The Choice Chapter 16


By Chris Homer

The members of the Army which were present were all accounted for as the Hero and Sydonia looked ahead.

The members included Cleo, Gremio, Tai Ho, Kimberly, Hix, Maas, Fu Su Lu, Gon, Kuronomi, Templeton, Tenegaar, Camille, Milia, Morgan, Alen, Grensal, Humphrey, Krin, Juppo, Futch, Jeane and Lepant. He had made his decision, although was it the right one?

He addressed them.

"Members of the Liberation Army. Today we will start a battle to defeat a supreme evil. This evil is in the form of the Advocat family." A few murmurs went in the crowd.

"They have kidnapped many of our strongest members. They have control of Flik and Viktor.....not to mention what they will do to the others. Neclord and Windy have returned." He finished.

Sydonia continued. "It seems bleak my friends, but we cannot quit. We have to defeat them. With my power, I can transport us there....but it will only be a few. Myself and the Hero are going, along with four others. Now, the Hero will choose...."

A few baited breaths awaited the air.

"I have chosen four people who like myself and Sydonia, are in this fight for a reason. They have a rage against these people. Myself, I won't condone what their rage may lead to, but I will not also stop it. I considered many of my most powerful fighters today, but in the end I choose......"

"Lepant: his experience and swordplay will prove invaluable. The fact that his wife and son are there also will help increase his desire to fight. Also, he knows how the demons fight."

"Cleo: A faithful friend of mine, it was a toss between her and Gremio, but she says she has a score to settle with them. I reckon her magic and long range skills may prove more useful too. Sorry, Gremio."

Gremio just nodded.

"Valeria: Her rune is perhaps the most useful in attacking. She is perhaps the strongest fighter to use because her elf friends are being held captive. I considered Slyvinia and the Kobolds but my choice is final."

"And finally....."

The name he said next surprised many.

"Young Jeane, because of her mystic power, to rid the evil hurt in her mystic beveren, also, a friend of Sheena, and her considerable skills and teamwork with Lepant, along with the captive ninjas may be surprisingly helpful."

A few of them were about to argue but Sydonia boomed out, "THE DECISION IS FINAL!" Everyone quickly shut up after that.

Jeane was perhaps as surprised as anyone that the Hero was taking her, but Lepant put a hand on her shoulder.

"You'll be fine....I know you will." he said.

Jeane returned with a reassuring smile.

Sydonia sighed. The Hero looked at him sympathetically.

"Am I doing the right thing?" The Hero said.

"It's the only thing you can really do." Sydonia said.


The six choices assembled in a clear area for Sydonia to concerntrate with his magic to transport to this hell.

Before he could utilise it, Juppo came up to the Hero.

"Master, before you go, here's something which may be handy for you." he said.

He handed him a strange device, very small.

"It is a special communication device, allowing you to communicate me without knowledge from anyone. Place it in your ear, this way you can contact me so we know what's going on." he said.

The Hero smiled. It looks like Juppo is finally putting his knowledge to good use.

"Thanks." he said. Juppo smiled.

Soon, the assemble was ready. Cleo and Valeria looked like thunder, weapons drawn, reliasing that they could walk into trouble almost immediately. Jeane's claws were ready, Lepant calm, but inside a burning anger. The Hero then took his place by Sydonia.

Sydonia clutched the amulet in his hand.


Sydonia started chanting in a tongue no-one had heard before. He closed his eyes as a dark mist surrounded him.

It soon became apparent that the mist was expanding, around the members that were going to view this hell.

The mist grew darker, Jeane started to feel frightened, then felt the mist envelop her body. The next thing she knew, she wasn't there anymore.

And the next thing everyone else knew.....

.....they were gone.


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