The Choice Chapter 28

Last Dance

By Chris Homer

The blood was pumping through the veins of the son of Teo McDohl as the battle formation came about.

There were 20 of them, including Eileen, who wouldn't be much use, only just recovering and not in warriors mood, and not including Flik and Viktor, still in anmesia state.

The amount of demons, orc-demons, giant demons and the warriors of Rasputin, Advocat, Neclord, Yuber and Windy didn't help.

But he had to some thing.

He attacked.

The others followed suit. He had no time to form a battle plan. He just hoped and prayed.

The first row of demons, the weakest of Rasputin's and Advocaat's minions, were still really powerful. However, darkness was weak against light. Lightning and fire spells were on the agenda as Kirkis and Rubi attacked with their respective spells.

Pesmerga and Sheena did most of the slashing, as their blades could harm them, as could Crowley and Sydonia, with their dark magic, ridding them of the world.

But it seemed Rasputin was just teasing them or testing them. Advocaat seemed ready to end it quick.

The powerful demons came in lot, with Yuber trying his luck again with Pesmerga, their revenge. Crowley had cast the Dark Blade spell again, knowing that the Generals could take the evil which may come from it, and was ready to remove it. Sydonia, sensed what was going on, and also cast the spell, but only on Pahn, Cleo, Rubi and Kirkis, to be on the safe side.

Jeane at the back, cast defensive spells as the ninjas went for the powerful figures of Neclord and Windy. They couldn't get near Advocaat, who had some sort of barrier on.

Sonya rejoined her cohorts of the Generals as she help them with defensive and curing spells. However, the numbers game was certainly going to be a problem.

The Hero couldn't think of anything, as he cast his dark rune spells to remove some of the demons near by, as he focused his powerful rune on the more powerful orc-demons and giant-demons.

Advocaat sneered. Victory was his.

Rasputin sneered. Victory was truely his.


Kasumi was getting tired, fighting many demons throughout this entire ordeal and being kidnapped and malested did that to a person.

But she couldn't let herself down. She couldn't let her fellow ninjas down.

She couldn't let Teo down......

She had made a preculamation of love just before this battle, but didn't want to know what Teo thought, thinking that possible rejection and heartbreak wouldn't be the best way to go into a battle, a life or death battle in that.

But secretly, she did want the answer back.

But she had too much to concerntrate on as another demon came at her.

She expertly dodged the demon, who could only attack by possessing her and controlling her. She ran, punches, turning it into black air. It easily reformed though, but fell to Kage's black sword, which the Hero's spell had also enveloped.

Kasumi saw her fists glow black.

She turned to the Hero, battling with his rune, but she saw something out of the glint of his eye.

He winked.

Kasumi smiled, but then returned to the serious business of destroying this evil.


Pahn ran with his rune, the powerful fists striking many demons, and dispating them.

But whenever he destroyed 3, 7 took their place.

"Damn! I can't hold out anymore!" he said.

"I bet you say that to all the ladies!" a familiar female voice said.

Pahn turned to Cleo, running to help him. He turned back to his problem, and saw that they had vanished courtesy of the dark arrows of Cleo.

Pahn blushed a tad and wiped off some sweat. It was roasting in the underworld, and he certainly wasn't enjoying it.

Cleo drew her sword as he went in close range, pressing her back against Pahn.

"You watch me, I watch you." she said. "This may be the last time we can see each other, we'd better make the most of it." she said.

Pahn perked up slightly. "You'd miss me?"

Cleo, slightly angered, said "Of course, I would you dimwit! How many best friends do you think I have?"

Both started to blush, but a huge giant-demon broke their moment.

"If we survive, I've got a lot to say to you. And if we don't....well...shit, I'd miss you as well." Pahn said.

Cleo nodded and they attacked.


Kirkis and Rubi's magic was doing enough to wipe amount many demons at a time, but they couldn't handle all of them, especially the stronger ones.

Then, a speeding light flashed by them as an orc-demon was pounded in a flash of white and black.

The light stopped and put her arms around her two elven friends.

