The Choice Chapter 21


By Chris Homer

A blood bath was all that was needed.

Sheena had made many of the demons fall under the Star Dragon Sword. Usually, he wouldn't be this intense, but he had heard from Crowley that Jeane had somehow come here, and if there was one person other than his mother and father that he didn't want hurt, it was the young rune master.

Crowley dispatched many of the other demons with his Seer power, the others didn't get so much of a look in.

"So, where we going?" Sheena asked.

"We've got to find out where your friends are located." Crowley said. "I sense many of them here, although not all in the condition we'd hope them to be." He ended on a sad note.

Sheena snarled.

"That Viktor.....he's being controlled isn't he?" The Sword spoke.

Crowley nodded.

"Aw.....Sheena, can you slice him up for me....PLEASSE?" In a pathetic voice (if swords can sound pathetic).

"No, sorry, we've gotta save him. That witch Windy and those two dark bastards have controlled him." Crowley said. "I don't want them to feel the same torment that I felt." he said.

"Can I just cut him a bit?" The sword grumbled.

Milich groaned.


Above them, another monster was watching them, ready to strike at the right moment.

"Come on, get ready to die." he whispered to himself.

He launched.


Pesmerga was walking silently along them, when he felt a presence. An ugly, yet familiar presence.

"No way....oh crap, MOVE!" screamed Pesmerga.

"Pes, what the f...." Before he could continue, Pesmerga had pushed Milich out of the way as a leaping sword missed him by inches. The figure, quickly somersaulted back and landed on his feet, ready to attack again.

"I'd hope to meet you someday....Yuber." Pesmerga said, without emotion.

"So, the weak boy of many years ago has come to my domain.....your family, past, present, and future, have and will die at my, will be the latest addition." Yuber smirked. His face was purple, but his body was in black, the evilness of his soul filled the area. His dark blade hummed with power, ready to rip human flesh apart.

"Heh, heh, I happen to be the black sheep of the family, I don't die easily." Pesmerga retaliated, an evil grin putting on his face before drawing his dagger.

"That toothpick won't harm me, prepare to die, son of Agmer!" Yuber cried.

Crowley leaped forward, ready to take on a member of the Shinju Tribe, and Dark Seer, but Pesmerga stopped him.

"No, I have waited a long time for this day, now I want to enjoy the moment. I will enjoy killing him myself." Pesmerga said.

"You don't stand a chance against him!" Crowley shouted.

"Oh, maybe, maybe not, but I want him. Crowley, you've got a mission. So have I. But our missions were different. This is mine, you go do yours." Pesmerga finished and looked like he wasn't gonna take no for an answer.

Crowley looked set to try and convince him from attempting this suicide mission, but he was right. He had come here not for saving, but for the chance to meet and defeat Yuber. Blood lust was taking in here.

Before Crowley had a chance to argue, the Star Sword spoke.

"We've got to get the hell out of here!" it screamed, as it did, a glow of light beamed over it. For what purpose, no-one knew (at the time).

Sheena and Milich had already taken off. Kasim and Kwanda followed. Crowley looked on.

"Don't get your ass killed!" Crowley said, and ran to complete his mission.

The two enemies stood, smiling.

"You've made me a happy man." Yuber smiled, drawing his blade.

"Next, I'll make you a dead one." Pesmerga retaliated, his dagger drew.

The battle commenced.


Crowley ran down the corridors, Pesmerga on his mind, but also the mission. He had to destroy the Black Seers. His sense ability was picking up strong activity, a Seer orientated power, perhaps?

Sheena had told the sword to be quite, unless it wanted them to die quicker than excepted. To which it replied, it can't die, it's an object, remember? They all shut up after that.

Crowley's power had dispatched any demons which came upon them, and he was rady for more. The feel of power and battle and revenge put together in his cocktail for a body, was overpowering.

He wanted more.

Which is why he smirked when he heard Sheena whisper 'Well, I'll be damned.'

In front of him, no more, no less, was Viktor and Flik, along with some demons......

....and also....

The Hero and his comrades.

'This is getting interesting'. Crowley thought.


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