Chrono Trigger: The Time Strikers Part VIII

Illumination (Pt.2)

By Christopher Anthony Blair

The HAWK raced through the time stream, heading for 601 AD. It left the stream and headed for the group on the ground. The jet landed and the hatch opened. Max climbed out, a angry look on his face, and walked over to the group. " Hey Max. How did things...." Max shot a wicked look at Nadia that scared her. He walked off into the castle. " What's with him?" Janus walked up to them.

" Corliras Malatar." Nadia looked at Janus. " The guy who killed his father?" Janus nodded.

Max stormed into the idol room. " Darien!!! I failed!! Is this what you wanted?!!! I failed!!!" Max, collapsed to his knees, sobing. " I failed. I failed Glenn, I failed my father, I failed everyone. I'm no warrior. I'm just a kid who happened to be immortal. I'm nothing. Why did this have to happen to me? Why?!!!!" " Because you're the only one who can do this." Max looked up. " Darien?" The spector appeared in front of Max. " Hello Maxlin. I'm sorry about your father. Some things just can't be changed." Max looked at his old teacher with anger. " To hell with that!!! You knew that Malatar was impersonating my father, and you did nothing about it!!! What kind of man leaves his best friend's son in the hands of his enemy?!!! Answer that!!!" Darien sighed. " Max, you're going to learn that we must do what is right. I couldn't go take you from Malatar without letting him know that David's son truely was his own. It was the only thing I could do." The spirit came down and sat down next to Max. " Your father was a good man. His skill was immense and widely known. He fought only to defend, never for the Prize. The only man who ever dreamed of challanging him was Corliras Malatar, a man from England. He was one of those, ' I will be the last no matter what' types. It didn't matter who he killed, mortal or immortal, so long as he was the last. He sent the challange to your father and....." " And?" Darien sighed. " No one knows. They fell into a crater, and Malatar was the only one to come out. He was holding David's sword in his hand. I fought him one day, not caring about my life. It was when you were about seven, I believe. I didn't care if I was mortal, I just wanted to destroy the monster. I lost my sword and.... Well, you can figure what happened next. Anyways, he won, and... Here I am. I was attached to you, my spirit wouldn't rest. I taught you everything I knew. Even then, that wasn't enough for me. So, when Lavoros opened his gate, I sent you into the past and...." Max looked at the ghost. " It was you who sent me here? I don't believe it. You sent me through time so I could continue to learn how to fight? I don't believe you! Of all the low down things!" " Max, Max!! I had no choice. You wouldn't be here if I hadn't have sent you through." Max looked back at the spirit. " Yeah, but Glenn would still be alive." " And everything they worked for would be for nothing. Don't you get it? You are Earth's, no, the universe's only hope. You must fight Lavoros's forces, and you must prevail. This is the only chance for the universe to survive. You destroy Lavoros, you destroy his entire existance. Please Max, for Glenn. For your father. For your mother. For me. Stop Lavoros before it's too late. As a friend, please."

Everyone was sitting around a campfire when Max finally came out. They all stood up when he walked over to them. " Let's go kick some parasitic alien butt. I don't care if it kills me. I'm going to make sure that parasite pays for this. But first...." He looked to Glenn's lifeless body.

They dug for an hour. When they finished, they lowered Glenn's body into the hole. Max picked up the Masamune and thrust it into the ground, making Glenn's gravestone. " To a great knight, who will always protect. Farewell." They turned to leave, when suddenly.... " Hey, I think this kid's finally got it Mune." " I don't know Masa. Are you sure?" Max turned to face the new grave. " What the?"

Masamune glowed, and two creatures stood in it's place. " I sure hope so. If this kid's going to use Illumina, he's got to have it straight." The smaller creature nodded. " I know bro. He's got to learn that swords and spells are not the only weapon against evil." Max stared at the creatures. " Oh my god." The two creatures smiled. " Well, he left the sword when he could have taken it, didn't he?" The smaller one nodded. " You got a point there bro." " Let's give him what he needs." Excaliber flew off the ground and floated in the air. " With Masa's wisedom!!!" " And Mune's courage!!!" " THE TWO BECOME ONE!!!!!" The creatures slammed their hands into Excaliber, making it shine brighter than the sun. " EXCALIBER AND MASAMUNE!!! TWO POWERS UNITE TO FORM ONE STRENGTH!!! ILLUMINA!!!!!!" The light slowly disapated, leaving a shining blade in the air. " Illumina!!

I don't believe it!" Max took the sword from the air. " The one once the Frog Knight wields the sword that holds the key. He knew. Glenn knew all along that his sword was the key to Illumina." Max looked back at the grave. It had vanished. Janus smiled. " He's in the north ruins, with his friend." Max looked towards the horizen. " For you Glenn. The father I never had. Let's go!!" They ran into the castle and to Ozzie.


To be Continued.........


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