The Choice Chapter 2


By Chris Homer

Cleo was upset to see the Hero and Gremio go, as she was busy doing errands in Greminster. She was fed up of fighting, she was 28, and did anyone give a blind bit of notice to what she did? No, it was usually the men in the team who wanted the blood, and she felt a bit out of it.

However, the Hero, her friend and once servant to him, had looked up to her and repayed her confidence as she fought against Barbarosa. Her skill with a bow and a sword was on the level of the elves and the early members of the Liberation Army, she felt a bit sad for Flik and Viktor.

Sighing, she stood outside of Teo's mansion, sitting down, her legs pulled out to rest. Despite the fact that she was angered by not getting noticed compared to others such as Hellion's powerful magic, wondered where she went to anyway, or Sonya's good looks and awesome power, she still felt that she had something to offer. She had been cooped up in that castle for too long, she once had a life before getting involved with the royalty scam. She had friends, but it still didn't discourage the fact that she is 28 and still a virgin. She cursed her herself for being such as fool.

She was so busy being angry at herself, she didn't hear someone creeping up behind her.

The person grabbed her head in a headlock, but Cleo was too pissed off to fall victim to a marauder. With leverage, she swung her elbow back and tossed the man over her hip. She planted a knee in the man's midsection, and raised her hand to plant an open palm in his face.

"O.K! O.K! I give! I give!" he screamed.

Cleo looked down at the man, and her angry turned into joy after seeing who it was.

"Pahn!" realising what she done, she turned into a bumbling inconsiderate. "Oh, I'm sorry, what the hell have I done, Pahn..."

"Ah, shut up girl." he said lifting himself up. Cleo smiled. Still the smart ass of old then.

"What are you doing here?" she said.

"Just trying to improve my already perfect self." he said with a smug grin.

"Ah, stop being so full of yourself. Probably didn't even have any room for breakfast did ya." Cleo retaliated.

Cleo and Pahn had had a strange relationship during their time at the castle. They were both servant to Teo and protectors of the Hero, and they practically were at each other's throats the whole time, but they were perhaps the closest out of all the relationships in the whole of the Liberation army, Tai Ho and the rest of the female population aside. Most likely however, they were trying to ring each others neck.

Pahn chuckled. Pahn had been teaching her martial arts during their time at the castle, but even he was surprised at how she had changed, even in a short time. It was obvious that someone had been teaching her still, probably Kai, perhaps Eikei, although Kai was closer to the Hero than Eikei was.

"So, how's life in the defending of the mansion. List, captures none, deaths, none. Attempts at taking the castle, none. Boredom factor......whoa, Cleo, it going off the scale!" he screamed. Cleo slapped him on the head.

"Hey, leave me and my work alone. I've had it with fighting." Her heart cringing at saying that, was it really true, and why would she say that, especially to a man who practically did it all the time. Well, that and eating.......

"Sure. I believe you." he said, the sarcasm dripping from his throat.

"Anyway," he continued. "I came here to ask if you want to check something out. You've been couped up here way to long, when was the last time you had any relaxation, well apart from snoozing here when you realise that nothing has happened...."

Cleo looked at him. Was he asking her out? A blush came upon her, but she acted surprised and angry.

"Hell, Pahn. Spit it out or I mop the floor with you!" she said.

Pahn smiled. It was working. Riling her up.

"Want to take a walk, want to see some of the old gang?" he said, innoncently.

Cleo turned around so that he couldn't see her face. Just as well, her face had taken a bright shine all over.

"Well?" Pahn said.

Cleo sighed.

"Ah, what the hell. I haven't done anything here, this is bound to be better, even if it is you." she said, sweetly. "Anyway, Mose is around here, so I've got another chance to be angry at ya now!"

"Ah, yeah right. You know you love me really!" he replied.

Pahn ended up running away for a barrage of curses and arrows with him shouting out 'I'm just kidding!'


A few minutes after they had both calmed down, they decided where to go.

"How about Kaku? Tai Ho's there, and there are neighbouring areas." he said.

"What about Apple? How he she taking....." Cleo said.

Pahn quietened. "Quite hard, Mathiu was her idol, but she is currently working on a biography in his memory."

Cleo smiled. "Even if he didn't take part, he was the real hero of the battle."

Pahn smiled. He offered his hand to Cleo. "Shall we?"

Cleo groaned, and grabbed his hand. "All right, all right." Although exasperatted, she had a smile on her face.

As they past the woods, Pahn stopped.

"Did you hear something?" he said.

"Um...." Cleo turned around, back at the woods. "....No."

Pahn felt sure there was a rustling back there, even though there was no wind. He felt unconfortable.

Cleo felt a desire to run as fast as she could out of there. But getting to Kaku from Gregminster was no easy task. However, Pahn calmed her fears with a stone in his hand.

Viki had failed in her teleportation magic so left the castle without a trace. However, Hellion had used the blinking mirror within her teleportation device to create stones of teleportation in case the need may arise. Not everyone got one, but most of the key members did, and Pahn was one. Cleo also had one, but as long as she kept hold of Pahn, the magic would work for both.

Pahn concerntrated hard, and as they saw the grounds escaping them, they kept looking back at the woods, not silent as a psalm.

When they gone, the three conspirators gave a huge sigh of relief. They snuck out, with the female discussing something.

They were so engrossed they didn't notice a shadowy figure above them.

"They thought I disappeared, but soon, they will know what power I truly possess." he whispered and then jumped out of view.


So, who are the conspirators? Quite easy to work out, but the figure on the trees may not be so easy. It is a character out of Suikoden, and gave a clue who it is in his/her wording. It is a fairly minor character, but he/she will be a major part to this story.

If hazard at guess, write to me at, and you may win a prize! (Then again, maybe not.)


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