Chrono Trigger: The Time Strikers Part V

Kiddnapped and Dazed

By Christopher Anthony Blair

The HAWK zoomed through hyperspace at Mach 800. Max shut down the machdrive, bringing the jet back into real space. Earth appeared in front of him, it's single moon looming in the dark. Max smiled. ' It's good to be home.' He flew into the atmosphere, shields and heat fields flickering into existence.

Crono was laying on a bed when he heard a scream. He bolted upright, hearing another, only this time, more high pitched. " Nadia!!! Lucca!!!" He grabbed the Rainbow, and ran down the stairs. Running as fast as he could, Crono sprinted for the stairs leading to Nadia's room. He bolted up the stairs, bursting into the chamber, to find none other than.... " Ozzie!!! What are you doing here?!!!!" The mystic general grinned. " I might have asked you the same thing, if it weren't for the fact that this is your present. I saw you and your friends go through that little gate of your's. We used it to come here. Your precious princess and inventor friend are back in our world. You want them, come and get them!" Ozzie vanished, leaving no clue as to where he went. Crono stared as he realized that Ozzie had just taken Max's only chance of existence.

The HAWK sped towards Guardia Castle. Max landed the mighty jet, and climbed out. He headed for the palace, a wide grin on his face.

Crono gathered everyone in the knight's quarters. They all now knew what had happened, and what must be done. They were disscussing how to rescue the girls, when Max walked in. " Hey guys, what's.... What's wrong?" Crono dropped his head, shaking it. " Ozzie took Lucca and Nadia." Max stared in disbelief. " Oh shit. We've got to save them. Fast! Come on!!!" He lead them outside to where the HAWK sat. " Get in." Robo hesitated. " Where is the Epoch? It should get us to 601." Max pointed at the jet. " This was the Epoch. It crash-and-burned back on Altara. It got a major overhaul, and this is the result. Now get in!" The team climbed in after Max, sitting in the chairs.

" You might want to strap yourselves in." They pulled the straps around themselves, wondering why. Max pulled the throttle all the way back, and hit the afterburners. The HAWK rushed forward, going about six thousand MPH. It flew off the ground, burning a mark into the scorched earth. Max brought up to sixteen thousand feet, and flipped two switches. " Now we find out if the time system still works." He set the new computer for 601 AD, and pressed the button next to the screen. The HAWK shot out a burst of flame, only the fire was pure white. The jet blasted forward, a stream of white smoke trailing it. It sped towards the ruins, and a huge sonic boom echoed, the jet vanishing into a blast of light.

Ozzie laughed as he heared about Guardia's losses. " I don't believe it!! Where do they find their knights, the nursery?!! These guys are hilarious!!! AH HA HA HA!!! Flea, send out, hmggg, a detachment of troops, Ah ha ha ha!!! And, and send them to Zenon Bridge. That should take care of the humans." A being in a dress and cloak nodded. " At once sir Ozzie." The person vanished. Ozzie broke out laughing, unable to contain himself.

A triple sonic boom filled the air. A blast of light, and the HAWK came flying out of nowhere at an incredibly high speed. Max pushed the throttle forward a bit, bringing the speed down. The team looked out, and saw total chaos. The mystics were on a rampage. Guardia knights were being slaughtered. Max aimed the HAWK at the mystic armies, and pulled a trigger on the control stick. Four blasters extended out of the hull, firing lasers at the mystics. The magical army was no match for the HAWK's arsenal of weapons. Missiles went flying at the creatures, destroying their ranks. The mystics retreated, running in a fearful frenzy. Max continued to pelt them with the destructive beams, bringing them down, ten at a time. Crono grabbed his shoulder. " Let them go. Without them, we'll never find out where Ozzie is hiding the girls." Max nodded, releasing the trigger. The guns retracted back into the hull, plates sliding back into place. Max flew over the ocean, scanning for any sign of the mystics. He spotted them coming out of a cave, and heading for a huge fortress. Janus looked out the canopy, and was stunned. " No, it can't be." Crono looked out to see what Janus was looking at. " What? Oh my god. I thought it was gone." Janus nodded. " We must hurry." Max banked the jet, and headed for the fortress. He landed the HAWK, and extended the ladder. The team climbed out, Janus, whipping out his scythe, slaughtering the mystic army. Crono pulled out Rainbow, retaliating to the attack from the mystics, killing dozens of them. Glenn unsheathed Masamune, and assaulted those who attacked him. Robo opened his chest plate, spun around, firing a laser beam. Hundreds fell to their weapons and might. The remaining mystics ran back to the cave, hiding in there. The four warrior's put their weapons away, triumphint. They turned their attention to the fortress. Max unsheathed the Sun Sword, a dark look in his golden eyes.

Ozzie was rolling on the floor when Flea walked in. " Sir Ozzie... Oh, I think I'Il tell you later." Ozzie got up, barely able to stand. " What is it?" Flea was jittery. " Well, it's just that, um, a large, um, jet, came to the humans' aid, and, um, drove back our forces, and, um, um...." Ozzie suddenly regained his balance. " And?" Flea broke into tears. " The jet was crewed by the humans!! They're at the gates, the traitor's with them!!! They've slaughtered our armies, what remained ran to the magic cave!!!!" Ozzie stared at Flea. " WHAT?!!!!! NO!!!! I can't have them invading my castle now!!! Go and prepare to engage them when they come for me!!! Tell Slash to watch the purple haired girl!!!" Flea nodded, running off to get the castle ready for invasion. Ozzie looked at the bound girl laying on the floor, screaming behind a gag. " I think I have one more use for you." He grabbed her, and left the room, slamming the door behind him.

Max, Janus and Glenn ran to the castle gates. Janus cut the lock with the Doomsickle, and kick open the gate. The three ran in to the courtyard, demolishing what ever stood in their way. A gargoyle, dropped down into their path. " You are not welcome here, traitor!!" Max didn't know what he was talking about, but he didn't really care either. He jump slashed the beast, cutting it down the chest. A huge gash welled up where Max had cut him. He roared at the band, infuriating Janus. Janus cast a concentration of energy, lightning flying from his body. " BOLT....2!!!!" The lightning struck the beast, electracuting it. Glenn used his leap slash on the gargoyle, slicing it in two. The band of three ran to the castle entrance when they heard a scream. " NNOOOO!!!! Let me, GO!!" Ozzie walked into their view, high on a tower. " Ozzie, you bastard!!! Release her!!!!" Ozzie smiled. He had every intention of doing so.


To be Continued........


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