The Choice Chapter 26

General Takeover

By Chris Homer

Milich, Kasim and Kwanda blindly followed Crowley down south, where they were hoping to take apart Advocat and Rasputin. Or, in Milich' case, to avoid the two evil enities.

"Look, can we do this another day?" Milich said, but a look from Crowley, not to mention the other Generals, shut him up, and there were no more complaints for the rest of the way.

"Listen, be on your guard. I know that the Generals are always prepared, but these things are unlike any other warriors you have battled before. They are vicious, have incredible power, and are near impossible to defeat. But they can be beaten by the power of a fellow Seer, such as myself or Sydonia. There are other ways as well, but I'm not completely knowledgable on that." he said.

He had noticed that the generals had drew their weapons out, always prepared, as he said, and a little more cautious.

"A guardian angel would be nice about now!" Milich grumbled.

"That's what you've got me for." Crowley said. Milich groaned.

"I think we need a miracle." Kwanda spoke.

Crowley nodded slightly. The fact was that this mission to destroy Advocat and Rasputin, along with the other scurges such as Windy and Neclord was nigh on impossible. Their combined power was incredible and even with two dark Seers on their side, it was still highly improbable that they would get out of here.

However, they had a force, and the human spirit was a hard thing to crack, as Crowley had noticed when battling Barbarosa the first time.

However, this enemy was even more powerful if possible.

Even he was afraid........


Behind Crowley, the sleeping figures of Flik and Viktor leviated beside them. As they had the smallest group, it would be best if Flik and Viktor came with them. In their state, they couldn't harm or help, and Crowley would prefer it that way. No matter how formidable a warrior they were, their state allowed them to be in semi-psycho stage, and Crowley wasn't about to risk that.

Crowleys fists signaled that something was ahead.

"Shhh.....there is some power sensed here, but I don't know what it is......" Crowley whispered.

The generals nodded, ceased whispereing, and held their weapons and runes ready.

Crowley created a mist around them so that any interference would be blocked out, as he and the Generals tiptoed in.

Crowley stopped just outside the opening and stared.

"Well, I be damned!" Crowley said.


Crowley had seen quite an unusual sight, and the Generals just gasped. It was a huge room, and inside it.....

Netherworld demons were swirling around, hitting little elf like creatures. Their faces were deformed, as demonic as hells spawn itself. They were charging up machines, each containing certain elements of power. In one was a lightning aura, one a water, one ice, one fire, etc.

Crowley remembered what Humphrey told him about the attack on the Joshua Knights, as did Sydonia. That the dragons their had been losing their power. It looked like that the power of the Dark Seers weren't overly immortal after all.

He had a feeling that there was a strong link with the elements, which were obviously 'collected' by the Acolytes.

However, they were no longer an issue. Crowley himself was a Seer, but this was definetly knew to him, and his power came from a different source to this power. His was pure black magic, but it looks like the ressurection of Windy and Neclord may be cut back a few pegs.

" looks like we've hit pay dirt." Crowley said.

Of course, whilst Crowley had been working everything out, the Generals had look confused.......


It's time to wreck the show.

Crowley assembled himself and told the Generals to concerntrate on the destruction of this place. They did as Crowley said (he had to take their word).

Crowley closed his eyes and concerntrating, and started to chant in a tongue. Black wind/mist erupted around him, but seemed to be stronger than normal.

Crowley was absorbing the thoughts of destructions caused by the Generals and increased his intensity and power tenfold.

The demons in the area sensed a presence and panicked, because this power was unlike any other. Sure, their masters had equal power, but it was never used to such an extent. If they could, they screamed, unsure what was happening.

Crowley's power erupted around him and he gave a blood scream.

The demons knew now about the power and saw Crowley, and attacked.

However, they couldn't get past the barrier spell created, similar to the shields created for Flik and Viktor.

Crowley however couldn't concerntrate on both problems. One was to destroy the machines, but he now had to contend with the demons.

Almost instictivelly, the three generals cast spells of fire, rage and cyclone rune, blasting into the demons, making them 'scream'. They had a feeling that weapons wouldn't be much use, so they had to back up with magic.

Crowley's dark power could counter the dark power used to power up the machines, a replellant if you will. He was concerntrating on the central pillar, which had a black crystal which seemed to generate all the power.

