Chrono Trigger: The Time Strikers Part IX

Fall of the Mystics

By Christopher Anthony Blair

Max ran up the stairs, the others trailing behind him. " Ozzie!! Show yourself!!!" He ran past the bodies that laid on the floor. He ran past the crumbled statues, the torn tapastries, the rusted sword displays. He was beyond all fear. Nothing could stand in his way.

' The ape's new allies have technolegy that rivals our own. I fear that Azala with not stop even in light of this. We may win some battles, but the apes, will win the war. If only he would see reason, that the humans and reptites can co-exist, and not in a ' human/slave, reptite/master' enviroment. But Azala is blind to the truth. I know where this fortress came from. It was built by a human, named Magus. It fell from the sky, and landed on this hill. Lord Baren, the first of the reptites, had the palace redecorated to his liking.' " So, Magus is responsible for the reptites. Hmm. How ironic."

Max ran thru the halls, killing anything that resisted him. " Ozzie!!!! Where are you!!!!"

' The apes are advancing towards the cave. I fear that they will soon stand at the steps of the fortress. Three of them intrest me very much. They are unlike the other humans.They seem more, intelligent, more resourceful, more advanced. Azala has stolen a device from an ape they call

" Kino". He seems to be the mate of their leader, Ayla. It seems to belong to these three " Magic Ones". I have heard them talk to each other. There is a male and two females of their kind. The male is one they call, " Crono". He seems to be their leader. A female dressed in white is called,

" Marle". She seems to be a favorite of the male. The other female is called, " Lucca". Strangely, she seems to be the smartest one off the three, yet she is not their leader. The one, " Crono", appears to be the strongest, so, it does even out.' " So the boy is the one who defeated Azala. Intresting."

Janus came back to the others. " I can't find him. Max has disappeared." They heard a faint scream come from the back. " My guess would be follow the trail of bodies." Nadia said as she ran off in the direction of the scream.

' The three " Magic Ones" have defeated Nizbel. Azala has retreated back to the lair. The future looks bleak for our race. Our scientists have detected a large object headed straight for our fortress. They say, that if it hits, we will all persih. Of course, Azala ignores their warning, and continues his war. The " Red Star" as we've come to call it, grows closer every day. We don't know what will happen to us. Will we defeat the apes and rule this world? Or will the humans win, and conquer the planet? The things I have seen indicate that the humans will rule the world, not the reptites as Azala claims.' " The reptites lost because of three children? Incredible."

The team searched the castle for any sign of Max, or Ozzie. " He's nowhere to be found. I don't get it. Where could either of them be?"

' The humans have reached the fortress, the Red Star is near, and the end is at hand. I can only pray for mercy if the humans find me. They have broken through the defeses and........'

' The Star is falling towards the fortress. Azala is gone and the humans have won. I have taken refuge inside the cave and continue this record of the events that transpire. It is only a matter of time now.'

' The Star has fallen. A creature not of this world rode inside of the object. The humans call it "Lavos", Big fire. The name is appropriate for it. I now must leave this place as it no longer can ensure my safety. This is probably the last time I will write. I only hope that this information call help whoever finds this record.' " Lavos. And now Lavoros. The humans will rule forever." Max burst through the door. " Games up Ozzie!!" Ozzie turned to Max and sighed. " You've already won human. But that doesn't mean I can't take a few of you with me!!" Ozzie jumped at Max, right into Illumina. " Uuuuuurrrrrrrggggggggggg!!!!!" Ozzie stiffened, rolled his eyes, and fell to the ground. Ozzie, the last Mystic general, was dead.


To be Continued..........


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