Chrono Trigger: The Time Strikers Part XIV

The Final Battle

By Christopher Anthony Blair

Max ran to the hole and lit a bomb. " Sorry guys, but this is the way it has to be." It exploded, sealing the entrance to Lavoros's fortress. " Max, MAX!!!! Don't do this!!!" Crono was screaming at the top of his lungs. Max just kept on running. The path to Lavoros was like a canyon. ' Durondugo Mountains. It figures.' He ran towads the omnious hiss sound. " This is it." He unsheathed Illumina and held it at the ready. " Ssssssssooo. Yyyooouuu cccooommmeee aaattt lllaaasssssstttt. III'vvveee bbbeeeennn wwwaaaiiitttiiinnnggg fffooorrr yyyooouuu, Tttrrriiigggggaaarrraaa." Lavoros hissed at Max as he entered the chamber. " Glad to know that I've been on time for once. This time though, the hero can't die. Come on, give me your best shoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!" Max was blasted backwards against a wall by a beam of laser energy. " Damn!!! That's one hell of a punch!!! I can't counteract that kind of power!! Oh shiii!!!!" Lavoros opened his chest plates and a huge blast fired out at the young fighter. " AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! You bastard!!! You're finshed, you prick!!!" Lavoros smiled. " Ffuunnnyy. Yyoouurr ffaatthheerr sssaaiid almost those exact same words before he died." Max's eyes widend. " My father? You... You killed my father?!!! You son-of-a........" Max never got to finish the sentence. Lavoros bombarded him with fire power. " Now boy, you will see that I am destined to rule this world!!!!"

Max struggled against the energy that was pushing on him. "Got to hold on and stop him. This is my last chance..... to save.....Time...... For Earth.... For Crono... For Nadia... For Lucca.... For Glenn... For Terra...!!!!!!" Energy burst out of Max, encasing him in a shell. The time had come for Earth to decide it's fate, and it's choose to aid Max with all it's power. Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Shadow, Lightning and Time came together to give Max the power of the world. " What!!! It can't be!!! This can't be happening!!!! NNnnnnooooooo!!!!!!" The shell burst open and revealed Max in a complete armored body suit. Each color of the elements was represented on the armor. A golden crystal flared in the center of the chest plate. " Sorry Lavoros, but time's up for you! I am the Warrior of Time!!" Illumina hovered over Max's head and glowed bright white. It transformed into the ChronoBlade, the true weapon of time. " Your reign of terror ends here Lavoros!!!!" Max jumped up and plunged his sword into Lavoros' head. " AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" Lavoros exploded, throwing Max back against the wall. " That was too easy. It can't over yet." The flash faded, leaving a figure about the size of Janus. " Boy, your family has interfered with my plans for the last TIME!!!!!" Lavoros screeched so loud that the shell began to crack. " Lavoros, you're going to crush us both!!!" Lavoros smiled evilly. " You're right. If I crush you, then I won't have the pleasure of destroying you myself!!!" Lavoros leaped at Max, knocking the ChronoBlade out of his hands. The sword went sliding to the edge of the chamber. " Let's do this in my world. RrrrraaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!"

Everything started to vanish. Max ran and grabbed his sword before it faded. The shell vanished in a bright light and the two were standing in a time warp. " How do you like my real home boy?!! This, is my world!!" Max stared at the monster that stood before him. " No. This has gone on long enough. We end this, NOW!!!! UL..." Lavoros stepped back in terror. " No. No, it can't be. No human can summon that kind of power!!!" " TI..." Lavoros screamed with unknown fear. " No. NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" " MA....." Light flared around Max's body. " SUN!!!!!!" A huge burst of energy ripped up, out of the time stream. It rolled out and engulfed both beings, but only harmed one of them. " Rrrraaaaaaahhhh!!!! You... couldn't.... have summoned... that kind of power. It's impossible." Max smiled. " You''ll find that I'm full of surprises." Lavoros stood, but could barely hold himself up. " It's over Lavoros!!!! Leave this planet, and never return!!" Lavoros sneared. " No boy. It's not over. Not... yet. Grand Stone!!!!"

