Chrono Trigger: The Time Strikers Part II

The Quest

By Christopher Anthony Blair

On Altara, a group of people were gathered around the town square in South Figaro. The Captian of the Guards read a scroll off to the people. " By order of King Edger Roni Figaro, the people of South Figaro are to hereby evactuate the city." People started complaining. " Now wait a minute. This town's been our home for years. There's no danger seen so far. Why do we have to leave all of a sudden? Come on Carinas. What's the deal?" Carinas just shrugged. " I don't know. All I know is that we have to evacuate. There's something coming and it's coming fast."


The Epoch zoomed past Delta Omricon at speeds of over mach 800. " Should be coming up on Altara soon." Max Triggara eased back on the throttle and brought the ship down to mach 80.

" Hope they've got a welcome wagon ready, cause where I come." He brought the Epoch out of mach ( NOTE. In this chapter, Mach 1 now equals lightspeed. CB) and into real space. Altara loomed in the infinite void of space, surrounded by it's moons. The Epoch slowed down to entry speed and decended on to the planet.


Meanwhile, back on Earth, Lavaros seized control of King Alanis's mind, making him the key for Lavaros's rule. ' This Alanis is a powerful human. He'll do quite nicely.'


Max landed the Epoch and got out. " Finally, Altara. Time to find that sword." He walked towards a large castle with fans on some of the towers. ' That's a weird castle.' He thought. ' Oh well. Maybe they can tell me where to find Illumina.' Max snapped the belt that carried the Sun Sword on it around his waist and walked up to the castle doors. He knocked hard to make sure they heard him. " Hello, is any one there?" A guard opened the door. " What do you want?" He asked. " I was wondering. Would any one here happen to know where I can find Illumina?" The guard was surprised. " Did you say Illumina? You've got to be kidding. I'm just a soldier. You should see the king about this." The guard led Max into the castle and took him to the throne room. " Your Highness, someone here to see you about Illumina." King Edger's heart skipped a beat. ' Can it be, he's here?' " Alright, I'll speak to him." Max walked in. He was amazed by the architecture of the castle. ' Incredible. Nothing like this exists on Altara in my time. I wonder why.' Max walked in to the throne room. A man, about in his mid-thirtys, was sitting in the throne. Max guessed that he was the keeper of the castle. " Your highness, I presume?" Edger smiled. " Someone with spunk. I like that. What is your name, my young warrior?" Max answered calmly. " Maxlin Calris Triggara, of Earth. And I'm not a warrior. Yet." Edger nodded." I am King Edger Figaro, ruler of the kingdom of the same name. I understand that you seek Illumina. Is this true?" Max nodded his head and flashed his eyes in the light of the chandelier. " Yes. I seek to find Illumina. Can you tell me where I can find it?" Edger sighed. " I'm afraid it's impossible. Many have tried, all have failed. What makes you think you'll do any different?" Max smiled. " I have an advantage they didn't. Immortality." Edger stood up, shocked at what the boy had just said. " You're immortal? How?" Max walked up to the throne. " I come, not of this world, but of a planet called Earth. On my world, there are humans who cannot die, unless you take their head. They are called immortals. I am one of them, as was my father, before he died." Edger nodded. " That would give you a better chance, but Illumina is heavily guarded. Only a person without fear of death, can wield the mighty sword. That is the prophecy." Max frowned, undaunted by Edger's words. " I didn't come here to be told it's impossible. You yourself said that it can be wielded by one without fear of dying. That would be me." Edger sighed solemly. " Every being, fears death. One way, or another. Be it their own, or the death of a friend. I suggest... That you see a man named Locke Cole. He lives in North Baron. He should be able to help you." Max nodded. " I'll take your advice. Just remember this. Not everyone fears the result of death. Some people look forward to it. Remember that." Max turned to leave, Edger standing behind him. " Wait." Max paused. " You have a fire like I've never seen before. You're not after the sword for personal glory, are you?" Max shook his head. " No. I seek the sword to save my world." Edger gasped. " You, battle, Lavos?!" Max frowned at the name. " No, Lavos is dead. I fight Lavoros, his master." Edger stared at him. " You really don't fear anything, do you." Max answered simply. " No, I don't." He turned and left Edger to himself. ' This boy is incredible. Nothing will stand in his way and survive the encounter.'

