The Choice Chapter 6


By Chris Homer

Rokkaku was almost bare, as Lepant searched the cave area. The rocks were dangerously sharp, and looked like an extremely dangerous summer camp. However, as ninjas resided there, it was expected to be trecherous, so Lepant searched around the area.

If Kage was here, it would be sense that he would be in the cave. Either that, or hiding. The transparancy surrounding ninjas was omnipotent around the area, and Lepant suddenly felt afraid.

However, he heard the sound of a male and a female battling.

He hurried to the cave like area to investigate.

And there.

Kage delivered a swift jab to Kasumi, flooring her, before leaping in the air to perform a double stomp on her. She rolled out of the way and ran at him, attempting to hit him with her Shrike Rune, Kage countered quickly with a powerful uppercut, sending Kasumi flying in the air.

Still in mid-air, Kage punched her in the gut before hitting an axe kick, flooring her.

"Give up, Kasumi. You'll never be as good as me." he said, in a cool 'I don't give a damn.' voice.

"Never. We're not done yet!" she screamed.

"Oh yes he is."

Kage turned to see Lepant drawing his sword and arming a fire rune. Kage stood with a 'What the hell' look.

"Now, I'll ask you nice, then I'll tear your head off. Where is Eileen?' he said.

"I don't know, Lepant. Why are you accusing me of something I haven't even got a clue about?" he said.

"Liar! A bunch of ninjas attacked and kidnapped Eileen and Sheena. And I know that you don't give a damn about anything but money. Who sent you, ANSWER ME?!'

Kage went quiet. "I don't know. Don't let your rage attack me, I am innoncent." In a very cool voice.

A bit too cool for Lepant's liking. Usually the coolest person in the party had the murderous motives.

With a war-cry, he shot flaming arrows at Kage. Kage screamed at the pain, not excepting Lepant to attack. He rolled on the ground quickly to stop the flames, before seeing Lepant swing angrily with his sword.

Kage's ninja reactions avoided the blows easily, which was fortunate, as in a calm state, Lepant, one of the finest swordsman on the planet, could cut him to pieces. But in this state, he wasn't thinking. After the third miss, he hit a fist to the head, before quickly executing a Muay Thai kick at the same time, flooring Lepant.

Lepant knew that he wasn't getting anywhere. He had to calm down. He ran again, Kage expecting Lepant to swing again, but this time, he faked the swing and as Kage attempted to avoid, he swung back, catching him full on the chest.

Kage screamed as the blood appeared on his cloak. It soaked into, and Kage knew that the scar was going to be big.....and fatal as he saw Lepant run at him with the death blow.

He closed his eyes........

He opened them a few moments later to see Kasumi, who had been watching with fear, finally do something right, by running at Lepant, grabbing him and jumping 10 feet, before slamming him down hard.

The Shrike Rune had done enough. Lepant lay down unconscious.

"Well, Kasumi. It looks like you've finally...."

Kage didn't have a chance as Kasumi ran at him using the same maneuvre on Kage. Usually Kage would have avoided it, but this time, he wasn't excepting it. The move knocked Kage out of the floor.

"Sheesh, I'm the youngest and I've got to do the splitting!" she said. Well, let's see if we can sort this out........"


Camille looked out of the Republican position she had just resigned. After Sonya had left the Navy, she had also left. The two of them were like a team since they left. Both of them had an afflicition with Gremio, although they had promised not to remove each other's heads, and both were skilled warriors.

So, it was no coincidence when they bumped into Cleo and Pahn, as soon as they teleported in Kaku.

"Hey watch where you're going you dumb...." both Sonya and Cleo started to say but realising who each other was, calmed down.

"Oh brother!" Pahn and Camille both said, slapping each other on the head.

"What are you doing here?" said Cleo. "Aren't you supposed to be in the army and navy or something like that?"

"Were, Cleo. We've had enough. All of the former General's have been taken advantage of us and we're sick of it. Problem is, now we've hacked the thing, we don't know where to go." said Sonya.

"Well, did you know that Kirkis' wedding is in a couple of weeks?" said Cleo. Both girl smiled.

"Well, I'm going to head over there. I'm not sure about the muscle-merchant by me." she said, looking sternly at Pahn.

"O.K, so elf-weddings aren't exactly my thing. Big deal." he said.

Camille noticed a couple of familiar figures heading towards her.

"Hey, if it isn't the flirter." she smirked.

Tai Ho and Kimberly walked to them, hand in hand. Since Kimberly practically forced herself into his household, and with the money Tai Ho got from the splitting of the money collected, plus his job in boat rides and selling boats to the Republican, Kimberley, like Tai Ho, was enjoying a carefree life. However, the two were becoming fond of each other. Too fond in fact, as Yam Koo had left to go to Toran. Now the world was their oyster.

"Enjoying life, Tai?" said Cleo.

"Uh, huh." he replied, with his cheeky grin.

"Oh, stop being boring." giggled Kimberly.

"Anyway, is this a reunion? Pahn, oh, no not for me. Prefer that Flik fellow. Hey, where'd he go, anyway?" said Kimberley.

Cleo, Pahn and Tai Ho were giving her murderous looks.


The figure appeared within Leknaat's Palace.

Hellion, Luc, Hero and Gremio turned as a figure in a black cloak appeared.

Immediately Gremio and Hero grabbed their weapons, but Hellion waved them off.

"It's O.K. I know who this is." she said.

"This is one of the former Black Seers, however, was banished from the undergrowth after an insisting refusal to commit in the wars. He was a great fighter, but despite the mist, it didn't evilise him, it made him sinister, but to turn against his master, Rasputin."

"After banishment, he was found by a man. After being nursed to health, this man joined the first man in an art of banditary, for good. This former Seer warrior refused to reveal his true self, now, he is a spy with the Dragon Knights, who can communicate with us with our approval....."

"....and former member of the Liberation Army." she concluded.

"What?" said Gremio.

"Take off your hood, young man." she said.

The man obeyed.

As it came off, Gremio and Hero looked on in awe. The mans face was black, but with a scar on his mouth. It had a twisted smile, ready to laugh, and the black hair looked weird on him. His physique was much improved from last time, and despite the changes, they recognised him.

"Sydonia." They said together.

"Heh, heh." he replied.


Surprised? No. Damn! Didn't achieve my goal then.


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