Chrono Trigger: The Time Strikers Part VI

The Death of a Friend

By Christopher Anthony Blair

The three fighters ran towards the castle, ready to defend their princess. " Ozzie!!! Let her go!!" Janus yelled. The mystic grinned. " You betrayed the mystics and expect me to listen to you?!! Not likely, brat!!!" Janus snarled at the mystic leader. " You bastard!! She's my decendent!! And the name is Janus!!! Prince Janus!!!" Ozzie smirked. " Well then, your highness, here she is!!" Ozzie held Nadia over the tower edge. " Nnnoooo!!!!! Put me dowwwowwooowww.... Ohmygod, NNOOO!!! DON'T!!!" Ozzie laughed with pleasure. " Here's your princesss!!! AAHAHAAHHAAAA!!!!!" Ozzie released Nadia, sending her plumeting to the ground. " AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Max ran towards her. " NNOOOOO!!!" He jumped and went flying towards Nadia. " YYYEEEAAAAHHHH!!! Got ya!!!" He caught her and pushed off the wall, heading back towards Janus and Glenn. Glenn helped untie her. " Princess, art thou alright? Nadia nodded. " I'll be fine. But Lucca's still in there." Max stare at the fortress. " Alan. We've got to get her out of there." Glenn shook his head. " Thy intentions are noble, but the fortress is inpenitrable." Janus nodded. " Glenn's right. After the last fight with Ozzie, he's bound to have beefed up security in there." Max looked back to his companions. " Look. If we don't save her, my best friend will never exist, and I will never have had the jetbike that saved my butt back home from that time flux, meaning I will never exist." Glenn nodded. " We must go in, opposition, or none. We must save her." Janus sighed. ' That boy truely is my decendent. He's got my stubborness and arrogance.' The three ran to the door and Glenn slashed it in half with Masamune. " We're coming for you Ozzie!!" Janus yelled into the hall.

Ozzie looked at the idol in front of him. " I'm taking an awful risk here you know." His companion gave a small smile. " Don't worry Ozzie. If it worked for him, it can work for me." Ozzie stared at his lieutenant. " This better work. If it doesn't, they're going to save me the trouble of killing you." Just then, Flea ran in. " General Ozzie, the humans have broken through the first line!!" Ozzie stared. He whirled around to face the shadowed figure. " Don't fail me like you did last time!!" Ozzie turned around and stormed off.

Max slashed the Nag-ettes in front of him and left them on the floor, continuing the trail of bodies he had made. " For someone who's never been in many fights," Janus exclaimed, "you sure kill a lot of people." Max shrugged. " Since when were Ozzie's scum considered people?" Janus nodded.

" Got a point there." Suddenly they heard a scream. " Lucca." Max ran off towards the source.

" Max, wait up!!"

Slash stood by the prison door, enjoying himself. " Let's see. How do we get rid of you? Do we, skin ya?!! No, too easy. Why don't we, chop you to bits!!! No, not very satisfying. I know. How bout we, barbecue you!! Yeah, that's it. We'll have you for...... " " For what, Slash?" Slash stopped in mid-sentence. " Oh, didn't you were down here, Maahahahaahommy?" The door exploded, blowing Slash away with it. Lucca looked up at the rubble. " Janus?" Janus walked over the debris and over to Lucca. " The one and only. Max, over here." Max ran over to where they were standing and pulled out the Sun Sword. " Pull your arms towards yourself Lucca." He smashed the chains in half and cut the clasps off Lucca's wrists. " Oh god, that feel better. Ozzie's in the old idol room. He's trying to summon Lavoros!!" Max stared. " Crap. Come on!!"

" Nee Tie. Kai Norsi. Mi Conti. In Su Ra." The cloaked man was chanting the spell he had cast to summon Lavos so long ago. Guards stood around the path leading to him. The man smiled softly to himself. ' Soon,' He thought. ' Soon we will unite our powers and take over this puny world.'

