The Choice Chapter 12

The Dark Lair

By Chris Homer

Pahn woke up in somewhere he didn't recognise. He felt pain in every side of his body. He tried to move. Couldn't. Something was holding him by the arms and legs, and he was pinned to the wall.

Pahn was always a cocky so and so, but this was a prediciment that even he couldn't get out of. He looked around. He recognised a few people, but gulped as he saw a couple.

Sheena was attached to some sort of machine, with black fluid or mist injecting into him. Pahn almost screamed at the sight, but realised that wasn't for him. Cleo maybe....

Cleo. Oh god, how he loved her. He had been plaguing her for a while, but in reality he truly meant what he said. Now, he thought, whatever trouble he had gotten himself into, he may not get out of.

He saw Rubi and Kirkis sleeping peacefuly (Or not so peacefully, as they were tied up as well), and to his left, he saw Sonya on a medical table. However, the next figure he recoginised was not one of his comrades.

"Neclord! How the hell are you back?" said Pahn, angrily.

Neclord laughed evilly, his dark sinister form hovering over the unconscious body of Sonya.

"I am one of the many Dark Seers which was transformed from the Shinju Tribe. In fact, I was one of the most successful. You won't know anything about this, as you are too stupid......but long story short, Rasputin used his shadow rune to communicate with a dead seer, and used his power to transfer evil energy into my soul, and ressurecting me. My body is nothing more than evil power and mist, which is why you cannot harm me."

"Really, me and Cleo were doing a good job of it up there!" he said.


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