The Choice Chapter 9

Pieces of the Puzzle

By Chris Homer

"You are a Seer?" Gremio asked Sydonia with amazement.

"Heh, heh, why look so shocked?" Sydonia said. His voice was rusty and crackled, but touch of power that he had was still in it.

"Well, you weren't exactly the most talkative of our group....." said The Hero.

"So, that's no fact, my 'quietness' was a way of stopping myself blab about my power." he said.

Hellion moved forward. "Varkas found him practically dead from the power of Advocat, but Varkas knew the healing arts, you needed to if you practised banditary. Sydonia here, he refused to let knowledge of who he was involve and join Varkas. However, he was consistently plagued by nightmares by the dark sinister mist forever planted inside him. Now, we bring him here to become a powerful Seer warrior.

Sydonia took two weapons from his back. One was a crossbow, glowing of white magic. The other was a claw, a foot in length, attached to his right hand.

"These weapons were given to me by young Luc. I will soon return to the earth with you young master, to stop this evil and banish the black Seers to the afterworld, where they first came." Sydonia replied.

"I think you may only have to wait about 5 minutes." Luc said from the back.

Gremio and The Hero looked to the young magican.

"Sylvinia has communicated us. The Village of The Elves has been attacked, many of the army was wounded and she hasn't got the strength to cast more healing magic. Also, Pahn, Sonya and Rubi have been kidnapped." Luc said.

"Oh dear." The Hero said.

"No time to waste. I'l come with you and keep an eye on you." said Luc. "Hellion, are you coming?"

"No, I have to watch over Leknaat. Any move that Windy might make could seriously affect her. Go on and give me a full report when everything has been revealed." Hellion concluded.

"O.K, Seer." Luc said. With a clasp of his hands, he, Gremio, Sydonia and the Hero vanished.

"Good luck, and at God's speed." Hellion wished.


Juppo had already hooked a telecommunication's line throughout so that via the teleportation stone of Humphrey's they could communicate with the cities and also with any other member of the Liberation's army members who had a stone. However, Juppo was concerned. It had only been a couple of months but he missed Meg, his little niece. It was her who brought a smile to his face and helped within the tricks, the line was her idea in the first place. From then, she had left her home of Kouan, saying to find an adventure, probably with Lorelai, one of her good friends. Hell, he missed that life, just being easy.

However, unlike Krin, Juppo seemed to have gained some nobility, and his inventions for the Dragon Knights were becoming handy. However, he knew even with Sydonia's help, they couldn't do too much. Only Humphrey was an experienced fighter, although Milia pulled a few punches as well. They needed more firepower, and he would bring them here with this.

He wanted Varkas to join them so could link up with Sydonia (although neither of them know about Sydonia's seer power) again, and the other two he wanted was Alen and Grensal. He thought that people like Pahn, Eikei, Morgan and Fu Su Lu would be extremely handy, but getting them would be harder.

If the Knights were going to succeed, he would be the one who would be the man behind it.

Without a word, he started to attach the power switch to the line and began his recruiting mission.


So, Sydonia has power and Juppo has dignity. Interesting.

A number of characters will join, although they will be ones not mentioned. I have decided that Morgan, Alen and Grensal will join, but others, I'm not sure.

Interesting point about the Elves scenario. I think Sylvinia, (with Kirkis) Valeria (with Rubi), Cleo (Pahn), and most of the males (Sonya), are going to be extremely pissed off! Let's see how this scenario carries on.


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