The Choice Chapter 29

Last Romance

By Chris Homer

The world was finished, as both Rasputin and Advocat hit their Apocolypse Now attacks at the same time.

What the humans there saw was a blast of blue light enveloping them and expanding throughout the area.

But there was a long dramatic pause before they incinerated.

And that was the time for some last words........


#1) Rubi and Valeria (and aftermath from Kirkis)

"Well, Rubi, considering that death is upon us, there is something I've been meaning to tell you....." Valeria started.

"There's been something I've wanted to tell you too......" she said.

"I'll go first." Valeria interrupted. "Since I rejoined the work of the elves, I have been dubbed an elf-lover. Well, as armaggeddon approaches, I guess that statement isn't more true than now. Quite literaly."

Rubi watched as she wiped tears out of her eyes.

"Rubi, I love you, and I'll love you after my death." she said, more tears flooding into her eyes.

Rubi tenderly wiped them off as the heat started to increase.

"Valeria, how could I not fall for such a pretty face?"

He kissed a tear away.

"I love you....." A soft tender kiss was planted as they held each other warmly, content to let time pass.

That time being 5 seconds.............


Kirkis, in his last living moments just remembered his wedding which was never to be. This mess all started from that incident in his opinion, and he felt guilty, but also upset that he wouldn't even tell Sylvinia goodbye.

At his time of death, Kirkis was crying himself to death.


#2) Lepant and Eileen

Lepant had seen torture in front of his eyes as his wife had been hounded since the very start of this adventure, and now, she was gonna be taken away from this world, as he was.

But at least they would always be together.

As the vows say, as death do us part.

Lepart hugged his young wife nearby and held his sword above his head.

"If this world ends today, then by Nostradamas, this world will have my ashes so that my descenants will enhabit the new world!"

Lepant didn't wait for death. He took his sword and impaled himself.

It was lucky that his wife was already unconscious. She didn't have to know the pain that had came and was going to come.

Lepant looked his last look at Sheena, who was holding Jeane before he passed away.

As he fell, oblivion occured......


#3) Jeane and Sheena

Sheena held onto his best friend as tight as he could. He was seen as the next Hero, the next Teo, the next Lepant. Like father, like son.

Instead, he would watch an impossible foe destroy him and his world.

Jeane, the young runemaster however didn't look scared.

"Jeane, are you alright?" Sheena said holding her.

"Yeah. I know what is coming. We will not die and leave this world. We will die, but be reunited in another world." Jeane said.

"Huh?" Sheena said.

"There are two things I must do before we depart." she said.

First, she held her hands down, wrapped her arms around the muscular waist of Sheena and kissed him softly in the lips.

And the second thing.....


Jeane focused all of her shield energy focusing on one person. The Hero. He had to survive just momentarilly because he had to see something....something he thought he would never see......

She didn't hear the scream of Sheena as Lepant fell.....

Nor her own scream as she fell to her death........


#4) Flik and Viktor

"Oh we recover, we save, and then we die. Pretty unique ending to a fanfic eh?" Flik said.

(Chris: Hey, get back to work! It's almost over, these are your last lines!)

(Flik: Yeah, whatever ya pompous git!")

(Chris: I heard that! If you weren't gonna die already, I would kill you now!)

(Flik: Oh, that hurt!)

(Viktor: Look, can we just get on with it, prolonging death makes me nervous.)

(Chris/Flik: Sorry)

"Well, at least we can say goodbye this die before dying......" Viktor said.

Flik looked at his sword, Odessa.

"Odessa, I am about to join you......" Flik said.

"Goodbye cruel world....." Viktor joined in.

Viktor plunged the sword into the earth as the pain sank in.



#5) Cleo and Pahn

Cleo knew when death was coming. And she wouldn't fight it. This time, she was done fighting.

She had to tell Pahn how she felt now. She wouldn't get another chance, well, in the living world anyway.

She remembered Pahn saying if they lived, he had a lot to tell her. And if they didn't.......

