The Choice

By Chris Homer

Hi! You may have seen on Icy Brian's page my Final fantasy 7 stories, which have given me quite a challenge to produce. Well, this is my first attempt at something different. This will probably be the first and only fanfic for Suikoden (unless persuaded otherwise), but I did enjoy the game and have recently completed it, and something in my hands wanted me to write a stroy, to wrap out a number of loose ends.

The style of writing for this is different to my FF7 work. This story will consist of short chapters, but many of them. With my 3rd FF7 story already in progress and a WWF meets FF7 and a United Worlds story in progress (very skecptical at the moment but for wrestling fans such as IB, it should be good), I can't predict when this will finish. However, for all you Suikoden fans out there, be patient. This will hopefully be good, and many chapters coming (at least 30)


The Choice Introduction

If you've completed the came with all 108 characters, you'll know that each of them have a set goal afterwards (unless they die). However, some of those goals may have never achieved, and some get more than they bargained for.

NOTE: For obvious reasons, I am not going to focus on every single character from Suikoden. Just to make it clear, the main characters will be the Hero, Lepant, Luc, Humphrey, Gremio, Pahn, Cleo, Flik, Viktor (who return), Kirkis and Sonya. Of course, many of the other characters will be in it as well, but I am focusing primarily on them, particularly Hero, Flik, Viktor, Pahn and Cleo.


The Choice Chapter 1

A Dream

It was done.

Barbarosa, Windy, the Generals.


The Hero looked outside the castle which was once his home. Gregminster. His father Teo, one of the great generals. Died in his hands. He couldn't help but feel responsibility and a great tide of sadness.

But he stood up to his responsibility as leader of the Liberation army. And he had triumphed.

He knew he had help, and smiled at the thought of the misfits and ragtads which had helped him throughout the quest. He thought of Krin's sneaking and moaning, of Camille consist whining for money, for Tai Ho's consistent flirting, for Melodye's beautiful music, for the repeated clash of metal upon metal from the blacksmith's, and various other things.

No, he couldn't live without them.

But here he was alone.

And again, he looked ahead, wondering what had happened to Flik and Viktor. Did they die? Again, someone willing to protect their life for him, just like Gremio did for him when Milich had killed him.

Gremio, his loyal servant and friend. Still at his side. His death had been a huge blow, and seeing his hatchet before battle made it worse. But he defeated Sonya's army, and after recruiting her, Leknaat brought him back for his hard work in recruiting the Stars of destiny.

He turned. Sure, he and Gremio were now partners within the work of the Toran Republic, but....... wasn't for him. It was adventure that filled his veins. What made him feel alive. The legendary blood of the McDohl's flowing through him. It made him like that, and it was much better than all the responsibility he had.

He looked back at the castle.

"Young Master. What are you doing here, you'll freeze!"

The Hero looked in Gremio's direction, he told him a million times not to call him Young Master anymore, but Gremio couldn't help it. The Hero's gratitude towards Gremio for saving his life was more than could have dreamed, but he was slightly annoying for that same sake. He had to chuckle.

"What are you doing here anyway master?" Gremio asked.

The Hero looked ahead to the castle, the last site where he saw Viktor and Flik. As he, Viktor, Flik, along with his three other choices, Cleo, Pahn and Kirkis came upon the three headed monstrousity from the Emperor, they powered and battle, Viktor using the clone rune to devasting affct, whilst Flik blasted lightning. The Soul eater.....

The Soul Eater. A lethal force. Deadly to all including Windy.......

He wondered what ever happened to them. Did they must think, yes, no-one could survive a fall like that. Well, no human....but Windy?

It was time to go travelling again.

He pulled his rune out.

"Young Master, what are you doing?" said Gremio, but instead of the traditional black shadow cast upon them, a white light shone upon them.

The Hero spoke.

"I am finding my true destiny." he simply said, and with that, they vanished.

And out of the bushes two people came out.

"Well, I be darned. Come all the way to the castle and don't even stop to see us? Ungrateful." said the one.

"Odessa would be ashamed of this, but I have to tend to agree. We risked our asses for him and he doesn't even have the decency to check upon us." said the other.

"Well, you two don't have to cope with that. My other half is who they are visiting so I can control that magic as well as she can." said a third voice, female, whilst the other two were male.

"Very well, mistress. Shall we prepare?" the first male said.

"Yes, go back to the woods and start sharpening those swords of yours." The two men slid back into the shadows.

"Fools." she smiled, and laughed evilly.


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