"Miss me?" she said.

Kirkis smiled, whilst Rubi blushed as they both nodded. Valeria was gonna ask why, but another orc demon swished by. Kirkis cast a fire spell on Rubi's flying arrow, dispatching it quite effectively.

Valeria wanted to tell Rubi how she felt, but knew this wasn't the time or the place. She was content to know that if she died, at least she would be with her friends.

Valeria struck with her deadly Falcon Rune many times as Rubi and Jeane cured many times on everyone.

This better not be the last time......


Sheena and Pesmerga were after the bigger fish in Windy, Neclord and Yuber, with Jeane and Lepant in back-up, Eikei fending any demons attacking easily.

Pesmerga's white knife slashed many times as Jeane cast a powerful shield around them.

Despite that, Neclord's attacks came through at times, as did Windy's.

Sheena cast fire at Windy as Jeane slashed away at Neclord with her claws, Neclord weakened from the blows of Sheena.

Lepant attacked Windy with fire spells and sword as Jeane and Sheena went to fight Neclord and Pesmerga fought Yuber.

Lepant's powerful blade would have killed mere mortals with the blows he was hitting, but Windy wasn't that. She laughed them off as she cured herself. The fire spells were working a bit better, as Windy didn't like fire, focusing mainly with ice magic.

Windy's spells were powerful and if Jeane hadn't cast her protection spells, Lepant would have been a frozen popsicle now.

Lepant brandished a fire blade (courtesy of Sheena's magic) and began to attack again, this time with much more efficiency. The blade drew blood and burns (you can tell I did English Literature, author's sarcastic remark of the day), as Lepant struck as powerful as he could, in a state of revenge of Eileen, who was in the greatest danger, not being able to fight. Luckily, Crowley and Sydonia took care of them as she went in a shield casing similar to Flik and Viktor.

But Lepant wanted it to end. Eikei couldn't hold out forever for all the demons which came at them.

Lepant cast his strongest flame spell at the same time Sheena had cast one to aid his father.

Windy screamed as she fell back, engulfed in flame. She had to cure herself.....the mighty Windy fall to a simple trick....

Yuber noticed this and quickly cured her, as Windy started to panic.

"I'm getting weak....I can't go like way...."

Her thoughts were interrupted by the fire blade striking her with the hilt, knocking her senseless.

"That really hurt.....I can't....."

She struggled to her feet as she quickly cured and rolled away from Lepant. However, she couldn't heal forever. She had to win.......

Neclord enjoyed teasing the 'kids' as his fight with Sheena and Jeane wasn't going quite like he expected. The damned blade of Sheena was hurting him badly, and his spells weren't doing as much damage as he hoped, as that young girl was a rune master, and her spells were a real pain.....

Literaly. As Jeane cast another cyclone spell and fire spell as Sheena struck with the Star Dragon Sword.

Neclord fell back. He fell once to the sword, he wouldn't fall again........

Neclord was a blood-thirsty vampire. He didn't expect his blood to be spilling.

He couldn't heal either, and both Windy and Yuber had their problems. He wondered if Advocaat or Rasputin could help?

Unknown to him, Rasputin could read his sick mind.

He smiled.

"I feel your pain, but as soon as you fall, I will make my move for this planet......without my father......."


Pesmerga was falling. Yuber had learnt his lesson from the last time and avoided the blows. Pesmerga didn't use magic, his rune was the killing rune, and a very appropriate name, as he was hell bent on murder of Yuber.

His slices came closer to piercing the Seers' heart (or whatever Seers have as an equilivent of a heart), but Yuber always avoided him and retaliated with dark spells.

The blade could actually dispate some of the dark magic, but not enough to make him a good baseball player, as he swung his knife, hit some, but missed others....

....and there was no catcher.

He fell, hurt, the blackness.......he had resisted before, he couldn't let it envelop him.....

The blood coming from his lips fell quickly as maybe he couldn't go on.....

