Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 16

A Fond Farewell

By CuteLucca

After Magus had recounted the final moments of Lavos about ten times, Schala joined them. She embraced her brother, and they shared their life stories with each other for the next few hours.

Everyone stayed at the village of the Earthbound for three months, helping the people form themselves a new government, with Queen Schala at its head. The three Gurus resumed their positions as masters of all knowledge, and Magus became captain of the military.

On their last night together, the seven companions talked about their adventures, and talked about when they would next get together.

"Ayla sad. She want stay with friends." She hugged Crono, and didn't let go until a jealous Marle pried her off.

"It's all right, Ayla. We will be visiting each other once a year from now on." Robo rolled over to Ayla's side, and helped her into the Epoch. When everyone was boarded, they set the button for 65,000,003 BC and left.

* * * * *

They were greeted by Kino and a host of other grateful cavemen. Ayla immediately ran to Kino's side, invited her friends to stay for a night, and enjoy their hospitality.

They all got sick on Poi again, and the next morning, they bid each other farewell.

"Kino pray to gods that Crono and everyone be okay. They make Kino very happy."

As they blasted off for 12,003 BC, they saw Ayla and Kino waving from the top of the Dactyl Nest. Waving back, they shot through the sky and time.

* * * * *

In 12,003 BC, they dropped Magus. He had gone to Ayla's time for a final ride in the Epoch.

They went to talk to Gaspar again before they left.

"So, Gaspar. I suppose time has been restored to its normal flow?" Frog inquired on the occurrences of mismatched histories.

Gaspar laughed. "Yes, Frog. Now that Lavos is really dead, all the fake histories he created have disappeared, and things line up correctly again." He patted them on the back, and with a farewell and good luck to their friend Magus, they left for 603 AD and Frog's house.

* * * * *

At Frog's house, they rested for another night. Everyone said it was too quiet without Ayla and Magus around, and Frog admitted that Magus was an O.K. guy. But soon, it was time to return Robo to his own time, so with a few sobs, Frog accompanied them to the surface and Epoch.

Outside, Frog twirled the Masamune in a triumphant arc and waved the travelers off to 2303 AD.

* * * * *

At Arris Dome, the people did not bow before them. They didn't even get a second glance.

"Hey, everybody!! It's me, Lucca!!" She yelled to a group of women walking by, but they just nodded and waved. "Aww, come on! I thought we'd be worshipped again, or at least arrive in the middle of a Civil War!!"

She grunted, and folded her arms.

"I wonder what happened." Robo rolled ahead, escorting them to Doan's house.

There, they were greeted by Doan himself. "Hello, everyone!! Hello, Robo!!" He invited them inside, and offered them drinks. "When I came back to let you out of the closet, you were gone. Care to explain?"

"Not really, sir." Marle snickered and gulped the last of her drink.

Crono joined in. "Yup, Doan, It's a really long story."

Doan, confused, gave in and did not inquire further.

"So, what happened? How come the people aren't worshipping us or killing us?" Lucca, of course the one to ask that question, leaned closer to Doan to show her interest.

"Well, after the 'false gods' disappeared so mysteriously, the people decided that you must have been the genuine articles." He cleared his throat and continued. "They do not worship you anymore, because you told them not to."

"Pretty cool, Doan!!" Crono finished his pastry and drink, and gestured to the others that it was time to leave.

Robo and Doan watched Crono, Marle, and Lucca as they blasted off for their own time, wished them luck, and said they couldn't wait until next year.

After they left, Robo and Doan had supper, and Robo settled down to tell a curious Doan about all their adventures.

* * * * *

The Epoch arrived in Lucca's workshop, and Taban welcomed them. "Hey, guys!! How did the Epoch work?" They told him about the great job he did fixing it, and he laughed at the praise.

Marle and Crono returned home to see their parents, who never knew that their children were gone for four months, but later complained about how kids always grow up so fast.

And Lucca was, indeed, home in time for supper.


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