cross, with a letter 'A' engraved into it) maybe some sort of hope....of course, it could be irrelevant, but it is the only thing we can hope for."

"Yeah, right, spy-boy. What makes us think we are going to take orders from you?" said Valeria, angry.

Hero and Gremio looked at her with a look involving 'Don't try him,' but Sydonia smirked.

"Maybe I should give a demonstration." he chuckled, and started to concerntrate.

A dark mist came out of his hand as he concerntrated. The mist covered the chain and then covered him. A force field contracted around him, before vanishing in white light.

A dignified silence was the only thing which made him proud.

"I take it I'd better tell them a few things first, shouldn't I?" said Sydonia.

"You're damn right!" said The Hero.


Morgan walked into the new lair of the Dragon's Den. His new enhanced sight had helped him in resuming his studies at the Qlon Temple. However, the taste of the action helped him in craving for more. He was a student of kempo, and his skills could be put to good use. Juppo had contacted him through a line which ran through the temple, Juppo did it in Morse code, just to be completely sure that the system worked. He walked in calmly enough.

He saw Humphrey battling with two swordsmen. Normally, he wouldn't have seen them, but Morgan could now, as Alen and Grensal parried with Humphrey.

"Look, we helped you once, it is not like we're gonna help you again." said Alen.

"That's right, we're part of the Republican and that is how it will stay, so en gaurde!" said Grensal.

Humphrey had contacted them in trying to help the Dragon's Den, they came and Humphrey looked pleased. However, they drew their swords, apparently insulted by the offer. Humphrey was a fine swordsman, but so was both of his opponents, and he knew he couldn't defeat both of them.

With amazing speed, (actually he was using the Gale Rune) Morgan ran and struck Alen with an uppercut. Turning, he ran and struck a forearm blow across Grensal's stomach, both fell back slightly and turned for these new events.

"Well, now, you two are men of honor, how about we settled this like men? If we defeat you, you join, if you defeat us, we'll allege ourselves to your Republican."

Humphrey was about to interject but Morgan gave him a certain look. This look meants that he was going to get his way, no matter what.

Alen and Grensal looked at each other and drew their swords. "We accept." they said in unison.

Humphrey and Morgan got into their fighting positions and squared off. Morgan had quality armour on, so the sword blows wouldn't destroy him too much, however, not all parts were protected. To defeat Grensal, he would use his speed, and his kempo skill to stop him.

Grensal however struck immediately with his thunder rune. Powerful blasts of lightning surrounded him and struck firecly. Morgan's armour blocked most of it, however, it burns like hell's fire. Damn! He would have to rely on his speed much more now.

He ran at Grensal, attempting to strike him to the face. Grensal saw this coming and put up his arm to blovck it. However, in mid-strike, the fist swung down and opened, the palm striking home in the adam's apple.

Grensal backed away, the pain coming through. His armour was strong, but Morgan obviously knew the human body well, and where to strike. He may not be easy as he thought.

Humphrey and Alen were pacing each other with their swords, matching each other blow for blow. Neither defence faltering.

Alen shot out an attack from his cyclone rune, crashing into Humphrey's chest. Humphrey countered with a blast from his lightning rune. Both were shaken, and ran at each other, sword's blazing.

At the last second, Alen split under and slid under Humphrey's legs, Alen nipped up and attempted to slash at Humphrey's neck.

However, somehow, Humphrey swung in mid-balance and bocked the blow with his sword. Obviously, Alen hadn't heard of Long Sword Humphrey, he knew all the tricks, especially the Republican's, Alen may have to get used to that.

Alen, furious that the blow didn't connect, tried to remove the sword with his strength. However, Humphrey was stronger. Alen knew if he let go, the sword would fly from his hands and that he would have to lose.

Alen rolled back, hit a foot into Humphrey's chest and flipped him over. Humphrey quickly got up, but not before Alen got in a good swipe evading Humphrey's armour and hitting his side. Humphrey screamed in pain, and fell on one knee.

Alen pointed his bloodied blade at the man. "You have lost. Bow to my leadership, or die." he said.

Humphrey was about to speak when suddenly he felt better. He looked up and Alen was crouching in pain, his nose area all bloodied.

