Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 12

The Gurus are Gone

By CuteLucca

When they got to the End of Time, Gaspar was gone. Only Spekkio the Master of War remained.

Crono rushed to the frightened Spekkio. "What happened? Where's Gaspar?"

Between sniffles, Spekkio managed to get out a few sentences. "Gaspar just disappeared in a gate. It was a red one. The only thing left behind was his monitor. The other two Gurus, Belthasar and Melchior, have disappeared from 2303 and 1003 as well." Spekkio picked the monitor off of the floor. "Gaspar added some special features to it since you've been gone."

Spekkio pushed a button, and the numbers 12,003 and 2303 appeared on the screen.

"What are those numbers?" Marle asked, taking the monitor from Spekkio.

"One of them is where Lavos is, the other is where the Gurus have been taken. I'm not sure which is which, though."

"We have to split up." Crono turned to his companions, and divided them up. "Magus, Robo, come with me to 2303. The rest of you, go to 12,003."

Marle claimed the Epoch, and Crono used the gate in the next room. They were sent to their respective eras, leaving a very frightened Master of War alone in the darkness.


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