The Choice Chapter 14


By Chris Homer

Sonya woke up to a number of laughs and scuffles. The pain in her head told her to ignore everything that was going around, but the sight of a couple of evil looking creatures ahead of her changed her perspection. She didn't recognise the two black figures, as she was the last member to be recruited, she didn't know many of the troubles the Liberation Army had gotten themselves into to.

Neclord turned to her stirring. He smiled.

"Welcome my dear." he said, touching her lips, blood stained. She snapped at his hand. Neclord quickly drew away.

"Feisty. Hmm. May have to teach you a few manners. Bring in the prisoners!" he said.

One of the netherdemons that Kasumi and company had defeated came in carrying Eileen, who was promptly strapped to another table. Sonya looking around saw Pahn awake and trying to struggle, but looked like death. She also saw Rubi and Kirkis stirring, and felt that these bastards would pay.

"The Liberation will destroy you!" she screamed.

Neclord laughed. "Why would they come to save you? You were an unimportant member in the first place, you will have a more direct role with us, along with the lady beside you. You will become the queens of the Hell tribe we will be creating, with strength beyond your pitiful minds."

He looked at Sheena. "This young warrior will be unleashed ready to destroy many tough about your former Generals?"

Sonya looked like she was going to stammer and scoff at the same time. At one side, the Generals were the toughest sons of bitches around the Republican. On the other side, she had severed contact with them after being fed up of being used. However, Sheena to take out the Generals?

"He could never....." she started, but then felt an incredible pain in her arm.

Rasputin had entered and with an injection of black liquid. He gave it to Sonya who almost passed out from the injection.

"She's strong. A lesser person would have passed out." he said.

Neclord nodded. "Give the ninjas a reason to worry."

The tied up ninjas were struggling against their bonds, along with Eikei. However, ninjas being ninjas, always have an edge. Mere vines were no match for Eikei either.

Rasputin brandished some very large needles, with an evil smile on his face. "Time to scream." he said.

Suddenly, Fuma broke out and kicked the needle out of his hand. Kasumi struck Rasputin's head, but she was the one who found the pain, the skull of Rasputin was so inhuman.

The demons, sensing their master's discomfort, ran to his aid. In reality, Rasputin could have taken them all out with his magic, but he didn't want to risk freeing any of the others and ruining his project.

The demons they had faced before. Eikei pounded on them easily whilst the ninjas tried to escape.

As they escaped into a passageway, two figures smiled at them.

"Do you think we wouldn't be far away?" Flik said.

Kage went into battle stance, but Viktor held his rune. "Do you want another taste of my power?" he said.

Kage, realising that with their power, they were no match for these two, tried to change strategy.

"Ninja attack!" he yelled.

Before Flik could realise what was going on, he was down, red and black blood flowing. Kasumi nearly fainted on the spot, but her instincts told her to keep running.

Viktor was torn between following them or helping Flik.

"Master! Mistress!" he screamed.

Rasputin laughed as he casually walked to them. Eikei was down, unconscious, whilst the demons gave him some of the injection.

"The other mortals attacked Flik and ran." he said. "They will pay for this abmoniation." he said, drawing his sword and about to run after them.

"No, young man." he said. "Remember, there is no way out for them. They can't escape without the power of a Seer, and I don't think myself or Windy are going to do this, and my demons certainly won't, they only know one thing, to destroy.


Kasumi, Fuma and Kage had been running in many directions but this hell hole was impossible to navigate. Some areas were impossibly dark, and some were impossibly hot. They couldn't enter many areas either as many demons were waiting. Their stealth was the only thing that saved them.

However, they were running out of directions. Finally, they made it into a main hall area.

As they entered, no-one was there. They praised their good fortune......

.....for 5 seconds.

As Kage turned around, about 50 demons had come up and staring at them. And at the front of the pack were Windy and a older man.

The man had a red fiery beard, a blood streak chest, and fire in his eyes. And in the middle was a huge 'A'.

"Shit, we're trapped!" said Kasumi.

Windy smiled at her partner.

"Lady and Gents, let me introduce you to Advocat, the infinity of evil." she said.

Advocat bellowed out a laugh so evil that even Kage felt shivers go down his spine.


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