The Choice Chapter 27


By Chris Homer

The Hero walked on, in the gates of hell, where this evil erupted. His mission, to destroy it. The power seemed impossible, but if anyone could do it, it would be the son of the legendary Teo McDohl.

His staff was ready, ready to utlise all the techniques Master Kai had taught him, his noble blood bubbling as the temperature rose in his body.

He looked at his group, Sydonia, the Seer was ready to extract some revenge. His power would be extremely useful in a situation like this.

Also with him, the powerful Eikei stood by them. His power and martial arts knowledge could be handy, but could even his incredible power be enough for the underworld?

The ninjas were also with him. They looked as nervous as anyone. Particularly Kasumi, the pretty young ninja's features were crossed with sweat and worry. Even Kage, the coldest man in almost any circumstance couldn't freeze in the intense heat and worry.

That was not a good sign.

As he was contemplating these thoughts, Kasumi walked by him.

"Are you all right?" He had taken a beating from Flik and Viktor.

"A bit sore, but I'll live. It's incredibly hot though." he said.

"Yeah." she said, softly.

It seemed by the look in her eyes piercing through his the term 'hot' wasn't just about the surroundings around them.

The feelings inside the Hero started to bubble inside of him.

"Young McDohl....." she said, calm yet scared at the same time.


"As we may not get out alive again, I might as well tell you something which has bothered me for a while......" she said, looking down at the heated gravel beneath her feet.

The Hero's heart started beating much faster than normal.

"We've been good friends, but I wish it sometimes to be more....I mean, I wish to have different company than the ninjas....I mean....Oh hell, Hero, you....." she trailed off, red in the face, and probably not because of the heat.

It may have been beating at 120 beats a minute, but it suddenly stopped and went into the Hero's throat.

"Wh...what?" he stammered, in a whispery voice.

"" she said, whispering.

The Hero looked ready to blubber, but Kasumi shushed him. "Don't say anything, I don't want any agony or happiness, as this may be the last time. I don't want any crushing or happiness. I just wanted to tell you that."

She went over and pecked him on the cheek.

The Hero's face turned a huge shade of red. Despite what she said, something had to come out.

"Kasumi, I......"

Suddenly, the earth shook beneath them. The impact was like a tidal wave. The rocks crashed into the party from behind, causing them to fall and be carried along in the wave of rocks. A party of screams was all that was heard......


When the Hero woke up, he stared up into a face. Not the cute face of Kasumi, but an evil, sinister face, sneering over at him.

"Welcome, son of Teo."

Hero looked up to see Advocat, clearly marked by his crystal 'A' on his chest, with a lot of Shinju/Tenshu demons behind him.

Teo groaned as he got up. At least he hadn't killed him. That means he wanted him alive. For what purpose, he was unsure.

He turned around. All his comrades, including Sydonia and Kasumi were still out.

"What do you want....." Teo said, but a psychic pain flooded his body.

"Silence. I'll give the word when you can speak." Advocat said, sending him to the floor.

"As to your question, I will address it. For over 5 centuries, the Black Seers have been taking over this planet, stage at a time. We went for the prime target when Windy and Barbarosa got together, but it looks like we underestimated the power of the human spirit. Leknaat, the White Seer, countered our power, and somehow you defeated many of my Seers, including Neclord, Windy and Barbarosa." he smirked.

"But Leknaat is not a bother now, is she? When we brought back Windy, the link between light and dark was broken. Windy was as you put it, 'in limbo.' This meant she was both light and dark."

"She couldn't be sensed. This limbo is an alternative plane where neither dark or light can be sensed or affected. However, as a Seer of both elements, Windy could affect both planes. Thus, she decided to once again, side with us. And poisoned her sisters mind with the dark thoughts as demonstrated by what we did to some of your friends. However, this was 1000 fold stronger. Leknaat was a Seer as well. She couldn't stop it. The body can be affected, but removed. However, the mind is a weak thing when poisoned, and yet, affected the rest of the body. Leknaat, was therefore, useless. Even with that brat Luc and her friend, Hellion, she can't do a thing about it!" Advocat cackled.

"Since then, you've tried to spot this. But you are in my domain, and even with a Seer in your army....(indicating Sydonia) can't defeat me." he said.

The Hero didn't doubt what he said. His power was glowing in him.

Still, that didn't mean that he had a chance.

The Hero held up his rune and his teleportation stone.

He concerntrated.

Advocat washed this trick. He knew what he was doing. He was calling his friends in here. He didn't care.

More people for his army.

More flesh for his minions.

He decided to let him try and stop him. It would be useless.

But as he said, don't underestimate the human spirit......


Crowley had only just recovered from his ordeal, when he sensed that evil was brewing.

He felt his senses kick in as the Hero's rune was flashing in his head.

"Generals, we are not going to rest, we've got to go. Master McDohl is contacting us....In fact...."

He said this as he and the Generals started to vanish.

"We're teleporting!"

Then they vanished.


Sonya, Cleo, Valeria, Kirkis, Rubi, Eileen (recovered, see last chapter), Lepant, Sheena, Jeane, Pahn and Pesmerga had already been teleported, but unfortunately, so had Windy, Yuber and Neclord. Advocat decided to even the odds a little, using his own power. He had lived many centuries, he was not stupid.

Sydonia and the ninjas plus Eikei had recovered as well, and were groggily wondering where the hell they were, but saw the evil face of Advocat, and moved into a backing stance.

Crowley then landed from a flash of white light, along with the Generals, and a still unconscious Flik and Viktor.

Advocat smiled as they all looked on.

"It's looks like your friends are ready to battle." Advocat smirked.

Sydonia and Crowley walked forward.

"Yes, but you will lose, Advocat. Remember us?" Sydonia smirked.

Advocat sensed into them. "Yes, failures. But you still have the power inside of you. I could increase it and make you part of us....but on the other hand, after I've removed your little souls, you will become part of me anyway. So, lets just enjoy the festivities." he sneered.

Sydonia and Crowley backed off, as Advocat's army of demons floated up.

"Let's see if you can withstand these, along with my minions." he sneered, as Yuber, Neclord and Windy assumed battle positions.


"Can't have a party without me, eh father?" Rasputin smirked as he walked in, calmly.

"Of course not son, the more the merrier." Advocat smirked.

The Hero got worried. Rasputin was very powerful. How could they defeat such odds now?

Rasputin smirked to the Hero, who seemed to have read his mind.

"I shall destroy you all....." he said out loud, and to himself, he added.

"....including you, father."


The final chapter before the big fight. 3 chapters left.

This is getting very interesting. Who will win? Will you be surprised? Will you care? No, thought as much.

So the final 3 chapters, Last Dance, Last Romance and Final Destiny, will be ready soon (hopefully), sorry for a long wait for the last chapters, but I've been busy revising for my A-Levels. Thanks for waiting!


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