The Choice Chapter 15

Generals and Girls

By Chris Homer

Milich had been pacing about for many days now that his plans had been scupped by that trecherous bitch, Sonya Shulen. He had related the news to Kwanda and Kasim who were disappointed but not surprised, her heart was in a different place since she joined the Liberation Army.

Milich didn't know what to do. In truth, a part of him wanted to fight as well. He felt guilty when he killed Gremio, and when the Hero forgave him, his life changed. He enjoyed cracking jokes at the other members clothing, compared to his extravagant makeover. The other generals were still with him, as most of the members of the Liberation Army, expect possibly Kasios and Ivanov, didn't trust him. However, both Kasios and Ivanov had their own endavours to do, so now he was working for most of the creations of weapons and transport for the Republican.

However, most people didn't know that at night, he spent most of it protecting his former masters grave, and it was also the only moment where he reflected of his life, the bad deeds which he did, and yet, he was protecting the evil master.

No, it was that bitch Windy. He kept telling himself.

He was so mixed with his thoughts that he didn't noticed someone behind him.

A strike to the back of the head and he was out.

The man looked at the figure. "How I despise this world, and yet........the dark Seers must pay. And with the Generals and that Pesmerga in with me.......they will pay for the curse. Neclord, Yuber, will all pay.........."

With a heave, the man lifted up the 200 pound man with ease and headed toward his caverns.


Valeria was busy training in her hut, but many punching bags she had been using had falled victim to her falcon rune. Even without her sword, the use of her rune was extemely powerful, and the poor bags had to feel to that.

Sweat dampened her beautiful hair. Her eyes had turned intense blue. She felt the blood in her veins bubble, the intensity was electrifing.

Without a word, she stepped into a split stance and ran at the remaining pag, her fist a blaze of many colours.

"Hyper Fist!" she screamed.

The fist hit the bag and drew itself into an uppercut. The bag never stood a chance. She tore it through the middle.

She stopped, kneeled down and breathed quite heavily.

"I hate to be on your enemy list." a rough voice said behind her, with a chuckle.

It was FuSuLu. Valeria jumped at the company.

"I'm sorry, I'm just so frustrated and upset." she said.

FuSuLu came up to her. "It is distressing." A wise tone in his voice instead of his usualy cocky and humorous nature.

Valeria looked at him, who towered over him. "Have you ever loved anyone other than a member of your race?" she asked.

FuSuLu, a bit baffled and surprised by the question, had to think for a while. Then he smiled. "Yes, about 2 years ago. The Kobold village had humans living either within or nearby, but one human stood out for me. She never told me her name, but she was a tall woman, had sparkling red hair and a brilliant smile. However, my dignity and pride never told her." A sad face replaced his earlier one. With a sigh, he said 'She died during the kobold attacks. I tried to protect her, but it was too late."

Valeria looked like she wanted to comfort him, but he reassured himself. "Why you ask?" he said.

This time, Valeria was surprised, and more than a little embarrassed. FuSuLu caught on, he was a bit of a dullard, but the obvious was open to him. "Is it something to do with that elf-fellow you are always bantering with?" he asked.

"What? Oh, no way, nothing to do with Rubi....." then realising she made the mistake of mentioning his name.

FuSuLu smiled. "Sure......." he said.

Valeria blushed some more.

"Don't worry, I won't tell. I'll probably forget by the end of the day. But for now, I'm going to do what I do best." he said.

Valeria smiled again. "Eat?"

FuSuLu smiled. "Got it in one." he said and walked away.

Valeria smiled again, and the mixed feelings in her head were overpowering. Was she in love in Rubi? Of course not. Yet why was she so upset of them taking him. Because of friendship. Or is it more.....

A shout came from the camp. "Meeting in 5 minutes!"

Valeria stood up. This was it. The Hero had made his choice. She stood up, ready to destroy the sick bastards who had done this to her friends.


So, who is the other seer?

And who is the Hero going to choose? Quite a prediciment.

Just like to say thanks to many people who have wrote about all my fanfics and that practically all have been positive. Thanks a lot (This message is also on my FF7 story), it means a lot to me.

A word about the conclusion of this fanfic. I have decided at this point how the ending is going to work. It will not be a completely happy ending, but it will be extremely interesting and dramatic.

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