Chrono Trigger: The Time Strikers Part XIII

Final Strike

By Christopher Anthony Blair

The HAWK appeared over the house, circled, and landed. Max and Janus got out and walked to the door. Lucca opened it and gestured for them to come in." So what did you guys find out?" Janus sat down and sighed. " He's underneath a lake. We don't have much time before he come's up." Crono sighed. " Nadia, I think we should tell them." Lucca look at the two. " Tell us what?" Nadia managed a smile. " Well, Crono and I have been discussing it, and thinking it over, and... We've decided to, get married." Lucca stared at Nadia. " Normaly, I'd say congratulations. But at a time like this?!"

Crono stood up. " Look, if we don't, Max will never be born, and Earth won't stand a chance against Lavoros." " Earth doesn't want to survive." Everyone turned and faced Max. " Look at what's happened. Glenn's died trying to save Earth. My vision of the battle with Lavoros. Don't you get it? Earth doesn't want to live anymore. It's been alive for four billion years. I think I'd want to end it too if I were that old." Janus rose to counter the remark. " But look at everything else. Earth brought you here, even if it was through Darien, it still brought you here. Then there's Illumina and Nadia's rescue. If that doesn't cry out, ' I want to live'!!! Then I don't know what does." Max sighed. " Alright. I'll fight him." Janus cut in. " No. We'll fight him. We're a team. As Glenn said, we may not have a name, but we're still a team, no matter what." Crono nodded. " I agree. We've come too far to quit now." Lucca spoke up. " There's no way I'm going to let some alien parasite destroy the world for my decendents." Nadia joined in. " I'm in, all the way." Robo came up to the group. " As am I."

" Count me in." Everyone looked at the doorway. " Terra." Terra ran up to Max and hugged him tight. " I'm not letting you get away from me." Max smiled. " So, all that's left, is to find a name. What should we be known as?" Crono tried his hand." How about, the Chrono Defenders?" Max shook his head. " No, too medieval. " Nadia chipped in. " What about the Guardian Knights?" Janus chuckled. " Too militarish." Max's eyes lite up." I know. The Time Strikers. We're warriors of time who strike against all who threaten our world and Time." Janus smiled. " I'd say it fits perfectly. We are, strikers of time." Crono nodded. " Then it's settle. We are the Time Strikers." Nadia smiled.

" We may not all survive this, but we're in, all the way." Max put his hand out towards the center of the room. " The Time Strikers." Everyone else did the same. " The Time Strikers!!"

They all gathered in the war room of the castle. " Ok, I picked up some maps from my time, and compaired them with the ones of this era. From what I've found, Jemstone Lake should be, in the present, in Porre. The lake won't exist until 1995 for some reason, so we'll have to attack him directly in the entry point. If I'm right, Lavoros entered somewhere around here," Max pointed to a spot he had marked on the map. " And dug his way to the lake, where he breaks through, and attacks." Max sighed. " We haved to find the entry crater, and stop him from breaking through. That's the hard part. I have no idea where the crater is, and he's deep underground. We'd have to force him up prematurely, and kill him. Anyone got any ideas?" Janus nodded. " You can accelerate his internal clock, and he'll come up, thinking it's time. He doesn't have enough power to create a continuim wide time gate, meaning we have an advantage. You, on the other hand, have full use of your powers. You should be able to pull his own trick on him." Crono shook his head. " We don't know what kind of powers Max has. He may only be able to speed us up." Max looked at him.

" Look, we're running out of time. Lavoros is almost to full power. We have to stop him now."

The HAWK flew over the sea, scanning the cold depths. " There it is." A faint outline appeared on the screen. Crono flew to the spot, and hovered over the water. " That's twelve thousand feet down!" Max nodded. " And one hell of a ride. There's no ground over the bottem, so we should be able to fly right in. Lucca, turn on the pressure shield." Lucca flipped a switch, and a thick dome covered the canopy. " Take her down Crono." Crono shook his head. " No way." Max nooded. " I figured you'd say that. " He took out a wierd handle-like device, and pressed it to Crono's neck. A faint hiss came from it, and Crono slumped over. " What did you do to him?!!" Max moved Crono into his seat. " It's a mild tranquilizer. He'll be fine in about ten minutes." Max flew down towards the water, the jet accelerating at an incredible rate. " Time to see if I'm all that I'm cracked up to be." The HAWK hit the water, plunging down into the icy depths. Max pushed the throttle to it's peak, and the jet sped down into the gaping hole. ' This is for you mom.'

Lavoros woke to a strange vibration. ' What is that sound?' Suddenly, he went flying up into the ground. ' No, not yet!!!' The ground cracked open, and a huge, spiked shell came up. ' No, It can't be.' The HAWK broke through the ground, a glowing field surrounding the jet. ' That immortal brat!! He did this!! But how?!!!' The jet landed, and the newly cristened Time Strikers got out. Max ran to the edge of the crater. " Lavoros!!" " That's him?!!" Max stared at the creature, a beast who was responsible for the death of his mother. " Now we end this. Attack!!!" Max rushed at the shell, Illumina shining in the sunlight. ' Nnoooooo!!!!!!!' Max leaped into the air, and brought Illumina down with all his might. " DDDIIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!" Janus summoned a great swirl of energy, and fired it at Max's sword. It flared a brilliant white. Lightning and fire surrounded the blade, ice trailing it. Illumina struck with the power of the universe, light blazing from the attack. It was if the sun itself, had struck. Time froze as the energy pulsed through Lavoros's body and internal system, electrocuting it." RRRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!" The shell's head exploded, knocking Max back, and leaving a gaping hole. A scream echoed from the inside. " Lavoros." Max stared at the hole, knowing now, his destiny.


To be Concluded.........


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