The Choice Chapter 23

Trapped Like Rats

By Chris Homer

Eikei and the ninjas may have their uses and skills, but unfortunately, Pahn was too weak to even attempt to break out. He, Kirkis and Rubi were all awake, but Rasputin had been draining their goodly strength so that he could possess them. However, they were stronger in mind and spirit than Rasputin thought and he still couldn't control them.

Rasputin had gone to find Sheena, hoping to get the boy to knock some sense into them. So, finally, they got a break.

Unfortunately, they were too tired to take advantage of it.

On machines, were both Eileen and Sonya. Eileen was unconscious, having succumbed to the power long ago, but Sonya was still screaming, her will trying to resist the incredible torture she was enduring.

Pahn had to admire the hard as nails attitude. It was one of the things that made Cleo more attractive to him.

But to get out of this to see that pretty face again, he'd need a miracle.

Pahn, your wish may be granted..........


Rasputin had gone to find Sheena. He knew that some outsiders had come and had sent Viktor and Flik to get them. He had no idea where Windy was.

Rasputin was the son of the evil man, Advocat, but Rasputin was seen as more evil. And with good reason.

Sure, he wanted to take over the above world. But also the below. Which meant overthrowing his father.

Rasputin was evil, more evil than anyone imagined. His power now surprassed his father, he was awaiting that so that he could destroy him.

Just round up some human warriors, control them, send the army above, and his army of demons and power to take over the below world. Simple.

He was more than upset though, when he found out something telepathically.

'What, the Acolytes are dead? WHAT?"

He 'thought' some more, and then found out some other things.

"So, a couple of rejects have come to spoil the party, and have cured Sheena and defeated Flik and Viktor. Windy, you slut, where are you?"

Windy wasn't going to be much use after his plans either. Maybe he should have some fun before he killed her........

He turned. It's time to raise the family.........


"Looks like we're all ready." Crowley spoke as everyone paid attention.

"Now........your friends, Pahn, Rubi, Kirkis, Eileen and Sonya that direction...." Crowley said, pointing to the west.

"Have you recovered?" Sydonia said. The Hero was tired, but he was recovering thanks to Kasumi's healing.

Sydonia nodded. "Some of us will have to save them, whilst others will confront the evil which is in here."

Crowley smirked. "We'll split into three groups. Two groups will be headed by myself and Sydonia, the Seers with the power to stop them. The other group will go to save them, which will have Pesmerga and Sheena in them, whose blades can cause damage to the evil among them."

The Hero stood up. "What about Flik and Viktor?"

Sydonia looked at the two fallen warriors, unconscious in a cryogenic sleep in purple chambers, like crystal, created by the power of Sydonia and Crowley.

"One group will have to take them with them. They can't be harmed in those chambers, and they can't escape. The chambers have put them in a sleep, when they awake, maybe we can cure them." Crowley explained.

"Have you decided who is going with who Hero?" Sydonia asked.

"Yep." The Hero had a good think.

"To go with Sheena and Pesmerga, we shall have Cleo, Lepant, Jeane and Valeria. To go with Sydonia, it shall be myself, Kasumi, Kage, Fuma and Eikei. To go with you, it shall be the Generals, like it has been. Is that all right?" he finished.

"That is fine. My power is stronger than Sydonia's so it should even out." Crowley spoke.

"O.K, Pesmerga, you are in charge. You take the group straight west, watch out for demons, and you'll come to a chamber where your friends are. Sydonia, go direct south, into the depths. As this is a dead end in the north, that leaves us going east. Hopefully, one of us will bump into the evil. If thus, Sydonia or myself can contact the other and will teleport us to help."

"It looks like we gonna rock this house!" Kasumi pipped in. A chuckle spread around the area.

"Hold on, let me relate whats happening to Juppo. They can't be left out." The Hero went onto his device.

"O.K,, guys?" The Hero turned.

Two groups had gone.

"Damn!" he cursed.


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