Well, they lived momentarilly, she had to take advantage.

Cleo went by Pahn and snuggled up to him.

Pahn was a bit shocked as Cleo cuddled by him. Death was approaching, but she was content just to be by him one final time.

True be told, Pahn was scared of death, but also truth be told, he was content as well.

He wrapped his strong arms around her small waist.

"You knew didn't you...." he said.

Cleo nodded.

They kissed, passionately and sweetly, content to hold it, not bothering to notice death about to grasp them.

But before death, at least they were together.

They didn't even feel the pain, they were lost inside each other. And for their last living moments, they were truly happy.


#6) Hero and Kasumi (ninjas aftermath)

Unlike the others, Kasumi didn't wait for death to kiss the Hero, as she just jumped in his arms and kissed him hard.

The Hero kissed her hard back, sweeping her into his arms and holding her as tight as he could.

Kasumi muffled something as the Hero released her.

"I said, if I meet you in another world, I'll never love you more than the world we will leave...." she said and softly kissed her back.

Unknown to everyone including the Hero, except for Jeane, the Hero and Kasumi (linked with him) were being enveloped in a different light to the others.

Death didn't occur as quick for them as for everyone else.....


Fuma, Kage and Eikei weren't as lucky. They didn't fear death as well, they knew one day it would come, and this day wasn't much different. They just prayed and waited for it.


#7) And the others.......below

Pesmerga was surprised that death was only coming now, he should have been dead when he faced Yuber many times, but he survived, so he didn't fear death.

His light blade was his only friend in this world.

And his time in this world was coming to an end.......


Milich, Kasim, Kwanda and Sonya joined together for one final time.

Sonya was a strong girl, but didn't resist when Kwanda held her hard as she cried, afraid of death as was everyone.

They were just happy to be reunited for one final time, Milich and Sonya quickly made up as well as they all hugged.

They may have been fighters, but they had hearts....

...and they weren't gonna break even if death was gonna happen.........


Crowley and Sydonia couldn't stop this attack. Their power wasn't strong enough.

It looks like their dark powers would return to the underworld where it came from.

Sydonia remembered his early days as a bandit with Varkas, and that he had a decent life. But then his victory in the Imperial Army was followed with him using his powers to save Leknaat....

...and he had failed.

Appropriate, that he would fill the grave as well.

Crowley despised this world, so he was glad that it was being destroyed.

However, his time in the Imperial Army had taught him a few things, that heroship and companionship are important in a person's life.

Sighing, he wished he had learnt sooner......

He welcomed death...........


#8) And the others above.......

After Juppo got the message, and the device was cut, Juppo started to cry. There was nothing he could do.......

The Hero wanted him to tell the others, but he couldn't. They were all waiting with bated breath.....

But they knew.

The end was coming.

Camille closed her eyes as she held Gremio one last time.

FuSuLu stopped eating.

The Kobolds howled.

The mark of death was upon them.....

All they saw was a bright blue flash........


Advocaat and Rasputin tried to outdo each other, but long after they incinerated, their spell was powered by their black ashes and kept expanding.

The world was history.

Life ended.

Except for two figures.....barely alive....

The Hero looked up, a huge gash in his side, blood leaking. His time was soon come, he just wished the gods hadn't picked him for a slower, more painful death.

He saw Kasumi, however, still alive, and full bodied, everyone else had been incinerated and scattered in ashes......

She was close to death as well, unconscious, and breathing slowly.

He kissed her lips for the last time.

He was about to pass out when a new sight came upon him........

Another blue light, but it was flashing and had a cool glow around it.

And a figure was coming from it.......

Walk into the light, Hero........


NOTE: As I wrote this chapter, I had watched the last episode of Mortal Kombat Mythologies. I already planned it like this, but that episode influenced the fact that everyone died.

It was sad, but good for a chance that evil won instead of good. Heh, heh, I'm a psychotic son of a gun! Why did Kitana have to die though, she was cute.....

Anyway, one more chapter left, short and sweet, the finish and end of an era.......


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