The Choice Chapter 20

Dark Power

By Chris Homer

Sydonia emerged with the Hero, along with Lepant, Cleo, Valeria and Jeane. The ninjas could audible hear a sigh of reliefs coming from themselves, but the question was how was they gonna help?

"So, Seer Sydonia, you working with these now?" Advocat said.

Well, that answered the ninjas question.

"Yes, I have been for a while. Unlike yourself, I have not succumbed to this maniac world that you live in and want to spread even more. Advocat.....your power is great, but the power that we have inside of us is greater than any physical power you may have."

Advocat laughed, finally dropping Kasumi, who was gasping for air. The Hero quickly tended to her, almost choking to death.

"Well, Sydonia, you I guess, are trying to exercise control over my demons." Advocat said.

Sydonia smirked. "Yes, I am, that was one of the skills I learnt whilst I was here. I have almost as much control over them as you have."

"Almost doesn't count.....DESTROY THEM!" he commanded.

But unfortunately, Sydonia's promise looked truthful. They remained unmoving and confused, not sure what to do.

Advocat sighed. "All right, then. Windy, summon your two followers."

"With pleasure." she smirked and vanished.

Advocat laughed. "Whilst she is bringing your executioners, may I inquire who your friends are?"

Sydonia smiled. "This is the legendary son of Teo McDohl, who is only refered to as the Hero, the one who killed Windy originally."

If the group had looked closely at Advocats face, they would have noticed a bit of surprise and perhaps fear towards that last statement.

"The others are people who wish to destroy you and your son for kidnapping friends and family."

"Such pretty companions you have had, huh Seer?" Advocat scoffed.

Valeria stepped forward.

"Where are our friends?" her blade coming out.

Advocat snorted. Valeria felt herself being pushed back.

"They are ready to become great warriors for the Shinju Army, but try that again and you shall get a taste of my true power, elf lover! That's right, I can read your thoughts as well."

Windy then reappeared.

"They are coming."

The ninjas of course knew who they were, and so did the Hero.

Flik and Viktor hurried along weapons drawn.

"Well, young Master McDohl, good for you to come here and see us one last time. You left us there to die, you little brat!" screamed Flik and drew his sword.

" wanted to fight....we wanted to help....listen Flik, you are under Windy's control...fight it!" screamed the Hero.

"Fight, we shall help her....DESTROY YOU!" Viktor screamed.

"STAND OFF!" screamed Flik.

Advocat laughed. "I hope you don't make a mess when you die." he laughed and vanished.

Sydonia drew his sword. The Hero readied his staff. It had been a while since he fought anyone, less two former friends and a former enemy inWindy.

This could be brutal.


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