The Choice Chapter 5

Heroes and Villains

By Chris Homer

The Hero and Gremio arrived at the seer's palace just to see Hellion crying over Leknaat. Luc pacing up and down impatiently. Luc was the first one to see them.

"Thank Seer you are here! We need help. Leknaat is in trouble....and I have a feeling you all are in trouble as well!"

The Hero and Gremio looked at each other weirdly, but shrugged and followed the young one.

They kneeled by Leknaat and a sobbing Hellion. Hellion tried to speak but her mouth was gushing through of tears, so Luc rallyied what had happened.

".......basically, what we think happened is that Windy has returned....." From this sentence alone, the Hero froze and Gremio's old fears returned to him, but from Luc's impatient look, that wasn't the end of the sentence either.

".......and she has rose upon the warriors known as the Acolaytes, a fierce bunch of Tenshu warriors, who are skilled in every form of fighting art and rune magic, they have an ancient pedigree which I must tell you about, because from what I see, you are a child seeking your destiny, well, to be blunt, this is it."

Leknaat had now been put in a chamber of rune energy to protect her body and soul erupting. She was frozen, but in no pain whilst Luc and Hellion did their best to tell the story.

"Long ago, when Leknaat and Windy were young and on good terms, there was a tribe of young warriors, eager to learn the ways of the warrior. They were known as the Shinju Tribe of a place known as Ryoshi.

"One day, the seer guardians sent themselves down along with the two sisters to build an army of fearless warriors, so that if the ancient War of Seers prophercy came true, then they would have an army...."

"Hold it!" screamed the Hero. "War of Seers?"

"Oh, sorry. I'd better explain. The War of Seers was a prophercy which involved the White Seers, the good Seers of the air, against the Black Seers of the undergrowth. Needless to say which side they were on. Their leader was a man named Advocat, with their son, Rasputin. "

"Anyway..." Luc continued. "......the White Seer Guardians covered the army in a rune blanket, allowing them to become more experienced in the ways of magic and the ways of fighting. They crafted handmade swords and spears and became more efficient. Within weeks and months, they had all weapons, knifes, slings, staves, flails, etc, and now had the resources to forge them into strong weapons. They were also using the runes to more magical and powerful use, and were forming an exceedingly good warrior group."

"However, the Black Seers were getting interested in this group. So, whilst the guardians left, leaving the more mature and developed Leknaat and Windy to help them in their magic casting, Advocat and Rasputin entered as well. They countered the 'blanket' with their own, casting a dark shadow across the town of Ryoshi. The Shinju Tribe were powerful now, but Advocat, the master of Shadow magic, simply cast powerful poison spells, and dark magic spells to counter their white magic. Caught in that mist was.......Windy."

The Hero and Gremio nodded in understanding.

"After their damage was done, the guardians returned with Windy and Leknaat but the dark mist inside of Windy could not be countered by the white magic of the guardians. They didn't know what would happen to her as the power developed inside of her as she grew as well. Of course, we know what happened." Luc finished.

Hellion took over at this point. "After the black magic enveloped the Shinju Tribe, Advocat returned to control them. The taste of evil made the tribe hungry for more. Rasputin's dark blanket spell made sure they were under the influence of that, for many years to come."

"After many years, Rasputin, now suceeding Advocat, decided to make the tribe theirs. He cast a dark shadow spell over them, forcing them underground, into the abyss that was their home. Now, these warriors have erupted once again, now that Windy was dead, they have obviously thought her as one of them after the darkness surrounded her. They brought her back to life, and Rasputin is now the leader of this tribe, formerly known as the Shinju Tribe, now known as the Acolyates." She finished with a sigh.

The Hero and Gremio digested this information. They hadn't seen any of them, but there had to be a reason for this to erupt now.

"A number of your friends have been in contact with these already. Lepant is after them, because they have kidnapped Sheena and Eileen, Humphrey and Futch, along with other members have been after them after destroying the Den and kidnapping Joshua and Streutz. Cleo and Pahn almost had a confrontation with them, Sylvina has had a vision of it, and......." Hellion stopped.

"And what?" Gremio chose.

"I don't know if I should show you this......." Luc said.

"Show us what?" The Hero said, although part of him didn't want to know the answer, part of him horrified of what it could be.


Luc shone a crystal ball in front of them, it glowed with many prism colours, marvelling at it's beauty.

"Let's go back in time." Luc simply said.


The crystal shone in a bright light and flashed brilliantly that everyone had to protect their eyes. Then a picture unfolded.

Gremio gasped. "Master, that's Flik and Viktor!" he said.

The Hero nodded, recognising this as the last time that he saw them. He wondered if they escaped, and it looks like Luc would be showing if they would.

6 soldiers had surrounded them and Flik and Viktor were attacking with as much force as possible. Flik and Viktor were finding these characters much stronger than other soldiers they had faced.

They blasted them with what little energy they had. Viktor ran in striking them with his clone rune, then fell exhausted. Flik smiled and shot a blast of lightning, surrounding them, before exploding in them.

However, they were still standing, Flik was shocked, they had taken his best attack. Flik couldn't hold them on his own, and he fell to his unconscious state.

"Odessa......" he whispered at the end.

The 6 soldiers looked at them and metamorphisized. 6 black warriors carried the two to the top of the castle, where moments before Barbarosa and Windy had plunged. They leapt, but floated down.

They say two figures. Barbarosa was twisted in many different directions and looked an unpleasant sight. Windy, looked beautiful in a deathly sleep, the only sign of death was a trickle of blood running down her mouth.

The leader who had absorbed the lightning blast touched her head and concerntrated. A glow of black energy flowed from his hand into her head, starting up her adrenelin again. The adrenelin being the black mist controlling her.

Her eyes opened.

"Welcome back forgotten one." The leader, which was obviously Rasputin.


What happened next was shocking to both Gremio and The Hero. Windy stood up and placed a hand on both Flik and Viktor's heads. She closed her eyes and the same mist from Rasputin entered their bodies, only much more expertly.

Flik and Viktor opened their eyes.

"What do you want us to do Master and Mistress?" they said in unison.

The two heroes mouths dropped.

Luc broke the silence. "Correct. The two allies Viktor and Flik are now members of the Acolyates, and are hell bent on destroying you."

"That's right." Hellion concluded. "She has control over them, filled their heads with power and lies, their mission and the Acolyates is to destroy the Liberation Army, if that means every single member, then many could be dead unknown to us already."

Gremio almost fainted. This can't be happening..........


So, the conspirators have been named! Flik and Viktor are now on the recieving end. Hooray! (Sorry!) I've wanted to write a story where a main character is on the recieving end, and now I'm doing two (With Tifa from FF7 getting a raw deal as well, I'm cruel aren't I?)

Any guesses yet to the unknown warriors? Give me a buzz if you know on the usual adress,

Thanks for sticking by.


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