Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 5

The Epoch

By CuteLucca

They reappeared in Lucca's workshop, AD 1003. Taban, not even turning around, greeted them.

"Hey, everyone. Got some great news for you. The Epoch..." He slammed the hood down and turned around. He smirked. "Is finished."

"That's great, dad!! Come on Crono, let's try it out!!" Lucca ran to the repaired time machine, and vaulted up into the cockpit. "Come on, everybody!! What're we waiting for??"

At that, they all boarded Epoch and hit the button for 1000 AD. "Three years is a good amount of time to test it on." Crono said. The last thing any of them heard before they went gallavanting through time was Lucca's father telling her to be back in time for supper.


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