Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 6

The End of Time

By CuteLucca

"Hey, guys--don't you think it's a little dark for 1000 AD?" Marle opened the door, but she still couldn't see.

"This is the End of Time." Magus climbed out, and dropped onto the dock below.

"Why are we at the End of Time? We set the controls for 1000." Crono checked the control pad again, but the button for 1000 was still highlighted. "Well, I guess there's not much else we can do but get out."

As soon as everyone had disembarked, Gaspar the Guru of Time called them over to the lamppost he never ventured more than a few feet from.

"Hey." Gaspar said.

"Why’rt we here?" asked Frog.

"I had to get you all here somehow, right?" Everyone glared at him.

Being always friendly and conversational, Ayla spoke. "Gaspar one who rejoin friends? Gaspar make gates? Why?"

"Yes, I made the gates. It seems that someone is disturbing time again." Gaspar reached into the depths of his coat and pulled out a small device. "This is a monitor." He flicked a button and a picture appeared on the screen. "It allows me to watch what is happening from my viewpoint up here. Recently, there have been screw-ups in time. All the things that you did on your last adventure are changing the past, and inevitably, the future."

"What does that mean?" Frog edged closer to the screen.

"It means that we have completely screwed up." Lucca took the monitor from Gaspar, and set it for 12,000 BC. On the screen, the defeated Black Omen, Lavos's palace, crashed into the sea. The resulting tidal wave washed over the Earthbound village, carrying houses and people with it. "That tidal wave just destroyed the last human settlement in the world."

"But that never happened!" Robo exclaimed.

"Apparently, it did." Lucca still stared into the monitor.

"You mean, because we destroyed the Black Omen, we made the human race extinct!?!" Marle paced around. "But what are we doing here now? Shouldn't we be dead? I mean, we shouldn't even exist!!"

"Quite right, young lady." Gaspar took the monitor back from Lucca, and returned it to its place in his coat. "But as I said before, time is messed up. Even though in the past we went extinct, the human race still exists in the future. Another thing. There are reports of a plant-thing in all time periods, and it destroys villages and towns."

"A plant thing?" Crono went pale. "The Lavos Core looked like a plant... But that's impossible. We killed it."

"Maybe we didn't. If you remember correctly, when Lavos finally disappeared, we were sucked into another gate that transported us back to 1000 AD." Lucca scratched her chin, deep in thought. "Maybe Lavos got rid of us before he died. Sent us away to our own time, so he could go and nurse himself back to health."

Robo whirred, processing the information. "An interesting deduction, Lucca. However, we have no way to check your hypothesis."

"Actually, we do." Magus, standing in the corner as was his custom, waved a hand at the newly repaired Epoch time machine. "We have a marvelous method of transportation right there. We can go back to the Day of Lavos and make sure we killed it."

Frog studied Magus from the corner of his eye. "Good idea, Magician. But, Gaspar, one thing is still pressing on my mind. How come we can traveleth through the gates more than three at a time?"

Gaspar shrugged, and adjusted his hat. "Another effect of the time disturbances, I suppose. Go now. Come back when you find the answer."

They crowded into the Epoch and blasted off for the Day of Lavos, 1999 AD.


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