A huge rock fell on Max and almost crushed him. " Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!" Lavoros laughed at Max's pain. " You see?!!! I am the all powerful being on the is planet!!! Mmmwwaaahahahaahhaaahaaaa!!!!

Uuuuhhhhhh!!!!" Max stared at Lavoros. A curved blade stuck out of his chest. " Janus?" The warp vanished, and the shell chamber reappeared. " You didn't think I'd let you have all the fun, did you?"

Janus pulled the scythe out of Lavoros. " You alright kid?" Max nodded. He had cuts and bruises all over him. " I'll be alright. Thanks a lot Janus. I owe you one." Lavoros craned his head at the two Time Strikers. " You think you've won. But this is just the beginning. There are forces greater than me out there. With me gone, there'll be nothing to hold them back. You poor pathedic fools!!" Lavoros sceeched as loud as he could. The shell began to crumble and fall apart. " We've got to get out of here!!!" Janus nodded. " This way!!!"

The rest of the team was standing outside the shell when they saw it begin to crack. " Max!! No!!" The shell collapsed, destroying everything inside. " MMMAAAAAAAAXXXX!!!!" Terra screamed.

" NNNOOOOO!!!" Crono held her back. " Terra, it's no good!!! He's gone!!! There's nothing we can do!!" Terra pulled away from Crono. " Max!! This can't be happening!! He's an immortal!! He can't die!!" Nadia walked over to Terra and knelt down next to her. " Terra, even immortals, can die. I'm sorry." Terra broke into tears. " Max. Why, why did this have to happen?!!!" " It didn't." Everyone looked to the source of the voice. " Max?" Janus climbed out of the rubble, pulling Max out with him. " Max!!!" Terra ran over to the two weary fighters and hugged Max as hard as she could. " Ow!! Take it easy Terra. I've got more cuts than a movie on me." Terra was confused. " A what?" Max smiled. " Never mind. Let's just go home."

Fireworks went off that night in Truce. The whole team was there, except Glenn. " I'm going to miss him. He was a brave knight, human or amphibian." Lucca sighed. " I hardly knew him. Yet he sacrificed his life to save me. I'm sorry that I'll never know him better." Max exclaimed. Janus nodded. " He was a good freind. He was the only one who understood me." Crono just looked up at the sky. Nadia sat close to him. " Well, tomorrow's the big day. Everyones invited. Even you Mag... I mean, sorry, Janus." Janus smirked. " That's alright. I get that a lot, even if the name wasn't mine to begin with." Max was puzzled. " What do you mean?" Janus shifted his position. " Well, when Ozzie found me in the forest, he tried to control me and my powers. Unfortunetly for him, he couldn't. So, he had a, 'clone' of me made and instructed it to take control my body. What really happened was that he opened the doorway to an evil version of our universe. That evil being that came out and possessed my body was Magus Daikat. That's why the name Magus was connected with me." Max nodded. Terra came up the hill with some food in a basket. " Well, I got some food if anyone's hungry." She set the basket down and sat down next to Max. He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him. " I wish we could just sit here forever."

The next day, the castle was a flury of people, getting things ready for the wedding. Max was getting his new armor that he had recived from the Elements the previous day in his battle with Lavoros all ready for the ceramony. He had spent all morning polishing and shining the different sections of it. He took extra care when polishing the gold time crystal in the chest plate. It was a one of a kind jewel and he didn't know if it was frail or not, though judging from the beating it took in the battle, it was probably very hard like a diamond, mabye harder. Janus was preparing his best suit and shining the amulet that Schala gave him so long ago. He closed his eyes and thought hard. This was the day two special people, both from his family, united to continue the line. He smiled.

' Oh father,' He thought. ' If only you were here to see your decendents today.' Meanwhile, Terra was busy putting on the silver dress she had picked out. She finished and placed the ruby eagle, her family crest, around her neck. Schala was fitting her light blue gown on and helped her mother fix her dress. " I never thought I'd see my own decendents wedding." Enhasa nodded. " You still haven't seen yours yet."