He looked at Morgan. Grensal was in a poor state. Morgan had enticed him, and every time he made a mistake, Morgan countered, a blow hitting every time. Morgan saw that Humphrey was in trouble, so quickly tossed a medicine on the wound and at the same time using his rune, ran and struck Alen in the face with an open palm. Humphrey now saw his chance.

He raised his rune. "Ball of Lightning!"

Alen got up to see his fate. A ball of lightning fell upon him, the power flowing into him four ways. He could survive this, but the surge into his armour was going to cook him. He passed out from the pain.

Humphrey looked over at Grensal. He was bleeding from the nose as well, and looked tired. Morgan on the other hand looked incredibly fresh. Humphrey was about to help Morgan finish him off, but he didn't need to. Grensal missed a clumsy swing, Morgan hit a palm into the chest, and followed through to the face. The blow cracked the neck and Grensal flew through the air, unconscious.

Humphrey smiled and high-fived Morgan. They cast mega medicines to waken the two parodies.

"You guys, lost." Humphrey said with his sword pointing at them. "That means....."

"We know, we know." they both said grumpily. They marched into the Den, grumbling about how did they lose?

Oh well, life goes on..........


"Yeah, we kicked ass!" screamed Eikei.

"Not yet." said Jeane. "The dark feeling is still around me. Something, or someone else is here."

The corpses of the creatures that they had killed was filling the caves with an acidic aroma. However, Jeane felt something else, a familiar sight, but a different feeling, an extremely cold feeling.

A sound was the only thing which made the others wary.

Kage, Kasumi and Fuma had enhanced senses, thus were elert in all directions. What they got was a surprise they wouldn't forget.

Three figures materalised from the smoke just outside. They recognised them immediately, but couldn't believe it.

"Viktor? Flik?" said Kasumi, in shock.

The two warriors smiled, but it wasn't a smile of reconsiliation, it was a smile which had evil written all over it.

The reason was the female behind them.

Lepant stood up in anger and growled, ney, spat her name out. "WINDY!"

"I take it you are not too pleased to see me." grinned Windy. "And neither are your former allies." With a calm voice, she cried "Seize them!"

"As you wish, mistress!" said Viktor, the evil smirk still on his face. He raised the clone rune above his head, but it had an edge of power and darkness over it.

Suddenly, many clones of him ran out to strike each of the enemies. They were still in shock when this happened, so the blows connected very powerfully. Jeane went down badly, the wound deep. The others more experienced, remained standing, but had to cure themselves with medicines.

Flik ran at Lepant, his sword Odessa flying with power. It sizzled with lightning, and the blows were immensly powerful. Lepant couldn't believe how strong he was. He couldn't parry forever, Flik was much too fast.

Viktor meanwhile was experimenting with a quadra rune, which allowed him to use four runes at once. He smiled.

"Explosion!" A ball of fire circled around the Liberation members. The attacks were so quick, they hadn't a chance to retailiate.

"Earthquake!" The landslide bolted down upon them.

"Storm!" The cutting of the wind blasted them into the wall.

"Guardian of Earth!" The spell went over him and Flik, making them temporarily invincible.

Eikei, Kage and Fuma tried to strike but couldn't. Kasumi tried to use her rune on Windy. Windy idly dodged out of the way and cast a spell over her eyes, blinding Kasumi. Lepant couldn't defend forever, Flik's fist connected with the top of Lepant's head, he fell down. Flik sliced at his arm. He rose for the final blow.

"No!" screamed Windy. "Don't kill him."

The others were practically out from the spells and another dash of the multiple clone rune finished them off. Lepant was knocked unconscious from another fist from Flik.

"Look, we need fighters for the Dark powers. Let's just take them and see what we can make use of them.

They looked at Lepant and Jeane, unconscious.

"Leave those two here. It will make it more interesting. They will tell others and we could make the Liberation Army work for us.....then you can kill the Hero with your bare hands." Windy said.

Viktor and Flik smiled with evil intentions.

Windy rose her arms and chanted a spell. Within seconds, Rokkaku was quiet. Except for the slow breathing of Lepant and Jeane, unconscious, but alive.


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