Max walked to the Epoch, when one of the guards came up to him. " Hold on. King Edger told me to give you this." He gave Max a scroll. " You'll need it to navigate this world." He ran back to the castle. Max unraveled the paper. It was a map of Altara, 1002 AD. He rolled it up, and climbed into the cockpit. The ship took off, and flew towards the north, fading from sight of the palace.

Everything was going crazy. Dinosaurs were appearing in the castle basement, mystics popping up in the towers. The guards were going nuts trying to handle them all. Crono was helping trap some of the mystics and send them back through the gate. " What the hell is going on?!!"

The Epoch shot over the sea and flew over a small city. ' According to the map, this should be it.' Max landed the ship, and climbed out. He walked in to the town and went into what looked like the local tavern. People were at the bar, talking about local business. Max walked over to the bartender. " Excuse me. Do you know where I can find...." A glass almost hit Max in the head. A man went flying over a table. Max turned around, and was greeted by a mug's worth of beer in the face. He wiped it off, and stared at the man who had thrown it. " What the hell do you think you're doing?!!" Max yelled. The man stared at Max. " Better watch it boy. We're wanted men." He gestured to his companions. " I've got the death sentence in twelve cities." He said. " I'll be careful then." The man grabbed Max by his jacket. " You'll be dead!!!" A man came up and smiled. " This young one's not worth it. Now let me buy you a drink." The man threw Max across the room and pulled out a crude pistol. " No guns!! No guns!! Not in my place!!" Max pulled out his sword, and slashed the man's arm, slicing it off. The man screamed in pain. His companions pulled out their own guns, and Max disarmed them as well, literally. The man who had helped him out smirked at him. The blade glowed a dark yellow, only stopping when Max resheathed the sword. " Gott'a say, I ain't never seen a kid swing a sword like that." Max looked at the man. " You ain't never met a kid like me." He wiped the blood off of his jacket, with no stains on it. " Now, as I was saying... Change that. Do you know where I can find a man by the name of Locke Cole?" The man smiled. " Why do you want the treasure hunter?" Max groaned. " Great. I came looking for a thief." The man frowned as he sipped his drink. " Treasure hunter." Max sighed. " Samething." The man looked at Max. " No, they're not. See, a treasure hunter claims things that don't belong to anyone. A thief takes what is someone elses. There's a difference. And with that additude, I don't know if he's going to be very willing to help you. Why do you want him anyways?" Max looked at the wall. " I was told he could help me find Illumina." A dead silence filled the tavern. It was so quiet, that you could hear a flea drop.

" What, was it something I said?" The man looked at Max like he was looking at a mad man.

" Yeah. Illumina." The man got out of his seat and walked off. Max grabbed him by the shoulder, and stared him in the eyes. " Look, you don't want to make me mad. It's not wise to upset an immortal." The man shook off Max's hand and stared at him. " Look, I lost my old love because of a legendary treasure. Now I am not, going to get some kid, killed because of another, do you understand me?" Max nodded at the man. " I got you. Now where can I find Locke Cole?" The man gave him an angry look. " He just save your butt, kid." Max smirked. " It figures. Edger sends me to find the guy, and he brushes me...." The man cut Max off. " Edger? Edger Figaro? Why didn't you say he sent you in the first place. Let me guess. Want the sword for your hometown?" Max nodded. " In a way, yes. I need the sword to save my planet. I come from Earth." The man smirked. " Well this changes everything. Come on. I got someone you'll want to meet if you're going over the oceans." Max stopped him. " I've already got an aircraft, if that's what you mean. I'll show it to you."

The two walked out to the Epoch, and Locke was amazed. " How did you build this?" Max shrugged. " I didn't. It was build by Beleshar, the Guru of Reason. He gave it to my ancestor, as a means of time travel." Locke looked at Max. " You mean this thing can travel through time? Incredible. How fast can it go?" Max smiled. " Four thousand times the speed of light. Very handy for an escape. Now, where can we find Illumina?" Locke nodded to Max. " First, you meet my friends. We're going to need their help."


To be Continued........


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