The whole team and some of their parents were getting ready for the wedding that would happen in just an hour. Nadia got her mother's gown out and put it on. Then she took the bright green emerald sash that Max had given her and placed it around her waist. Crono was fixing his suit with Robo's help. " I never thought this day would come soon enough." Robo nodded " It is a great day for us all." Queen Leene and King Allon Guardia sat in the front row of the chapel with the rest of the Guardian family. Queen Enhasa Zeal and Duke of Esparis Roland Kalain walked down and sat with the royal couple. " Queen Leene, it's good to see you again." Leene smiled. " You too Enhasa. Where's Schala?" Enhasa nodded. " In the back with Nadia. They should be ready soon."

In the back, Nadia put on the necklce Terra had bought her and looked in the mirror. " I can't believe this is happening. What if I get cold feet?" Schala laughed. " Don't worry about it. You'll be fine. Just ask my mother about her wedding. That should help you." Nadia smiled. " I don't want to know." The two girls were giggling when Lucca walked in. " Your Highnesses, It's time."

The organ began to play as Lucca and Vincent walked down the aisle. They seperated and sat down in the rows. Crono walked down to the altar and waited. Max and Terra walked down and went to the different sides. Janus and Schala walked down and did likewise. Locke and Celes, both dressed for the occasion, followed in suit. Then, Nadia and her father appeared, and the organ played the bridal march. They walked down the aisle and Nadia continued past the arch to Crono. Max smiled to Crono. ' My ancestor's wedding and I get to be the best man. Am I lucky or what?' Max thought.

The priest began the ceramony shortly after Nadia stepped up to the altar." Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness this man and this woman join in the bonds of holy matrimony. Sir Crono Triggara, do you take Princess Nadia of Guardia, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to cherish forever, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, till death do you part?" Crono nodded. " I do, for beyond time itself." The priest continued. " And do you, Princess Nadia of Guardia, take Sir Crono Triggara to be your lawfully wedded husband, to cherish forever, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, till death do you part?" Max frowned. ' If you don't say yes, we're all going to be screwed, especially me.' Nadia smiled. " I do." The priest continued on. " If any one can find reason that these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace. I now pronounce you, man and wife. You may kiss the...." Crono and Nadia were way ahead of him. Max smiled as he saw his ancestor and best friend seal his destiny.

At the reception, Lucca pumped up the THX sound system Max had picked up back in the 20th.The music was booming in the hall. Max smiled, then walked outside, somber. Terra walked over to him and saw the look in his eyes." Max, what's wrong?" Max fowned. " Nothing. It's nothing." Terra nudged his rib. " I know something's wrong. What is it Max?" Max sighed. " I keep thinking about what Lavoros said. About there being worse things than him out there. I can't help but wonder. What if he was telling the truth? What if there is something more evil than Lavoros out there, somewhere, just waiting to strike?" Terra shook her head. " Max, don't worry about that now. Besides, that just might be you and me up at that altar one day." Max sighed. " Sorry Terra, but I can't stay." He saw Terra's sad look. " I don't belong here. This isn't my world. In fact, I don't really belong anywhere. I was born in the year 1982, and even in my own time, I still don't belong. I don't know. Mabye I'm supposed to keep moving. It just doesn't make any sense. What am I supposed to do?!" Terra stared at the silent Epoch. She knew that her destiny lied with this young warrior, and that she was not about to let him go. " Max, where ever you go, take me with you." Max shook his head. " I can't do that to you. You have a whole life ahead of you. I, I.... I can never age." Terra looked at him.

" Terra, I should have died when I flew to Altara. There was no oxygen for the whole flight. If I hadn't been immortal, I never would have survived. I owe my father for that gift, but it's also a curse. While other people age and die, all I can do sit by and watch. I couldn't die even if I wanted to. Nothing can kill me. I'm nothing more than a freak." Terra stared into his eyes. " You are not a freak. You are Max Triggara, the warrior of time. Your father gave his life so that Earth could live, just a little longer. You... you are the last immortal. Kefka is gone, banished forever into time because of Janus. You survived what killed your father, and you have your immortality to thank for that. You are the greatest warrior I have ever meet. And the only person I want to be with." Max smiled. " Alright, you're welcome to come along. But I have no idea where I'm going." Terra wrapped her arms around his neck. " How about right here?" She kissed him and pulled him closer to her. ' I think I'm going to like it here.' Thought Max.


The End


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