Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 13

12,003 BC

By CuteLucca

Marle, Lucca, Ayla, and Frog arrived in the Earthbound Village.

"The Earthbound Village? I thought it was destroyed!!" Marle left the Epoch, and looked around. When Lucca appeared behind her, she asked how this could be.

"Apparently, Lavos is so screwing up the fabric of time that nothing coordinates. We could cease to exist at any moment." Lucca sighed. "But we had better make the best of a really bad situation." She approached a person walking along the road. "Excuse me, but have you seen a large walking plant, about yay tall..." She held her hand a foot above her head.

"No, I haven't." The woman responded, and kept walking.

"Hmm. It seems these people are clueless." Frog approached another person, this time a man. The same answer was received.

"Ayla think these people zombies. People walk and breathe, but not think like us." She walked beside a woman for several steps, then darted in front of her. The lady ran right into Ayla, knocking her over, and kept walking.

"This is really weird, guys. Let's just find Lavos and get out of here." Marle practically dragged the others back to the Epoch, and they turned it on and took off.

They remained in 12,003, but flew around in the Epoch. The only place they found that might house the creature was the Sun Keep.

They stopped and got out, and went inside of the cave. It was empty, all except for three crystals.

"Ayla see crystals before." She walked around them, nodding. "Crystal just like this on Mt. Woe. Melchior inside."

"Maybe we found the Gurus." Lucca knocked on one of the crystals, but there was no response. Just the echo of the sound in the cave.

A voice behind them told them to turn around and face the wrath of Lavos. They did, and there was Queen Zeal and Schala.

"You dare to challenge the almighty Lavos?" The Queen laughed and cast a spell. Immediately, they were all on the floor, unable to move. Zeal hovered above them, laughing.

"Nooo!" Schala broke her mother's spell, freeing the four and making her mother fall to the ground.

"No, Schala!! What have you done! We could have been immortal!!" Queen Zeal turned to her daughter and blasted her with an extremely powerful spell. Schala flew across the cavern, hit the opposite wall, then the floor, and did not move.

Frog leapt toward the distracted Queen, and made contact with the Masamune. It sapped the Queen's magical power, and Lucca shot her with the Wondershot.

Zeal laid upon the floor, dying. "Just you wait..." Her eyes narrowed. "Lavos will...destroy....this worl..." She coughed, and with a spasm that marked the finality of it all, died.

The crystals began to crack, and one by one, Melchior, Belthasar, and Gaspar emerged.

"Oh no!! Schala!!" Marle rushed over to the collapsed woman, and used a revive potion on her. Schala sat up, asked where her mother was, and when Marle told her that she was dead, Schala laid down, said "She's finally free." and went to sleep. Belthasar used a transport spell to send Schala to the Earthbound Village, where the people had come out of the evil Queen's trance.

Then, upon hearing about Crono, Robo, and Magus fighting Lavos on their own, the gurus transported themselves and the four travelers to 2303 AD to help fight Lavos.


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