Things Left Undone Book 1, Chapter 7

The Day of Lavos Revisited

By CuteLucca

From high above in the Epoch, Crono and his friends watched the battle below.

"Wow. I did pretty good." Crono complimented himself on his mastery of the Rainbow Sword.

Marle elbowed him in the stomach. "Shut up, Crono. You'd have died in a few seconds if it weren't for my healing spells."

Lucca couldn't wait to put in her two cents worth. "Oh, yeah? If it weren't for my mega bomb, it woulda' taken you two hours to kill Lavos."

"Would you three stop bickering and watch?" hissed Magus.

On the ground, Crono launched himself at the right pod with his Confuse skill. "Ooh! lookit me go!!" Crono giggled with sheer delight.

Ayla clapped her hand over his mouth. "Crono shut up now!!"

Grumbling, Crono sat down and watched.

The Lucca fighting Lavos dropped to the ground, injured. Marle immediately cured her, and they teamed up to cast Antipode 3. Crono used Luminaire and soon, Lavos screamed.

The audience in the Epoch held their breaths, hoping that the evil Lavos was truly dying. The Crono, Lucca, and Marle on the ground disappeared in a gate... and so did Lavos. Immediately, everything went black.

In the Epoch, the seven time-travelers groaned.

"He's not dead." Frog hung his head, and wrung his hands.

"We didn't kill it!! It's still alive somewhere!!" Marle shouted, enraged.

"But where did it go?" Lucca wondered.

"Ayla upset. Lavos evil!!" She turned around and pouted.

Robo and Magus remained silent.

"Well, we should go back and break the bad news to Gaspar." Crono hit the launch button, and presently, they were back to the End of Time.


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