Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 10

In Pursuit of the Plant-Thing

By CuteLucca

They left the room, as clueless as when they started the whole adventure. They rested outside the castle, and to a jerky and water supper, they talked.

"So." Magus took a bite of his jerky. "Now that Lavos has eluded us for the second time, are we quite humiliated?"

"Aye, I'd say that would be the case." Frog sat by the fire, drawing pictures in the sand with a stick.

Marle spoke next. "So what are we supposed to do now? We have no idea where Lavos went."

A few minutes of thoughtful silence ensued, until Ayla gasped.

"What's wrong, Ayla?" Crono peered at her, concerned.

"Ayla get idea. Maybe we go back to Ioka Village. Lavos maybe there."

Robo handed another piece of jerky to Magus. "And where is the justification in this idea?"

"Ayla have strong feeling. When Ayla have strong feeling, Ayla right."

"Well," Lucca said, "We couldn't go wrong, right?"

"I suppose there's no harm in checking it out. For now, though, we should get our rest." Marle pulled the blankets over herself, and fell asleep.

Everyone else was not far behind.

* * * * *

In the morning, Magus loaded everyone up with supplies from his castle storeroom. "Might as well use it before the place collapses on it."

They hopped aboard the trusty Epoch, and they were off.

They arrived in Ioka Village, where Kino was rallying what appeared to be an army. When he saw Ayla, he ran to her and they hugged like only married cavepeople could.

"So, Kino?" Crono interrupted the Kodak moment. "What's the army for?"

Kino reached out and shook Crono's hand. "Army to destroy plant. Plant come, frighten women and children. Kino not take it!" Kino whapped himself on the chest, emphasizing his point.

"Plant?" The travelers looked at each other, then back to Kino.

"Where?" Frog asked.

"In Laruba ruins. Plant dig hole, deep. We get Dactyl and fly in. We bring strong men and women. We whap plant and kill!" Kino stopped a moment to catch his breath. "Crono come?"

"Of course, Kino. We're all going to come. We've got a grudge against the 'plant'." Crono folded his arms.

Soon, everyone was outfitted and ready. About a hundred Ioka warriors were massed, awaiting the commands of their chief, Kino. Finally, the command came. "Down hole!!!" At that powerful yell, the fifty Dactyls rose, carrying their painted passengers to the North Wood, where the three-year-old ruins lay.

The hole was a big one, and deep, too. The Dactyls could fly down, barely ever scratching a wingtip on the sides. At the bottom, the warriors dismounted their steeds and wandered around the cavern.

Nothing happened until a caveman named Roku called from a crevice in the corner.

"Kino!! Come!!"

Kino, Ayla, Crono and everyone else ran to Roku, where the bearded caveman pointed to a circle of light.

"A gate!!" Marle practically jumped for joy. "Lavos left a gate!!"

"It's probably a trap." Lucca adjusted her glasses and studied the gate. "He has the power to close the gates he creates, so why leave this one open?"

Robo also studied the gate. "It could be that he is weakening more and more, so he no longer has the power to close his gates."

"Enough with thine chatting, already!! There is no better way to test for a trap than to walk into it!!" At that, Frog drew the Masamune, and walked in.

Everyone else followed, but Ayla was last. "Come, Kino?"

"No, Ayla, I stay and keep people safe. We determine future, no?" He embraced his wife, and she was off.

Kino brought his people back to their village, and they all hoped to their gods that Ayla, Crono, Marle, Lucca, Frog, Robo, and Magus would remain safe in their journey.


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