Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 3

Frog and Magus

By CuteLucca

They hit the floor with a thud. The damp, earthy smell was familiar, but since they were behind a shelf, they couldn't see. Marle rubbed her head and stood up. With a gasp, she sat back down.

"What's up there?" Lucca whispered.

"You're not going to believe this, but... we're in Frog's house. And Magus is here, and it looks like they're in the middle of a stare-off."

Everyone stood up, and watched the two rivals glare at each other. Finally, Frog broke the silence.

"What right hast thou to emerge so suddenly in mine house?" He brandished the Masamune, the legendary sword of monstrous power.

"Insolent frog. I told you, I had no choice in the matter. The gate just opened and..." Frog lunged at Magus, but he dodged the deadly blade.

"I appeared here."

Behind the shelf, unseen and unheard, were the four companions.

"A gate? He fell in a gate too..." Robo whispered.

"I haveth no time for thine intrusions, Magus. Holdeth still so I can run thou through with my blade!" Frog again lunged, but Magus blocked the blow with his scythe.

"Stupid frog." He muttered under his breath. He swung the scythe in a wide arc but Frog easily jumped over it, being a frog.

Frog swung the Masamune over his head, and brought it crashing down inches from Magus's face. Though it didn’t hurt the magician, it did rip his cape.

The enraged magician pointed at the frog and muttered the words "Dark Matter", but before the spell could be put into effect, he was knocked over by a robot's foot.

When Magus was pinned to the floor, he calmly remarked on the grace of Robo's entrance.

Soon everyone was swapping stories over drinks and food, but presently the conversation turned to the serious matters at hand.

"It is grand that we friends are rejoined, although the means of rejoinment are far from pleasant. Please, sir Crono, remarketh on the means of thy coming to be here."

Crono explained the story to Frog, about Lucca's dream and the god misunderstanding and the time gate.

"Yes, Lucca, I knoweth about the dreams, as well. I have had the same dream as thou, several times. We all are in the grip of the evil Lavos... Then I waketh up." Frog ribbited and took a sip of his drink. "It frightens me. It's almost as if the evil Lavos is attempting to scare us."

Marle turned to Magus, who was by himself in the corner, and asked of his coming to be here.

"I have attempted to tell the story to that Frog, but he would not listen to me. Maybe my current company will be more understanding." He turned to face the rest, and began his tale. "All was well. I remained in the Earthbound village in 12,000 BC for three years, being useful. I helped build a few houses... I was trying to gain a positive image. I kind of liked having friends. When suddenly, while I was walking on North Cape, a portal appeared immediately in front of me. I could not avert my course in time to miss the gate, and I walked right in. I ended up here, in the Frog's house." He turned again, and faced the wall.

"It's as if someone is trying to gather us together. But still, we are missing one person..." Lucca was stopped. In one corner of the room, a gate had opened.

All six of them looked at the portal, then at each other, and then back at the portal.

Magus, who was closest, grabbed his scythe, shrugged, and jumped into the portal.

Frog, who wasn't about to let Magus best him in shows of courage, donned his cloak and the magical Masamune, and followed the magician.

Lucca was next, and Robo followed close behind. Finally, Crono and Marle held hands and hopped in the gate.

The gate closed behind the last two travelers and the room went dark.


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