The Choice Chapter 22

Double Battle

By Chris Homer

Pesmerga had many pains in his body from the battle from Yuber. Despite him equipping the Killer Rune, his quick slices and blows were almost all avoided by Yuber, who seemed to know what move he was gonna perform next.

He had gotten in a few blows, one close to the neck, but Yuber's dark magic kept healing him, and Yuber's blade was getting too close for comfort.

Yuber's black magic attacks didn't help matters either. Pesmerga couldn't cure himself brilliantly, his medicines weren't much help, it looked like he was foolish. Yuber was way more than a match for him, his magic attacks seemed to be prolonging the agony, and Yuber was toying with him.

Pesmerga yelled and ran at Yuber, trying to get some quick blows in.

Trying was the correct word.

The second jitte slice he attempted (Jitte slice: Running slice), Yuber sent him down with the handle of his sword. Pesmerga was near unconsciousness, as Yuber stepped over him.

"Tut. Tut. You thought you could defeat a Seer. You should have listened to your friend Crowley, he may have helped you, but no, your revenge has cost you another life in the family.....yours."

On instinct, Pesmerga rolled out of the way. Yuber's blade missed by inches, but Yuber shot his hand out.

Another spell of sorts came out, sending Pesmerga flying into a piece of the cave area. His eyes were crossed, drooping into a semi-conscious state. Pesmera knew it was over. He was a fool to challenge a dark Seer, not knowing their power.

Yuber casually walked to him, his sword criss-crossing his body, ready to slice and dice him.

"You know, I'm almost sorry I have to kill you. Because, if you were alove, you may have had a future with a family, but as you are about to die, there will be no future and I won't be able to kill any more. Oh well, as long as life goes on......"

His sword came down, plunging straight towards his heart.

A last desperate move, Pesmerga tried to block it with his dagger, although he couldn't see where the blade was.

Yuber was hoping for a squelching noise, but what he heard was a clang and then a humming sound.

Yuber looked down.... see a bright light surrounding Pesmerga's dagger, and Pesmerga himself.

"What the hell?" Yuber screamed.

(flashback to a chapter earlier)

"We've got to get the hell out of here!" it screamed(The Star Sword), as it did, a glow of light beamed over it. For what purpose, no-one knew (at the time).

(back to now)

What had happened was the Star Sword had cast a power over the blade of Pesmerga, ready to protect Pesmerga. However, like the sword, the power seemed to be arrogant, and decided to only 'ignite' itself when Pesmerga was about to die.

The power seemed to rejuvenate him as well, as before he or Yuber realised it, Pesmerga was up.

Pesmerga didn't know what happened, but he remembered to pray to Leknaat and Hellion later.

Pesmerga knew that he had some sort of advantage now and ran.

"KILLER RUNE, ACTIVATE!" he snarled.

Yuber was still in shock, and didn't react to Pesmerga's attack quick enough. Before he knew, thanks to the power, he was down with some heavy wounds, leaking black and red blood.

Yuber got up groggily, knew that what chance he had at winning was now finished. Yuber couldn't cure himself quick enough. He snarled.

"I don't know what happened, but I'll be back." he snarled, and vanished into black mist.

Pesmerga fell, fatigue complying with him again. He didn't kill him, but he had survived. Now, his younger version of the Star Sword was ready and awaiting for a second battle.

However, he knew that he wouldn't defeat him without help.

He decided to look for Crowley again.


Sydonia was getting the better of Flik and Viktor. His Seer attacks were draining them quickly and affectively, and despite Viktor curing them quickly as part of his quad-rune, the Hero was effectively hitting them with his staff attacks and his rune, which now focused with both light and dark attacks thanks to Leknaat and Hellion.

Viktor had attacked many times, hitting his multiple clone rune attack, but Jeane had cast some kind of barrier spell (although Viktor/Flik didn't know this). She was the only one which could help, her power coming through his thoughts, as Advocat had threatened them with death thanks to the demons.

The demons however didn't count on Sydonia and his attacks. Sydonia was not only a powerful magic user, but his swordsplay was an equal to both Flik and Viktor, and the Hero's skill was second to none.

Viktor hit a quadra attack, trying to damage them with powerful spells, but Windy didn't know that Flik was the stronger magic user, and despite the powerful spells, didn't do as much damage as she'd hoped for.

Flik's lightning attacks were on the other hand, lethal, piercing skin and roasting flesh many times. Both Sydonia and (secretly) Jeane had been curing regularly, but their strength was rapidly being lower.

Flik raised his sword, Odessa. "LIGHTNING BLADE!"

A blast of lightning came from his sword, blasting the Hero, sending him down for the count.

"OH NO!" Screamed Kasumi, trying to break free, but couldn't otherwise the soul would possess her.

Sydonia cast Black Lung, an attack covering the two in a mist of dark enity. However, a thunder cloud struck Sydonia. Cursing, he got up. Windy had given them a lot of power.

Viktor raised his rune. "Quad-"

Viktor then fell down, moving spasmadicelly, twitching and blood spurting from his lip.

"Sydonia....not quite up to standard, yet?" a voice spoke.

Flik and Sydonia turned around to see Crowley, along with the Generals and Sheena appeared. Jeane stopped her magic as she saw Sheena. She wished to run and hug him as hard as she could, but couldn't for fear of death.

The demons however, looked ready to perform it anyway.

"Uh uh." Crowley said, and glared at them. "GLARE ATTACK!"

The demons suddenly shrieked in fear. They floated away and melted into nothingness.

Sydonia was impressed. "I guess I've much to learn, Master Seer Crowley."

"Well, my boy, when you've got this much evil power in you, you have to use it to your advantage." he smirked.

Flik wasn't laughing though.

"You'll pay...." he started, but realised that he was outnumbered.

"BALL OF L...." His mouth was quickly stopped by a double spell by Sydonia and Crowley. The paralyse spell cast sent him to the ground, panting.

"You'll pay...." Before slumping into unconsciousness.

The Hero got up as Kasumi was holding his head, trying to search for life. When he raised up, that was enough. Kasumi smiled and hugged him to death. The Hero hugged her back, a feeling aware in him.

That wasn't the only reunion that was emotionally trying. Jeane had jumped into her best friends arms, hugging him to the limit. She had sensed no evil in him, as on impact, she kissed him on the cheek. Sheena blushed and hugged her back, reunited with his best friend....

....and his father! Lepant joined in the bear hug, tears down the veteran swordfigher. He was all right....

No, Eileen was still here somewhere, and their friends......

Crowley, despite being emotionless himself, decided not to break this up, which was good, as a tired Pesmerga decided to show up.

"It looks like you survived." he said.

"Ha, ha." he said, totally tired.

They looked at Flik and Viktor.

"Looks like we've got work to do." Pesmerga said.

"Let's wait a bit." Crowley said, looking at the Hero and Sheena.

"Oh." he said, and proceeded to tell him what happened between him and Yuber."


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