Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 11

Schala and the Kingdom of Zeal

By CuteLucca

Frog was the first one to land on his head in the center of the Zeal palace. The people stared at the frog who just appeared in the middle of their castle, but it was nothing compared to their reaction when a skimpily-clad cavewoman, a cloaked magician, a crossbow-wielding princess, a metallic robot, a girl with glasses, and a boy with wild red hair landed on top of the armored frog.

After picking themselves up and dusting themselves off, the new arrivals stared back.

Finally, the magician spoke. "This is the land of dreams, people of Zeal. Right now, you are all asleep and dreaming." The people nodded in agreement and went back to their business, but more than a few saw the seven travelers when they knew they were awake.

"Hmm. Gullible, aren't they?" Lucca sniffed.

"Apparently, Lavos came here. It's before we were here last time, though." Magus led everyone to Schala's room, in hopes that she could shed some light on the subject.

They knocked on the door, and Schala answered.

"Oh, hello. What can I do for you?"

"We were wondering if..." Magus was stopped by an assistant yelling from the inside of the room.

"Tell them to come back later, Schala! Your mother wants you at the Mammon Machine immediately!!"

"I'm very sorry, but you'll have to come back and see me in a few hours. My mother wants me." Schala smiled at the small crowd outside her door, then closed it.

"The Mammon Machine. That's where Lavos's energy is stored for use by the people of Zeal." Magus scratched his chin. "Maybe Lavos is there."

"Ayla find out!!" She started to leave, but Schala opened her door and walked out to the main hall. She didn't notice her followers, and led them straight to the Mammon Machine.

In the hall of the Machine, Queen Zeal was standing beside Lavos.

"Come, my daughter." She beckoned to Schala. "Bow before the almighty Lavos."

Just then, the almighty Lavos noticed the seven travelers across the hall. He screamed, grabbed ahold of Queen Zeal and Schala, and all three of them disappeared in a portal.

The look on Queen Zeal's face was one of pure ecstasy, but Schala had a look of stark terror.

The portal Lavos used vanished immediately after he had left, and, beaten, angered, and humiliated, Crono led them outside to the Epoch, which had followed them to 12,000 BC.

Back to square one again, they left Zeal for the End of Time.


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