He looked around. Two teenagers, battling a man which could be their great-great-great-great-great-great...etc....grandfather, and winning. He saw many of his comrades within the black magic, and surviving.

He couldn't give up if they wouldn't.

Catching Pesmerga off guard, his quick jitte slice caught Yuber completely off guard, sinking the blade into the shoulder.....

Yuber screamed a blood-curdling scream as the pain seeped into him. Black and red blood flowed as the Seer bend down.

He had to cure it....not lose to these humans....

Advocat read his mind.

'You are a pawn for me to control this world, and I shall destroy you and your world....."

Unknowing his plans were going to be ruined by his offspring......


The Hero saw that the three stooges were falling, and his three stooges (Milich, Kwanda and Kasim) weren't. They were taking on the stronger demons and winning. Crowley and Sydonia had been there for back-up, removing them with their stronger spells.

The Hero realised that on the whole they were winning. Could they achieve the impossible?

But he realised that Rasputin, nor Advocat had raised a finger yet.

Should he try to destroy them now?

The Hero closed his eyes and cast a Hell spell on Advocaat....

....only for it to be repelled straight back at HIM!

He created a dark shield to protect him as Hell commenced.......


As he got up, Advocaat laughed at the young warrior.


Rasputin looked on. This could be handy. As one of no soul, his thoughts couldn't be read, and seeing his father's power being used may be useful in weakening him for his own attack......

The Hero jumped and flashed his staff at Advocat, who avoided it easily. Advocat, despite living many decades and centuries, his moves resembled a skill martial artist, moving effortlessly and flawlessly.

Advocaat attacked with his dark magic, which Hero countered with his own. Sydonia and Crowley came back to help him.

"We need extra power...." Crowley said as his shield went into connection.

Sydonia went into a mediation. He had to do something....

An idea came into his head, one which he had considered for a while, but it was too risky then, but now.....

Sydonia cast dark sparks in the air as black electricity came through his hands and surrounding the area.

It's secondary move was to rid the demons, which it did, but its primary objective was......

Two powerful burst of electricity hit the shields holding Flik and Viktor, dispating the magic.


"Trust me! It's a risk but being exposed to the removal of power that you said may have removed their own brainwashing as well!"

(Refer to Chapter 26)

Flik and Viktor were unconscious, but had indeed had some colour back in their bodies.

Jeane took a risk and cast cure spells on them.

Bated breath as Crowley kept the strong shield spell on them as Flik and Viktor's eyes.....

.......began to flutter.

The Hero gasped as they opened and stood up.

Flik and Viktor looked at Advocat....

....then at Rasputin....

.....and then at the Hero.

The Hero looked back in their eyes....not the black psychotic eyes he had last seen....the same eyes of hope and trickery that they had before they had departed.

"Flik....Viktor....I'm so sorry....." The Hero said.

Flik and Viktor turned and looked at them again, and at each other...

....and they nodded.

Advocaat was a man of little emotion, so he was surprised when he felt an emotion which hadn't occured to him in a very, very, long time.


The lightning rune of Flik pierced through him, totally unexpected as Flik and Viktor stood on opposite sides of the Hero.

"What the hell have you gotta be sorry about? We wanted to sacrifice ourselves, and now, we're back together, man!"

"But not for long if these guys have their way....." Sydonia said.

"Hey, don't say that. We'll have the reunion.....right after we've taken out the trash!" he smiled.

Hero smiled. "Yeah!"

Advocat growled angirly. "You worthless piles of excrement! We should have left you where we found you, but you will die at my hands....NOW....."

Flik's sword Odessa swung in mid-swing trying to strike Advocaat. He moved back but was unprepared for....


The multiple clone rune was still on Viktor and he struck many times, Advocaat confused to the real Viktor before blasting an Evil Gate spell, blasting them back away. The real Viktor fell.

"Uggh....I'm outta shape!" he moaned.

Advocaat knew now this wasn't going to be easy. But why the hell wasn't Rasputin doing anything......


Rasputin was busy watching Windy, Yuber and Neclord in trouble. He was sneering. His father probably wanted them dead as well.