Max raced up the stairs. Mystic after mystic fell before him. " Ozzie!!! Where are you!!!" " Ozzie's not here, but mabye I can fill in." Max turned to the voice. Flea appeared in front of him. " Funny, I don't recall reading about any women in Ozzie's army." Flea's face turned red. " I'm not a woman, I'm a GUY!!!!" Max rolled his eyes. " Oh great. A transvistint. Just what I need." Flea was about to let Max have it, when Glenn and Janus came running in. " Oh no, not you again. Who the hell made you human again frog boy?" Glenn stared at Flea. " The name is Glenn, Flea. And t'was Prince Janus who healed me." Flea looked at Janus and laughed. " Prince Janus? Oh, you've got to be kidding me!! You, a prince!! Ahahahahaha!! Aahh.. Uuuuhhhhgggggg!!!!!!" Max took the chance to stab Flea in the chest, crushing his lungs. " You.. little... bast...ard...." Flea collapsed on the floor.

" Two down." Janus nodded. " And one to go."

" Kai Tar. Nee Sorai. Matia Jati! Bash Desi!! Mako Lini!!" The man continued the chant, despite the pain it brought him. " Hai Nota!! En Ria!! Jai Gasi!!"

The three fighters ran to the entrance of the idol room. There Janus stopped them. " What is that sound?" He listened carefully to the sound. " It can't be. No." Max walked up. " What is it?" Janus looked at Max. " I need to do this alone." Glenn walked up to his friend. " My prince, we do this, together. We are a team. A team without a name, but we are still a team. We started this together, we end this together, no matter what." Janus sighed and smiled. " You're a good friend Glenn. I don't deserve such loyalty. Well, let's stop that crazy son-of-a-...." " Son of a what, brat? Or should I say Prince Janus? Either way, you're a traitor." Ozzie floated down in front of the doorway. Janus growled at the mystic leader. " I've waited a long time for this Ozzie." Ozzie smiled. " You've waited too long. You know who's in there, right? Of course you do. You remember him don't you? Yes, good old evil Maaa..... Gggggggllllll!!!! Hit a chord didn't I?" Janus stared at the monster in front of him. " You bastard. You have any IDEA!!! as to what kind of pain I went through." Ozzie barely smirked at Janus. " No, but it's nothing compaired to the pain you'll soon experiance." Janus stared at the door. " No. I'll deal with you later." He dropped Ozzie and threw him against the wall.

Janus kicked down the door and was greeted by six guards. He swung his scythe around his head and decapitated all six in one stroke. " You're too late Janus. I've already summond the Golem. Now all that's left is Lavoros, and he will soon come." Janus stared at the man. " You tried to control me, you tried to erase me, you tried to kill me!!" The man smiled. " And you deserved it. Face it. There's no way you, or your, ' friends', can stop me this time. It's over, little prince. Your mother would be ashamed to see you..." Janus exploded. " Leave my mother out of this!!!" A faint roar came from a dark spot on the wall. " He comes. Well, I must say it's be nice to see you again, and, have a nice funeral." The man vanished as a giant creature broke through the wall and roared at Janus. Max and Glenn ran to his side. " What the hell is that?!!" Janus backed up " The Golem!! We must leave now!!" Ozzie stood in front of the door. " Going somewhere?" Janus looked back at the Golem. Their escape was block and they were trapped. " On second thought...." Ozzie vanished and the stairs appeared in the doorway. " Let's go!!" The three ran up the stairs, the Golem right behind them. They burst through the door, only to find... " A dead end!! We're trapped." The ground was about 500 feet below them. The Golem broke the doorway and walked towards the heros. " Janus, thou can fly. Go get help. I'll handle the monster." Janus nodded and flew off. " Max, go now!!" Max shook his head. " I can't just leave you." The Golem lunged forward and swiped Max away. " Thou art a strong one against children. Now thou must battle me." Glenn drew Masamune from it's sheath. He drew a deep breath. " Masamune, doth not fail me now." Glenn charged the Golem, slashing at the beast with all his might. The monster took the swipes like they were nothing. " Tis impossible. This giant belamoth can withstand Masamune?!!" The Golem grabbed Glenn and threw him against a wall. Glenn yelled in pain when he hit. His arm became dislocated when he hit the stone bricks. The Golem advanced towards Gleen. " Hhhhuuuummmmaaaannnnnnn!!!!!" Glenn rolled away and stood back up. The Golem turned around and walked towards him. " Dddddiiiiiiiiieeeeee!!!! Pppuuunnnyyy Hhhhhuuuuuummmmaaaaaaaannnnnnnn!!!!!" The Golem swung at Glenn, sending him flying into another wall. Glenn stood up, and was greeted by a rocky fist acrossed his face.

