A.Z. - After Zeal Chapter 2

The Future of the Present

By Crystal Zeal

The girl laid on her pink, fluffy bed, staring up at the ceiling. She wanted to go back to sleep, but no...princesses had to get up early! She was plotting her escape, when someone entered through her door.

"Marle!" The voice called. Someone who looked like an older version of the girl appeared at her side. "Up! Get up!"

Marle just grumbled. Marle's mother, Queen Nadia of Guardia, sighed. Her daughter was exactly like her younger self. That was the problem.

"Argh... But I dun wanna..." the girl mumbled turning her head. Nadia just grinned.

"Today's the day Lucca is going to show you two her new invention!" She said with a sly tone.

Marle hopped off the bed, eyes lighting up.

The older woman laughed, and said, "I new that'd get you up. Now get ready, eat something, and head over." She exited.

Marle slipped out of her pajama pants and tank-top and quickly hopped into her normal clothing. It was hard to tell that Marle was not her mother when she acted just like her, as well as looked. The girl pulled her hair back, and headed out of her room.

She was greeted with a small "Morning..." when she entered the dining hall. Looking around, she spotted her rather tired looking and groggy father. A smile was given back, and she rushed to get some food.

After breakfast, she headed off to her friend Tyrin's, house. Marle was excited to view Lucca's new invention. Tyrin was Lucca's fourteen year old son, whom Marle and had been friends with for forever.

Tyrin was waiting outside for her, smiling. When he saw her approach, the boy waved. "Hey! My mom said she'll be done in an hour or so. I can't wait to see what she made, she's kept it hidden."

"Oh well," said Marle, "we'll see it eventually."

Tyrin looked at her with an odd expression. She was usually impatient, and she was very eager to see his mother's inventions.

They made their way to the back of his house, and plopped down at the top of the hill, overlooking the ocean. There was always a whirlpool in the water, and they had always longed to know why it was there.

Tyrin was 5' 6", while Marle was 5' 4". Tyrin, like his father, had naturally spiky hair. (No gel needed!) But unlike his father, he had the purple hair of his mother. Marle has long strawberry blond hair that was always up, in the style her mother used to have.

Now the two best friends, who just happened to be the children of four of the people who saved the earth, sat there, pondering what Lucca's new invention could be.

They were both startled when a glowing blue ball appeared in the air right in front of them. Tyrin scrambled to his feet, while Marle fell over. She wasn't the most graceful of people. She found her way up, and stared at the orb.

Tyrin, a bit nervously, called out "Mom!" and stepped back. Marle did the same.

A figure started to appear through the swirling blue of the floating orb...

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