Chrono Trigger: The Time Strikers Part I

By Christopher Anthony Blair

It's the year 1998. A lone jet bike raced along the road. It's rider checked the display in his helmet. He pulled over and look down at the city, Los Angeles, formely known as Truce Village.

"Man, this is a great view. I wonder if I can see my house from here."

"Warning, warning. Time flux forming." Max Triggara looked at his helmet.

"Uh, oh." A bright flash filled the sky. Suddenly, LA started to vanish as a shock wave spread out from where a huge mountian appeared. "Oh boy, time to haul jets!!" Max gunned the throttle and sped off.

"Warning. Time flux appicher ( that's the shock wave - CB ) approching. 40 seconds to impact." Max hit the boosters and went as fast as his jet bike would go. "Alert. Time flux forming. 5 seconds to impact." Max stared.

"What the heck?" A time gate opened up right in his path. " Oh Shi........" The gate shut behind him and the flux wave continued it's path of destruction.

At the end of time, an old man opened one of his eyes.

"Time flows like a river... And history repeats it's self." He looked to a pillar of light. "Guess I'd better get Janus."

Meanwhile, in the year 1002, Crono Triggara and Nadia Guardia ( Marle ) were walking along the sea shore.

"Isn't the sky beautiful Crono?" Crono nodded.

"I can't think of a better night." Suddenly, something fell from the sky and landed in the ocean near shore. "Did you see that? It looked like it came out of a time gate." Nadia was surprised.

"I saw it, but I don't believe it." Someone burst out of the water, coughing and trying to breath.

"Stay here. There's someone out there!" Crono ran and swam out to where the person was struggling to stay above the water. Crono pulled him back to shore. "You alright?" The person took off some kind of helmet.

"I'm fine. Ah, crap! My jet bike!! That thing took me two years to get! Ah! Why me?!" Nadia ran over to where they were standing.

"Is he alright?" Crono nodded.

"He's ok. Just a little wet. Who are you?"

"Max Triggara. And thanks for saving me. I only wish I could say the same for my jet bike." Nadia stared at Max.

"Did you say your name was Triggara?" Max nodded.

"Yeah. Why, is something wrong?" Crono spoke up.

"Yeah, that's my last name." Max just smiled.

"Hey, maybe we're related. So tell me. Where am I?"

"Truce Village, in the kingdom of Guardia." Max shook his head.

"That's impossible. Guardia fell in 1698. My ancestors were the last rulers of Guardia." Nadia just stared.

"Crono, if this guy's telling the truth, that means this kid is our desendent. What year are you from?"

"1997. Los Angeles. Wait a minute. Your desendent?!!"

In the year 601 AD, a fair was in full swing. A man with green hair walked up to a woman in a silver gown.

"Queen Leene, all goes well at the celebration. Your husband is already at the center of the fair and merely awaits thou's arrival. If I may accompany thee?" Queen Leene nodded.

"Thank you Sir Glenn. I would be honored if you would do so." The two walked to the center of the town square and Glenn bowed to the king.

"Arise Sir Glenn. This is a great day for us all." Out in the crowd, a man wearing a dark blue cloak watched the ceremony.

"Hm. I never understood their celabrations. Oh well." He walked away and was about to leave when the old man appeared.

"What.. Gasper, don't do that to me! It's good to see you again." Gasper smiled. "If only this were a social call. Janus, we've got trouble. Lavos trouble." Janus, looked surprised.

"Lavos? But we destroyed him. I saw it with my own eyes."

"If only it were the only one. Lavos' race came into the past and destroyed the world. A young boy has been thrown into the past, 1002 to be exact. You must go and help him find his destiny." Janus shook his head.

"Oh no. I'm through with that stuff. I just want to live my life. Go talk to Glenn, or Robo. They're better than me at that kind of thing." Gasper sighed.

"Sorry Janus, but you're the best there is, besides Crono, who's already met the boy. Janus, you have to help him. He's Schala's desendent, a part of your family. He's blood. Please, as a friend, help the boy and teach him what he needs to know." Janus sighed.

"Alright. you talked me into it. What do I do?" Gasper smiled.

"That's the spirit. Just get Glenn and head to 1002 AD." Janus shook his head.

"I knew you were going to say that. Alright, I'll get his help." Gasper vanished as quickly as he came. Janus walked to the center of the town and tapped Glenn on the shoulder.

"What? Prince Janus, this is a surprise. What doth thou need of me?" Glenn said.

"I need your help Sir Glenn. The Lavos race has destroyed the world in the future and a young boy has been sent to stop them. I need you to help me teach him how to fight the Lavos race." Glenn smiled.

"It would be my pleasure Prince Janus. But, how do we get to the proper time era??" Janus smiled.

"I already thought of that. Simply write a note to Lucca and ask her to pick us up." Glenn smiled and shook his head.

"Thou art definitely the smart one in your family besides thy sister. I shall ask the king to have the letter held for the proper legnth of time. What year should it go to?" Janus replied.

"The year 1002. Here, allow me."

'Dear Lucca Arrowni, I, Prince Janus Zeal of the Kingdom of Zeal, and Sir Glenn Figaro of Guardia, do request that you come and transport us to the present year of 1002 AD. Pick us up at Leene Square, 601. Sincerly, Prince Janus.'

