A.Z. - After Zeal Chapter 4


By Crystal Zeal

Lucca ran into her yard just as the figure emerged from the swirling cerulean sphere. "A... a gate?!" she exclaimed, stepping forward to the startled teenagers. It was then she noticed the girl standing before the portal.

"Agh! I picked the perfect time to go through the portal, didn't I?!" Crystal muttered furiously, watching the two older kids stare at her in fright. It was then that she noticed her staff was missing. "Hey, where's my staff?!" The girl shouted, looking extremely nervous. "Heh heh...eh?"

She looked up, unprepared for the staff that fell strait onto her face.

"Oww...ies..." she mumbled, and fell to the ground. "Gaspar! I'm gonna get you for that!"

Lucca looked at the girl oddly, approaching her. "Hello...? Are you alright...?"

Crystal muttered something, and came to a sitting position. "Eh...?" She looked up to Lucca. "It's you!" she exclaimed, jumping to her feet. She gripped her staff tightly in her hand.

Lucca looked the girl over, her face looking inquisitive. "I've… seen you before… I just don't remember where," remarked the purple haired genius.

"Once, I'm guessing long ago, there was a magical kingdom, called Zeal. But the queen was corrupted by the evil entity named Lavos. The kingdom was brought to ruin. The queen, still alive, created the Black Omen. The guru's and the prince disappeared into a black portal. The princess was never seen again. The other adults perished. The other princess was saved, and transported to the main land. There was only one survivor, other than the saviors who fought the queen and Lavos. I am that survivor. My name is Crystal, and I am a former princess of Zeal," Crystal replied in an ominous tone. She spoke that whole explanation very over-dramatically.

Tyrin laughed, "Come on! Everyone knows that place is just a fairy tale!"

Marle nodded, giggling.

Annoyed, Crystal just glared at them.

"Tyrin... Marle... the Kingdom of Zeal is quite real. Or, well… was." Stated Lucca, looking at Crystal oddly, "Please, go inside. I must talk to this girl."

The two teenagers looked to each other, confused. "But...mother..." muttered Tyrin.

"But nothing. And fetch your father. Marle, if you'd be so kind as to call your parents and ask them to come over, I'd greatly appreciate it." she said quietly. The two kids sighed, and ran into Lucca's house.

Crystal was obviously nervous. Her knuckles were white from gripping her staff. "Now...as for you... Welcome to the year 1020 AD. Am I right to say you came from the End of Time?"

The girl nodded, and replied, "Gaspar sent me to this time period. I don't know why, though. I'm trying to find Schala, my cousin."

"Ah... you're doing as Magus did. This makes sense." She said, thinking for a minute. "I guess Gaspar sent you here for our help."

The girl blinked, pushing a strand of purple hair behind an ear. "Help?"

Lucca grinned and winked. "We are expert time-travelers."

"Oh... what do you mean 'we?' " Crystal said, arching an eyebrow.

With a grin, Lucca explained, "I mean 'we' as in Crono, Marle, Glenn, and myself. They're two of the other people that helped save the world." She motioned to the castle, just visible from the distance. "Crono and Marle are King and Queen of Gaurdia now."

Crystal blinked a bit. "Wow. So, uh...I'm to talk to them?"

Lucca grinned, her nose crinkling. "Precisely."

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