The Choice Chapter 17

Crowley Explains All

By Chris Homer

Milich awoke with a throbbing pain in the back of his skull. He was in a cave and on the floor, not shackled....or tied......someone had knocked him out, and yet, he seemed free to move about.

When he got his vision back, he noticed a few faces which have been extremely familiar to him throughout the years.

"Kasim........Kwanda......what are you doing here?" said Milich.

"I could ask you the same thing." A groggy Kasim replied, Kwanda was also awake.

"Where the hell are we?" Kwanda shouted.

"In my cave....and don't shout." said another voice, one they didn't recognise at first.

Their vision focused on the voice, and found not one, but two men there. At first they didn't recognise who they were, but it soon became apparent that these two were once allies with them during the Liberation Army.

"You''re that Crowley fellow aren't ya?" said Kwanda.

"And you're Pesmerga, that guy who wants to kill Yuber?" said Kasim.

Both figures nodded.

"Looks like we have to owe them an explanation." said Pesmerga. Crowley nodded.

"Forgive us, but we needed you......and I don't think you would have said yes if we asked you what we wanted you to help us with." said Crowley.

The three Generals looked confused, but Crowley continued.

"Have you heard of the Dark Seers?" Crowley asked.

Kasim nodded, but the other two looked confused.

Pesmerga slapped his head. "This will take a while......"


After Crowley told the same story basically that Hellion had told the Hero (refer to chapter 5 for full story), the generals looked a bit better.

"Basically, that is the main story." said Crowley.

Milich nodded. "Interesting for a bedtime story, but what has this got to do with you or me?"

Crowley smiled. "Don't you get it? I'm a Seer!"

"And he's gonna destroy the Black Seers!" said Pesmerga.

Milich was flabbergasted.

"But...but why?" said Kwanda.

Crowley sighed. "Like another former Seer, Sydonia (Looks of puzzlement arose from the group but they let Crowley continue), I was banished from the Shinju Tribe for not succumbing to the evil in me. Although it came close. It made me despise everything in this wretched universe, but it did not control my emotions and ideas in doing right and wrong."

"When I was cast upon this earth, I did not know what to do. So, I retreated to the caves. Many creatures attacked me, but the power disposed of them easily. I made a 'home' in the caves, perfecting my dark art, so that I could get revenge on the ones that cast me the curse."

"It wasn't until I joined the Liberation Army that I reliased that people could make a difference. That was the turning point in my art. I concealed it, like Sydonia, so no-one could know, but the power was raging in me. Now, I have perfected it, and am ready to take them on."

He turned to the generals. "Which is why I ask you, to come with me. The Generals are among the toughest fighters in the world. Your power Rosman, your swordsmanship Kasim and your killer instict Milich are powerful enough to overcome these netherworld monsters."

Milich raised an eyebrow. "And what if we refused?" Crowley gave him a glare which could have turned him into stone.

"You get to lose your life. Also, your lady General friend has been captured by them, along with many of the other members of the Liberation Army."

Milich sneered. "Sonya, she can rot in hell as far as I'm concerned."

Crowley muttered 'Which is what she is probably doing.'

Kwanda and Kasim however looked generally upset. "Listen Milich, I know she humiliated you, but as much as I hate to admit it, she was right. We did take advantage of her know-how, and this seems to be a danger to the world. We must stop it."

Kasim nodded. Milich did not look convinced. He looked at Pesmerga.

"And what is your part in this?" he said.

Pesmerga smiled evilly.

"Don't you realise? Yuber is also a Seer, and chances is, I'll get to meet and defeat him there. Crowley told me this, and I've been working with him since, to perfect my skills." he said.

Crowley looked at the Generals. "Well?"

Kwanda nodded as did Kasim. Milich hesitated before nodding as well.

Crowley smirked. "Excellent."

His hands glowed in a black mist and circled around them.

Milich began to worry. "What are you doing?"

Crowley scoffed. "What do you think I'm doing? We're going to the other realm destroy it!"

Milich blubbered. "Now? Can we at least write a will or have breakfast?"



Two short chapters to prelude the main battle ahead.

I have decided the ending as well, which is going to surprise many, and it can't be considered a happy ending as well. So, beware!


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