The Choice Chapter 18


By Chris Homer

The personification of evil was in front of the ninjas. Windy taunted them to attack.

Eikei was visibly angered, and understandibly nerved.

Advocat leered at Kasumi who cowered back in fear and disgust. Advocat laughed.

"So, are these some of the warriors my son chooseth to enter the Shinju Army?" he said, with delicious evil.

"Yes, Master Advocat." said Windy.

Advocat smiled. "Looks like Leknaat will was no match for mine. She will be the first thing I will destroy......or shall I say, you destroy."

Kage whipped out his blade, but felt a movement by it. He couldn't release his weapon from his sheath.

"It's no use, boy. My power is unstoppable, as is my sons." The demons closed in.

"Since you are about to become slaves.....I mean warriors for me anyway, you might as well learn what we are doing." he scoffed. Kage bit back a smart remark, the power the 'man' possessed seemed unlimited.

"Attacking people such as the Joshua Knights proved to be........less than useful, but draining the power from the dragons only fueled our endevour for more. The blood that runs through our veins is unlimited power. When we captured the knights, we reliased that as warriors, they were we killed them." he laughed.

Kasumi gasped. "You monster!"

"Thank you. Kidnapping worthy warriors such as yourself as potential warriors such as that Sheena was on the other hand, much more useful. The powers of darkness within our realm, along with the elemental powers of fire, earth, water and lightning from the dragons would make warriors such as yourselves invicible........evil too of course......but invicible nonetheless."

"Those two.......Flik and Viktor I believe they were called......along with my apprentice Windy.......were as good as dead. But thanks to my son, they were able to regain life....or perhaps death as we know it. Rasputin is a warrior who has gained my powers, as well as his own, his abilities are stronger than mine, but my control and experience make up for that. No matter, we are as evil as one another, and there is nothing you can do about it."

"We have captured some of your friends to go through the same treatment as Sheena, I believe they were Rubi, Kirkis and Pahn, already potential warriors, their strength along with mine would make the army of demons inpenetrable."

"And with your skills, we could easily destroy any ressistance to our near invincible army. Very few could dispatch some of my demons so easily, and how you got past that Flik I will never know. But you have skill, and I want it."

Windy smirked at them.

"Of course, you may prefer to die instead, but either way, your suffering will never end." she smirked.

The ninjas and Eikei couldn't move, either forcably because of the overwhelming numbers surrounding them and mentally, as Advocat was using his power over them.

Advocat then suddenly reached up and grabbed young Kasumi's chin.

"You have incredible spirit, I can feel it. So young, so fresh, so delicate....and yet, so much potential for evil. You can remain here as my queen, pretty one. I may be many centuries old, but I could use a bride." His features shrouding in darkness.

"What do you say my dear, me, or the darkness?" he said with a malesting sneer.

Next thing he knew, spit was in his red eye.

He grabbed Kasumi by the throat, lifting her up with one hand and choking her.

"Stupid fool. I could have you any time I want, so you will suffer as much, maybe more than any of them."

Advocat turned to his demons and Windy.

"Advance on them."

They moved.

Suddenly, the demons stopped, looking forcably like they didn't want to stop.

"I don't think that is such as good idea." said another voice.

Kasumi, still in the death grip, turned to see a couple of figures.

It was Sydonia....what was he doing he....

The Hero.

The cavalry had arrived.


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