Chrono Trigger: The Time Strikers Part VII

Illumination (Pt.1)

By Christopher Anthony Blair

" NNNOOOOOOOO!!!!" Max's voice echoed into the night. He looked down at Glenn's lifeless body. " Glenn, why. Why did you do this?" Janus closed his eyes. A tear, seeped out from under his eyelid. It was the only drop he had ever shed since putting on the cloak he wore. A cloak, from a dark and evily controled part of his life. ' Ozzie, you bastard. When I find you, I'm going to rip you apart!!' He tore off the cloak and threw it on the ground. " Max." Max looked up at the zealian prince. " You spoke of things that I might find suiting to my taste. I think it's time that I saw these things."

The HAWK speed through time at an incredible speed. " I just hope it's still there." The vessel left the time stream and headed for a house near Priston Lake. " Good, everythings just the way I remember." Max landed the HAWK in the backyard, and the two climbed out. Max knocked on the glass pane. " Hello, anyone home?" A man came up to the door, puzzled, until he saw Max. " What the? Max?!! It can't be. You just... And you're.... What's going on here." Max smiled. " Relax dad. I'm sort of from the future. 1998, or to be exact, I just came from 601AD." The man saw the HAWK sitting behind the two. " I take it that's the HAWK." Janus nodded. " It is." Max nodded. " We've come a long way dad. I don't think you'll keep me out of my own home."

" So I'm supposed to stop this Lavoros thing and save the planet. Again." David sighed. He had always known his son would be something special. ' Just not this special. God, I hope he's immortal like me.' Max smiled. " Fortunetely, I'm immortal, and an unkillable one from what we've dicovered. It seems that my neck muscles have, sort of, petrified. They can flex and everything, but nothing can cut them." David smiled. " If only the others knew." Max dropped his head. " There, ah, aren't any other immortals. They're all dead. We're the only ones left except for Malatar." David frowned. " Who?" Max sighed. " Corliras Malatar. The immortal that kills you in two years. We don't know where or who he really is. I just know, that you better stay on holy ground for about at least a year." David nodded. " Got it. Only one thing bugs me. Why you?' Max sighed. " I don't know, fate mabye. I am the last Triggara desendent, also the first one to show signs of the Zealian ancestory. Anyways, keep my warning in mind." David smiled. " You got it. Oh, by the way. Who's your friend?" Janus looked at David. " I am Prince Janus Zeal. Your ancestor, David." David nodded. " I'm honored by this visit. Thank you so much for watching Max." Janus simply nodded. " We must go Max." Max smiled. " Right. Oh, dad. You've still got the jetbikes, right." David nodded. " Yeah, go ahead. You're going to need them."

Max and Janus rode the cycles into town. " So this is the future!" Janus yelled to Max. " I think I like it already!" They shot down Parkenson and headed towards a store. They parked the jetbikes, and Max set the security system on them. " Come on. I think you'll like this place." Inside, it was full of people, most of them gothic types. Janus looked at a rack of jackets, then spied a rack of trench coats. " Ah, now that's what I like." He walked over and pulled off a black leather trench. A salesman came up to him. " Ah, I see you like our new Nightstalker coats. Would you like to try it on?" Janus smiled. " Of course." The salesman grinned. " The fitting rooms are in the back. I hope you enjoy your selection." Janus went to the back and walked in the room. Max was looking at some dark visors when Janus came out. " Nice choice. Wonder what the others will think." Janus took the coat off and draped it over his arm. " I'll be with you in a minute. I want to check out their visors." Janus was walking towards the front when a man grabbed his arm." Ok pal. Now you're going to give me your money, or else." Janus pushed the man and snarled. " Don't try me. The only man who befriended me died today, and I don't think you want to push it." The man snickered.

" Yeah, right. I know you've got a lot of cash. That trench you've got costs about 150 bucks." Janus growled. " Watch it. Or you might find yourself with 150 holes in you." Max was walking up to the front when he saw the two. " Oh crap. Not now. The last thing we need is for you to go beserk." Max started to run over to Janus, when he felt a presense. ' An immortal.' He looked at the man who was annoying Janus and stared. " Malatar. Oh shit. Janus!!! Get a way from..." The man pulled out a broadsword and stared at Janus. " You're not immortal. Where's that pres...." Janus reached back for his scythe, then realized he had left it behind. Max jumped over a counter and kicked the man in the face. " Back off Malatar!!! You're not supposed to be here yet!!" The man looked at Max with cold eyes. " You. You're the immortal." Max snarled. " There's too many people here. Save it for later. " Max pulled Janus's arm and took him to the line. " Are you crazy? That's the man who's going to kill my father. Unless we hurry, my warning is going to be worth dick." Max paid for the coat and visor and the two fighters left the store. They got on the jetbikes and drove off.

" Come on dad. We're leaving." David was confused. " What's wrong?" Max turned to his father.

" Malatar. That's what. He's here, and I have a funny feeling why. He's after you. We've got to get you out of here." David ran to the back and grabbed a katana. " Sorry Max. But I can't run any more." David was walking to the living room, when the door flew on him. " I know you're here Triggara!!" Max ran in. " No. You son of a... Get away from here!!" Malatar smiled. " Well look whose here. I come looking for Triggara, and I find you as well. This is going to be fun." He swung his sword at Max and was blocked by a katana. " Max, run!! I'll handle him!!" Max growled. " No!! He'll kill you!! Let me!! I've got the advantage!!" Malatar stared at the young warrior. " Just who the hell are you any ways?!!" Max snarled at the monster who stood before him. " Max Triggara. David's son." Malatar laugh. " Can't be. Immortals can't have..." " This one did." Malatar looked at David.

" Then it's true. This will be sweet." David turned to Max and Janus. " Both of you, get out of here!!! You're running out of time!!" Max and Janus ran to the HAWK.

" Stay here. I'm not letting my father die again." Max grabbed the Sun Sword and ran back in.

" Malatar!!!" He leaped over David's head and smashed Malatar's sword into pieces. " You little brat!! You're breaking the rules!!!" Max growled at him. " What rules? There are none." Max spun around and sliced off Malatar's head in one swing. The head fell off and hit the ground. " Max, you saved me. Thank you." Max nodded. " Like I said. I'm not letting you die again." Max looked at the body.

" Wait a minute. There's no Quickening. Somethings wrong." Max was pondering what happened when he saw the shadow behind him. " Sorry Max, but there can be only one." Max spun and faced his father. " Dad." He thrust his sword into his father's chest and watched him collapse. " Dad, what's wrong with you?" He pulled the blade out of his father and walked off to the HAWK. Janus looked at him. " You know you just killed a empty husk." Max stared at Janus. " What?!" Janus sighed. " Max, I looked at some things while you were busy getting things. Your father died when you were two tears old. That there, is Malatar." Max looked at the body in the room, getting up. " I get the idea." Max walked into the room and stared at the man that was not his father. " You bastard. You killed my father." The man smiled sinisterly. " Congratulations. You failed." Max sliced the beast's head off and watched as it fell. Lightning pulsed out of the body and into Max.

" Aaaaahhhh!!! Father, this... is for you." The energy flowed into Max, while Janus watch, struck with awe.

Max packed the last of his father things. He was quiet the whole time. He picked up the sword that he knew belonged to his father, and not the imposter. ' Duncan's sword.' He thought. He stuck it with the rest of the stuff and got in. He set the system for 601AD and took off.


To be Continued..........


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