Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 4

Ayla and Kino

By CuteLucca

The party was lively. It was the wedding ceremony long awaited in Ioka Village, the wedding ceremony between ex-chief Ayla and the chief, Kino.

Poi soup was flowing freely, as was the sweet water. Children played with the dogs, and adults danced to the Jurassic Rhythm of drums.

When the portal appeared, no one really noticed it. No one, that is, except Ayla, who had seen them before.

She left her new husband of a few minutes to inspect the gate. When all her friends tumbled out onto the ground, she squealed in delight.

"Crono! Crono! Crono!" She ran up to him and gave him a big hug. "Ayla so happy! She never think to see friends again!! Come! See Kino! He Ayla's husband! Come, have Poi!!" She practically dragged the six to the meeting place, and when they got there, Kino ran up and greeted them all.

"Ayla tell of happy festival? Ayla Kino's new wife!!" They hugged, and escorted their friends to the party.

Later, after the festivities had ended, and everyone had danced and eaten Poi until they were sick, they had a firelight reunion.

"Doesn't this remind everyone of a time three years ago, when we were still battling Lavos?" Lucca remarked.

"Yes, friends. Ayla reminded of the time Lucca saved her mother."

"As am I." Robo said. "That was a happy time for us all."

"Lucca, tell us of thy story, about saving thy mother." Frog shifted closer to the fire, and warmed his hands.

Soon Lucca agreed, and she told the story.

"Yes, it was the last time we had the campfire reunion. You guys were all asleep, but I heard a weird noise and woke up. I followed the noise through the woods, until I found the source. It was a portal, but it was a red one. Figuring I couldn't go wrong, I jumped in. Earlier that night we were talking about time periods we'd like to return to, and it was a secret wish of mine to have another chance to save my mother. To my surprise, I arrived in my room. There was a diary note on the floor, and it said how much I hated science. My how things have changed, huh?" This brought a slight giggle from her audience. Encouraged, she continued. "I went downstairs. On the kitchen table was a note, written by my father, Taban. It said 'My lovely wife's name is the password', and that's Lara. When I went into the living room, my mother was going to dust the machine making machine that my father had designed. He had told her not to touch it, but.." At this point, she sniffed, and her voice began to quaver. "But she did anyway. She hit the 'on' button. I yelled at her not to, but she couldn't hear me. Her skirt got caught in the treads, and she yelled at me to enter the password. When I was little, I didn't know it, but my older self did. I entered it, and my mother can walk today."

Robo, seeing his friend crying, nudged closer and put his arm around her. Frog complimented her on her bravery in retelling the tale, but everyone else had been lulled to sleep.

Frog put the fire out and smiled at his snoring companions. He rolled into a ball and fell asleep.

* * * * *

In the morning, after Crono had explained the problem and Ayla had jumped at the opportunity to help, they borrowed the services of the Dactyls, the flying creatures that were vital to their first adventure. But right in their flight path appeared a gate. The Dactyls couldn't slow down or turn in time, and they flew straight in.


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