The Choice Chapter 13

Blood From A Stone

By Chris Homer

A meeting had been gathered for the members of the Liberation army from the Village of the Elves. All those present for the wedding ceremony were now looking tired and beat, but they were prepared to go into battle with these bastards.

Sydonia had explained to everyone about his new role as Seer and also of the Dragon's Den. He had contacted Humphrey and he and his band, including Morgan, Alen and Grensal had arrived late, but had came. They were almost as shocked of Sydonia's power as the others, but refused to speak upon it.

So, the party consisted of the Hero, Gremio, Cleo, Tai Ho, Kimberly, Hix, Maas, Fu Su Lu, Gon, Kuronomi, Templeton, Tenegaar, Camille, Milia, Morgan, Alen, Grensal, Humphrey, Krin, Juppo and Futch were among the members of the Liberation Army considering these events.

"So, what does this A mean then?" said Humphrey.

"It's got to be Advocat." said Gremio. Sydonia nodded.

"Advocat. It is a chain symbolising the dark seer ruler's power. He is immortal, and evil. His power flows through his best seer warriors, in his son Rasputin and his loyal weapon, Neclord, who he brought back to life in the spirit plane." he said.

"Spirit plane?" Templeton inquired.

"When a seer dies by whatever means, the spirit returns to a plane where the spirit can either rest or be agonised by it's deeds. However, Advocat's power was overpowering for this world, it could be overpowering for a next world. He simply used his power to bring back the spirit of Neclord, where he then resurrected using his seer power. It seems quite simple." he finished.

"Look, this is all fine and good, but can we shut up and kick their asses?" said Cleo.

Sydonia shook his head. "I'm afraid it's not that simple. His world is a subterranial dimension where only ones of dark seers can enter. They allow people who are not of dark seer inginuity in only by command." Sydonia smiled, wondered if anyone had cottoned on yet. By the looks of things, the Hero and Gremio had, but the others were flabbergasted.

"Someone who was born as a dark seer could still enter, and with other humanoids, if he allowed them access, which he can through power and concerntration." he said, looking around. People looked confused.

"God, strife! I was born as a dark seer, I can get us there, or haven't you been listening?" he screamed.


"O.....K....." he said, before walking off.

Gremio smiled. "I think he was pissed off." he said.

The Hero took charge. "I think it's time to regroup our sources." he said.


Lepant just woke up from the attack by Flik and Viktor. He didn't remember much, only that Flik and Viktor attacked them, destroyed them, and then......

He looked around. He was alone. All of them had been taken.

He heard faint breathing beside him.

Jeane was still unconscious, breathing quietly. Lepant looked at her and despite the problems smiled. Not surprising that Sheena liked her. She reminded her of a young Eileen, like father, like son.

Jeane started to stir from her unconscious state. Lepant then reminded himself of the seriousness of the situation. They needed help.

"Jeane, are you all right?" Lepant asked.

Weakly, Jeane mumbled. "Yes.........oh, god....what the hell happened?"

Lepant, slightly taken aback from Jeane casually swearing, helped her up. "We've got to find the Hero. I have a feeling that the Liberation Army is all connected to this."

Jeane nodded. "You are probably right." She stood up. "Hang on a second."

Jeane started to concerntrate. Lepant wondered what the young girl was up to, but remembered her sense rune. She was using that, plus her teleportation stone, to figure out where the Hero is.

After a few minutes, Jeane's eyes open up quite quickly.

"They are at the Village of the Elves." she said.

"They?" Lepant asked.

"The Hero has been involved with something and many members of the Liberation army are there." She raised her stone. "Shall we gate crash?" she said.

Lepant also raised his stone. "Why not?"

The stones flashed a light. And all of a sudden, there was none.


Sydonia had been given a apology from almost every member of the Liberation army for their dismissal of his abilities. By the looks of his face, he enjoyed it.

The Hero had been gathering the troops for readiness for the attempted battle to the seer world. Only one could go at a time, and it was an unknown world, and the Hero had decided that only six would go, like old times.

The Hero hadn't yet contemplated who to go. Himself and Sydonia were in, but who else? Gremio was usually his faithful companion, but recently, he let off and the Hero wondered if others were better. Valeria, Cleo and Sylvinia all had something personal with these Seers, but would they be too heated in battle?

Whilst he was thinking, Lepant and Jeane teleported behind him.

Jeane sent him a thought. "Hey, can we join too?"

The Hero turned around to see Lepant and Jeane staring at him. He smiled at them, before asking "What are you doing here?"

"The same reason why you're here." he said. "These Seers have kidnapped Sheena and Eileen, along with Eikei and the ninjas in Rokkaku. For some reason, they left me and Jeane here."

"The problem was in fact.....Fl.." she didn't want to say them to the Hero, thinking it would upset him.

"Flik and Viktor." he said. "I know. Windy is in control of them."

Lepant and Jeane looked solemn. The Hero smiled. "It's O.K, Sydonia is from those Seers, but is on our side." He caught a couple of perplexed looks from them. "It's a long story." he chose.


The Hero, an hour later had whittled his group of choices down to Humphrey, Lepant, Valeria, Cleo and Jeane. It would have been easier if Jeane hadn't said the following after she tried to convince the Hero to be with this group.

"But....." she started.

"But no. You're young, inexperienced, have you been in a fight really?" he asked.

", not with monsters, but....." she said.

"NO! I'm not letting a young girl throw away her life for a whim of something." he said.

Jeane sighed. "Very well, I guess Hellion will be upset."

The Hero's ears perked up. "Hellion? What she got to do with you?"

Suddenly, a bright rune came from her belt.

"Lepant told you about the magic Viktor cast. Well, this rune is the octa-rune, capable of casting 8 spells at once. Hellion gave this to me only to use in a desperate situation in Antei. I have used it inpractise with many runes, and I am getting extremely powerful with the spells."

"Furthermore, Eikei has trained me in many styles of martial arts and artistical techniques, included kempo and bushido. I can take care of myself. Plus, I am like others, a young Mystic. I cannot be killed easily. I have the power to destroy the Seets, plus my best friend Sheena is being held captive by a monster. Do you want me just to sit here?"

The Hero looked thoughtful and in shock.


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