A.Z. - After Zeal Chapter 3

The Encounter

By Crystal Zeal

Crystal emerged in a small fenced area. She looked about in a curious manor, studying the infinite swirling mass of darkness that was outside the fence. She slowly turned around, and spied a small gate. The girl quickly hurried to it, the soles of her boots clacking on the cobblestone floor. When she got to the gate, she turned her head. Behind her she saw a glowing blue pillar of light, from where she first stood. With a shudder, she opened the gate and headed into another area.

The first thing she saw was a lamp post. A figure cloaked in dark brown clothing stood beneath the light, his head down.

"H...Hello?" said Crystal nervously, looking at the man.

He spoke, but did not lift his head. "Hello, traveler of time."

Crystal inched her way closer to him, and asked, "Where am I? Who are you?"

The old man lifted his head, and stared into the black void. "You are at the End of Time. As for me, well, one might say I am the Time Guide, the Guru of Time."

Crystal, amazed, half ran over to the man. "Gasper?!" She asked excitedly.

Startled, the Guide of Time finally looked to her. "Crystal, my dear? Is that really you?" He asked, flabbergasted.

Crystal nodded furiously. "Gasper, what are you doing here?"

"I was sucked into the time portal created by Lavos. This is where I ended up. What are you doing here yourself?" He answered.

Crystal, grinning, replied, "I'm going to find Schala."

"So you are doing as your cousin is. If that is so, I shall give you assistance. Please go through the arch behind me."

The girl blinked, looking to the doorway that loomed over the lamp post. She mentally shrugged to herself, and hurried off to the archway. She paused for a second, before pushing her way inside.

"Hey!" exclaimed a furry white monster that looked like an overgrown chicken, "A new person! Well, listen up! Long ago, there was a magical kingdom. Everyone there had magic! Now...hey, why are you grinning at me?"

Crystal was grinning. With a giggled, she answered, "I know about Zeal! I'm from there!"

The God of War looked slightly taken aback. "Oh...well...in that case...let me take a look at you..."

The girl stepped towards him.

"Woh! Kid! You teach me a lesson in magic! You're just as powerful as that depressed purple haired freak! Want to test your power?"

Crystal, still grinning, shook her head. "Thanks, but no thanks. Maybe some other time."

Spekkio just blinked. "Ok, then. Before you go...do I look weak or strong to you?"

The girl seemed to consider this for a minute. "You look strong," she finally replied.

"Great, kid! If I look weak, you're weak! If I look strong, you're strong! Here, take this backpack, a magic tab, and some tonics. You'll need them." Spekkio said with a grin, and seemed to pull these things out of his fur, handing them to the girl.

Crystal took the backpack, and placed the items in it. After that, she put in the gate key as well.

"Thanks. These will be a huge help!" she exclaimed.

The chicken man gave a huge smile. "Come and visit me whenever you're around! Oh -- don't forget -- I AM the God of War!"

"Yep. The God of War, gotcha. I'm gonna...uh...go now!" With a sheepish grin, she backed up...and ran out the door.

"Gaspar, I think that chicken's delusional." She said with a shudder, reentering the main part of the End of Time.

"Welcome back. Now that you have met Spekkio, you may proceed. Go back to where you appeared, there should be another pillar there. Take that pillar." Gasper commented from his position in front of the lamp post. He hid a small grin with his collar.

Crystal nodded, and replied, "Thanks! Bye Gasper, I'm sure I'll see you soon!" With that, she ran back to the gate. She made her way into the room she had appeared in, and spied another blue pillar beside the one she came from. She nervously stepped over to it.

The world became blue in her eyes, and she felt as if she was shooting upwards.

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