Oh well, he'd help him for the final time, but he'd keep the humans they could see the destruction of their world.

With a sigh, Rasputin raised a hand, and cast a powerful blue flame, flashing and surrounding all of the warriors.

Windy screamed as a skylight flashed around her. She was incinerated within seconds.

Yuber fell as the light surrounded him. He vanished, similar to the demons that Eikei had dispatched.

Neclord fell the same way, but without saying one word. "Why....."

The humans were all unconscious, but alive. Rasputin smirked. He would enjoy this more.

He cast some black vines and tied them up across the wall, the vines sticking like blue tac across the walls.

They could watch it as they recovered.

Rasputin was ready.


Advocaat had managed to dispatch most of the humans, all of them except the 5 he was fighting (part human in Crowley and Sydonia's case) were barely conscious, but to his displeasure, not dead. He wondered if there was some force which kept them from dying, he had cast his strongest spell on them.

Rasputin had cast a dark barrier around them, just keeping them all conscious, but unable to battle. He wanted that honour for himself.

Now for the last few......

Rasputin, unknown to the others, busy fighting Advocaat, cast a drain spell, sapping their energy.

All of them fell slowly, except Crowley and Sydonia, but Rasputin cast a dark drain spell, removing the Seer's energy. It was mixed in with the spell that he had just used to kill Yuber and Neclord.

The Hero desperately tried to fight it, but he had been stupid. He forgot about him. It was all a plan.......

He seemed to pass out, but for some reason, his body wouldn't allow it. It was like something wanted to see this.......


"Son, you've proven yourself useful. Well done, now lets finish them.....poor fools....." he said.

"Yes, your right, they are poor fools, not unlike yourself father......" he said.

"What?" Advocat said.

"You heard."

Advocat stepped back. What the hell was his son on about?

"Father, it seems your mislead plans of conquering were nothing. You were a member of the Shinju Tribe, ready to destroy. That is all we know. But you don't have the power any more? Look at you, you couldn't defeat 5 people with many attacks and they damaged you badly, in one move I knocked them out. You are worthless now, and besides, the Tribe only wishes for one heir to destroy, which means there is only room for one member."

"Which means, welcome to your armageddon father." he said, and blasted a blast of blue energy at him.

Advocat shocked, fell back as Rasputin attacked.

"I want to see these humans watch you die, then watch their world destroyed before they died. That is why I kept them alive. I think that is the ultimate insult eh, humans surviving longer than the great Advocaat, even if it is only a few minutes longer." he said.

"But then again, I could do all three things in one go. He concerntrated his power......

Advocaat had to do something. He concerntrated as well.....

Rasputin fell before he attacked.


Many of the humans had now recovered and had gone to the others, checking if they were all right, e.g. Hero and Kasumi, Pahn and Cleo, Sheena and Jeane, Lepant and Eileen, etc.

But they couldn't do too much as the two Shinju masters battled.


"Your no match for me father, you are weak from age and battles. Me, I'm younger, more powerful and fresher. You will pay."

Advocaat scowled as more dark blasts and blow struck, but Rasputin returned the attacks tenfold.

The Hero held Kasumi tightly as the battle raged on.

"It's time for the final apocolypse to commence....."

His most powerful attack, one which could expand, to kill more than his father....

To kill the humans and Seers surrounding him.....

To destroy the humans listening in.....

To destroy the whole damn world......

Advocaat had the same move as well though. If he was going down, his son would go down as well.

Both glowed in an immense blue light.

"APOCOLYPSE....." Rasputin said as he glowed.

"NOW..." smirked Advocaat.

Rasputin was shocked.

"NO, YOU CAN'T....."


Hero went to his communication device. Juppo spoke on the other end.

"Juppo, I've one word to say to you and to everyone back there....."

Juppo waited with bated breath.


And broke the device.


Yes, this is the end.....but not the end of the fanfic!

Two parts left, death is upon them, how will they spend their last moments alive?

Maybe the title of the next chapter may give you a clue, 'Last Romance.'


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