"There, that should do it. Glenn, would you do the honors? I'm afraid no one will let me near the king after the War of the Mystics. Even though they know it wasn't my fault, they still fear me." Glenn nodded.

"I understand Janus. I'll deliver it at once my friend." Glenn ran up to the king and told him what needed to be done. The king nodded and whispered something into Glenn's ear.

"What was that about?" Glenn didn't get a chance to reply. A bright flash filled the sky and a wing craft landed in front of them.

"Need a lift guys?" Lucca Arrowni popped out of the cockpit and smiled.

"Thank you Lucca. I believe you know what we're going for." Janus said.

"Yeah, it's that Max kid, right? We've been trying to figure it out. Come on, let's go." The Epoch lifted off and blasted away at something close to mach 35 and warped into time.


Meanwhile, in the year 1698, Lavaros, master and first of the Lavos race, is planning the attack on time and the destruction of the Triggara line.

'But' As it soon realizes, ' the last member is an immortal, an unkillable one to top it off. At least, through normal physical means. Means of time, that's a completly different thing.'


"Alright, you all know what this is about. So let's get to it." Lucca hit the lights and turned on the screen.

"Glenn, if you will?" Glenn stood up.

"Thank you my lady. Now, as we all know, Lavos was not the only one of it's kind. As Gasper told us, Max is what this Lavaros is trying to destroy, because he is the last in Crono and Nadia's line. Prince Janus and I have been asked to train him to fight this beast. In order to stop Lavaros, Max needs a weapon, preferably a sword. Doth any one have a suggestion?"

"I have one." Everyone turned to the rear of the room.

"I'm sorry madame, but may I ask, who are you?" The girl smiled.

"Terra Matthews, from the Kingdom of Esparis. I figured you guys could use some help." Nadia stood up.

"Well, we need all the help we can get. Don't you guys agree? Max?" Max just stared at Terra.

"Huh, what, did you say something?" Nadia smiled and shook her head.

'This isn't too hard to figure out. Oh boy, we're in a load of trouble.' She thought.

"Max, why don't you come with me for a minute." Max looked blankly at her.

"Um, sure." Nadia mouthed to Crono. ( Keep them busy.) Nadia led Max into another room and shut the door.

"Let me guess, first love?" Max looked at her with a dazed look in his eyes.

"Huh, what, me? You're joking right?" Nadia just smiled.

"Come on, admit it. You like her. I can tell." Max tightened up.

"Hey, I don't even know her. Nadia, come on, this meeting is about me." Nadia Shook her head.

"Alright, but don't deny it. You know you like her. Trust me, it's not surprising." They walked back in and Max went back to his corner.

"So," Nadia asked. "We have a weapon?" Glenn nodded.

"As a matter of fact Princess Nadia, we do. It's a very old legendary sword called Ultima." Max laughed.

"Ultima, that old thing? Oh please." Glenn raised a brow.

"And what might I ask, is wrong with Ultima?" Max shook his head.

"Well nothing except when you consider the fact that it's already been destroyed. Was back in 427 AD. I know of a better weapon. One that surpasses everything." Janus listened in. ' What could be more powerful than Ultima? I wonder.'

"And just what is this wonder weapon?" Glenn asked.

"Ever heard of Illumina?" The room went dead silent at the word Illumina. "I take it you've heard of it." Janus finally spoke up.

"You speak of a sword that lies on another world, a world that is sustained by magic. You speak of the one power that is the one ultimate in the universe."

Max replied. "So can we get it?" Lucca shook her head.

"I don't think so. Illumina is on the planet Altara. That's 1,200 light-years from here." Max shrugged.

"So what. We've got a time machine."

"Yes, but that's all it is, a time machine. The Epoch was not designed to go into space. You fly it up there and it'll crush you."

Lucca shot back. "Wait, what if we reconfigured it to withstand a vaccum and supply oxygen?"

Janus said. "Would it hold up if we did that? The Epoch is capable of traveling well beyond the speed of light, more than 4000 times faster than light." Lucca nodded.

"You know, it just might work. The problem is it would take about five months to do the job. But it can be done." Max smiled.

"That's the spirit Lucca. So, the only problem is time, and it's short." Glenn spoke up after a deep thought.

"What about Robo? He should be able to help us." Nadia nodded.

" I agree. Problem is, how do we get there if Lucca's working on the Epoch?" Max thought hard. ' There's something we're missing here. Something important. Illumina is on Altara and we need a refit Epoch to get there. I wonder.' Then it hit him. His father had been an immortal before Corliras Malatar took his head. ' If he was immortal, then I should be one too.'

"I've got it. My father, David Triggara, was an immortal before his head was taken. What's to say that I'm not one too?" Everyone nodded.

"But what does that have to do with the Epoch?" Lucca asked. Max was ready this time.

"It means that I can survive a vaccum enviroment. I can fly the Epoch into space and blast to Altara."

"You know," Lucca remarked. " it just might work. With the Epoch's advanced engines and hyperspeed drive, he should make it in no time at all." Max nodded.

"Then it's settled. The Epoch launchs at sunrise."


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