The green elf things had a mixed view. They were evil as sin, and couldn't survive in our society, but the torture they endured had hurt them, and they didn't know who to support (they weren't the smartest of creatures either).

Crowley shouted "MIST SPIN!"

Crowley's second most powerful attack. (The most powerful is DARK APOCOLYPSE, which will be shown in a future chapter) His mist expanded across the whole area, spinning and swirling, cutting through the elves and demons like knifes on butter. Many of them vanished or fell, but Crowley tried to focus his energy on the pillar.

He knew though, with many demons here, his attacks wouldn't get there without any help.

He stopped his spell, the enemies dispelled for the moment, but Crowley wanted the mission to be over, before they called in reinforcements.

He turned to the Generals.

"I need your help. See the dark crystal pillar in the centre of the room. I need you to help destroy it." Crowley said.

"But how? Our weapons can't harm the dark enity. You said so yourself!" Kasim said.

"Hold out your weapons." Crowley spoke.

The three Generals obeyed, still protected by the shield. Crowley's dark mist circulated around the weapons, many times over. When he was finished, they were as black as night.

"You now have Dark Blades. These will be powerful enough to take out the crystal, but be careful. Your spirits are strong, as are your bodies, but the blackness could take over your souls. Be careful." He ended solemly.

The three generals were once part of Windy's evil, but they didn't wish to go back there. However, their nobility in saving the world was important, and thus, they couldn't turn back now.

"COME ON, LETS GO!" screamed Kwanda and rushed in.

The two others followed as Crowley worked his magic.

Kwanda slashed at any demons stupid enough to come close to him. They vanished quickly, and any far away enemies fell to Kasim's Cyclone Rune. Milich was set on the pillar.

As he came to it, the feeling of darkness came over him. It was strong, even stronger than the Black Rune which effected him.

However, he wouldn't be taken again. With every ounce of strength within his body, he managed to resist it.

And struck the pillar.

The demons heard the shot, and quickly went to focus on Milich, but Kwanda and Kasim weren't having any of it.

Crowley worked his magic, focusing on the pillar. Milich's strength struck the pillar many times.

Kasim stayed and fended off the demons with his magic and sword, whilst Kwanda went to assist Milich. His powerful body rang in some powerful strikes.

Crowley's power was blasting into the crystal pillar, and its structure was weakening.

Crowley focused a powerful shot in the centre of the pillar.

Kwanda and Milich at the same time struck at the same place.

The three powerful moves struck at the weakened centre of the structure. It shook.....

.....and shook....

.....and shook....

Crowley blasted another shot.

Milich and Kwanda struck again.

Kasim blasted another spell.

The demons fell, weakened by Kasim and the pillar being destroyed.

Kwanda swung with a powerful swing, which would have chopped down a tree with one blow.

Kasim ran with a leaping strike, which would have floored a giant.

Milich struck with a downward shot, enough to bring in an earthquake.

Crowley blasted another dark spell at the centre of the structure.

And then......

It moved.

It was going to fall.

Milich and co took this as a warning, and they began to run away, not wishing to die anytime soon, even in eternal hell.

The demons made no resistance to stop them, as they knew they were history.

The pillar smashed into 10 million pieces. The Generals dived, fearing death. They didn't know though that Crowley had cast a shield spell on them throughout.

The shreds shred into the machines, but that was unnecessary. The power that came from the pillar had fallen to its own power. The machines couldn't run, as couldn't the torture machines either, so that meant Eileen was now free, as would have been the others, if they had been possessed.

The demons seemed to vanish completely, not with a goodbye scream. The elves didn't know what to do, except being shredded to death by the crystal shreds, before somehow, they began to melt into the flames of hell, where they came.

Milich had closed his eyes throughout this, thinking he was dead. He opened them immediately.... find himself in a hell alright, but they were alone.

Every demon, imp, elf, had gone. They had done it.

Crowley looked a little spent but could recover himself extremely quickly. His worry was did the darkness possess them? He had taken the darkness out of their blades, but was it enough?

Kasim, Kwanda and Milich approached.

"THIS SEER....." Kasim droned.

"HE WILL PAY...." Kwanda stated.

Crowley began to worry.


Crowley looked ready to either faint or kill them. But instead, he did something he hadn't done for a while.

He smirked. Their spirits were strong, and even in death, they tried to make light of the situation.

Maybe the world he lived in wasn't one to despise after all......


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