Glenn crashed into the pavment. Struggling to lift himself, he dropped his sword. Glenn looked in a puddle. Blood was pouring down his face. He stood up and faced his foe. He knew happen would happen if he attacked the Golem again. ' But,' He thought. ' It will give the others more time to end this war.' Without a second thought, Glenn gripped the sword and rushed at the beast. " This is for you Cyrus!!!" He leaped up and struck with all his might. The Golem took the hit, then stepped back as if in pain. It clenched it's fist, and a spike protruded out. Glenn stood and faced it, sword in front of him. The Golem grabbed Glenn, lifting him up. Max came to, and saw Glenn's face. " Glenn!!" Janus came through the doorway at that moment. " Knight!!! Release him, beast!!!!" The Golem looked at the two and turned back to Glenn. " Dddddiiiiieeee... Hhhhuuuuummmmaaaaannnnnn!!!!" It stabbed Glenn in the stomach. " Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Glenn screamed in pain as a lightning bolt lit up the sky. " Nnooooooooooo!!!!!" Max yelled out. He pulled Excaliber out of the sheath on his back, and hurled it at the Golem. " Max, no!!" Janus tried to stop him. The sword went flying towards the beast. It sliced into the monster right where it's lungs and heart would be.

" Rrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" The Golem screamed in pain, for the first, and last time in it's life. It threw Glenn over the edge, and he went reeling towards the earth. " Nooo!!! Glenn!!" Max ran at the edge, shoving the Golem to the ground. He jumped over and sped towards his friend. " Gggggllllleeeeennnnn!!!!!!" Max grabbed on to Glenn's speeding body. He turned around and fired off his grappling hook, catching onto one of the statues.

" It's ok buddy. You're going to be alright."

Lucca came out the doorway shortly after Max got Glenn back over to Janus. " Ohmygod. Glenn! Is he going to make it?!" Janus sighed sadly. " No amount of magic, can heal these wounds. They were inflicted by the Golem, a being who's might is fueled by black power. There's nothing we can do now." Glenn opened his eyes with what little strength he had left. " Max.... You.... destroyed..... the Golem. Thou... art a true..... warrior." Max smiled. " You could've done the same." Glenn shook his head. " No.... I wasn't strong enough. Strong enough to carry Masamune.... But not defeat that monster. Only you held the courage to destroy it. I'm sorry.... I couldn't do the same." Max's eyes grew moist. " Glenn, you can't die. You still have so much to teach me." Glenn cracked a smile, but Max took no comfort. " No... no... there... is nothing more.... that I can teach you. You are a great warrior.... Max Triggara..... Never... give up hope..... For there lies... your greatest strength.... In the little time I knew you... I grew to care for thee like... a son.... Don't... let me... or your father.. down... Good-bye..... my...... ffrriiieeeeennnnddd......" Glenn's eyes closed for the last time as his head went limp. Tears poured from Max's eyes. " No, this can't be happening.. It just can't be...." Tears fell down Max's face, despite the rain. " NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"


To be Continued..............


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