The Choice Chapter 19

Sheena's Recovery

By Chris Homer

The next thing that Milich knew was that he was lying in a dark, with a red mist surrounding him, area. It was hot and gloomy, but he knew that Crowley would feel right at home in this area.

"O.K, we're here, so what the hell are we doing?" said Milich.

"We're here to destroy this place, kill Yuber and the other main Seers and rescue some of the people who may have been captured." said Pesmerga.

"So, er, Crowley......where do we go?" said Kwanda.

Crowley looked like he was in a trance. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be concerntrating deeply.

"They are coming." he said.

"Who?" the Generals all called out.

"Some of the Seers netherworld demons.....also a young warrior in control by their evil powers.....I think it is one of the Liberation Army although I can't sense exactly who it is. We'd better get going." Crowley said.

They didn't argue with Crowley. Only he could sense in what direction they could go. However, they had just been in a vortex to this world and already death was upon them. It wasn't a good sign.



Sheena's treatment had been completed. They had sensed danger and decided to initiate him into the elite group of death merchants. He would be involved with the Acolyte group, Rasputin has decided to put Sonya on the machine, but to a different setting so that she would be an obeyer to either himself, his father or Neclord. He knew that Neclord would be anticipating.

Sheena had trained vigorously and was now patrolling the caves. He had 5 of the better demon warriors with him, whose skills were comparible to the ninjas or the generals.

Sheena weaved around his sword like he knew everything about it. It was a dark blade, humming with power. It was black, but heat portrayed through it. It was a dangerous weapon, for a seemingly dangerous person.

And yet......

Inside this evil being, was still a young teenager, scared on the inside but tough on the outside to fit with his father's image.

Sheena couldn't control himself under this new evil entrage. He would hope that his father, the hero or someone could save him now..........


Crowley sensed evil everywhere. Demons were patrolling in every nook and cranny but he easily avoided them under a cloud of darkness. His essence made his companions vanish as well.

Suddenly, the feeling that he had before was back.

"On your guard, we may have to battle." he said.

Pesmerga drew a dagger. The generals all drew swords, ready for battle.

Crowley halted them as they saw the enemy.


Sheena and the members of the Acolytes were approaching something, it seemed to fit with one of their own, but with an edge to it.

Sheena drew his dark blade carefully, as he prepared for battle, also the demons got their clawed hands ready.

Sheena swung.

Crowley blocked it with an invisible force around him.

The battle was engaged.

Pesmerga and the Generals were fighting the 5 Acolyte demons. Immediately they found themselves on the defensive. Their speed was stealth like, they seemed to know what attacks they were going to do.

Pesmerga swiped quickly with his dagger many times, but he always missed. As he missed a third time, the demon he was fighting sent him into the ground with a headbutt, his huge foot ready to crush him.

The demon was sent to the ground by a blast of energy from the Spark Rune. Pesmerga quickly got up and equipped the Killer Rune. His blows came in very fast now, and he managed to strike the demon twice, green, black and red liquid flowing from its body.

Elsewhere, the Generals better physical prowess was making more interesting battles. Their build was surprisingly similar to the demons and their blows were becoming toe to toe.

Kwanda looked briefly to see how Crowley was doing.

Crowley was simply playing the avoidance game. He somehow easily avoided Sheena's strikes, even ones which seemed impossible to miss. Crowley was impressed with the young mans skill, but he had to remove the evil within him, otherwise the worst could happen.

Sheena's dark blade swung again. Crowley dodged back and hit him with an uppercut.

Sheena flew 7 feet into the air before landing on his feet again.

Or thats what he intended.

Crowley cast some sort of spell, which made him levitate in mid-air. Crowley calmly removed his sword (protected by some force) and grabbed him with one hand by the throat.

Crowley then murmured a few words.

A black mist surrounded both of them. It seemed to a viewer that the mist was actually coming from Sheena.

The netherworld demons noticed this and began to attack Crowley. However, they only got a few bruised noses for running into his shield.

The black power was being absorbed from Sheena's body and into Crowleys. Crowley was dispensing the power within his body system, which would remove it magically. Crowley as a Seer could take it, but still not become as evil as the Seers before them.

The demons resumed their attack on the Generals. Pesmerga was down, so now it was five on three, and looking bad for the generals.


"Are you all right, young man?" Crowley said.

Sheena awoke, extremely weak, but at least back to normal.

"Wh.....where am I?" he mumbled.

"In another world where evil is all and good is nothing." said Crowley.

"Oh....." Sheena said.

Crowley put a hand on his head and administered a healing touch, both physically and mentally. Within seconds, Sheena's welfare had purked up considerably.

"So, what's going on?" Sheena said.

Crowley was about to explain when he turned to see the demons starting to overpower the Generals and also more demons coming.

"I'll tell you those men." he said, administering the Generals. Sheena looked confused, as he was still fairly weak and no weapon, but......

Sheena ran to them.

Crowley turned to the incoming demons, who suddenly stopped in their tracks as Crowleys control as a Seer overpowered them. Crowley started to weaken their minds, hoping they would literally crack...........

The other demons were now overpowering the Generals.

"Thanks a lot, Crowley!" screamed Milich.


A knife went through one of the guts of the demon. It screams in anguish as Pesmerga stood over it, triumphant.

The other demons felt pain as blasts of fire singed through their bodies from Sheena's spell. It didn't kill the remaining four, but it at least distracted them long enough.

Pesmerga had recovered after Sheena had used a mega medicine on him and he quickly killed it with his knife. Now, the Generals sensed victory and took advantage of the situation.

With Sheena distracting them, it was surprisingly easy for Pesmerga and the Generals to get the advantage.

Within minutes, the sneak attack meant that they were the only ones standing.

They turned to see how Crowley was getting on.

Crowley was alone.

"What the hell did you do?" Kasim inquired.

"I sent them back to their own personal hell. My seer power allows myself to perform terrible things to their minds as well as their bodies." Crowley said.

He turned to Sheena. "Glad to see you're O.K."

Sheena nodded.

Crowley picked up the dark blade. "You cannot use this, it is too dangerous."

Crowley started to hum again. Light flamed over the sword.

"This will do."

"Hey, I'm more than that!"

The sword was talking?

"Sheena, you may be useful with this thing, The Star Dragon Sword, the one Viktor used to defeat Neclord, but how useful will it be with you?" he smirked.

"Shut up!" the sword screamed.

Sheena smirked.

"Now, where the hell are we?" he said.

Crowley and Pesmerga groaned.


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